Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny Epilogue

By Mox Jet

            Celes proved to be a gem for the LEA in more ways than one.  As Jack promised to Grev, he did remove the Ithilmarian government from power and even went so far as to expend the energy to bring peace to the three warring nations.  Never again would Ithilmar subject the surface nations.  In fact, without the power of Geminus to keep it in the sky, the cities were evacuated and crashed to the ground.  Separated from the central power source, the brainwashing on the residents began to wear off.


            If it wasn’t the Lavoid Slave, then Crystain certainly was the most important discovery that the LEA ever made.  Its properties proved amazingly effective for killing both LEBCs and Lavoids, and Crystain blades soon became the hand to hand weapon of choice for all Adeptus.  In order to fund this, the LEA set up a planetary base near the north pole on Celes.  From there, they took monopolistic control over the seas and began farming for the substance.  Other than that, they stayed away from the business of the natives.


            Tyrion and Teclis grew into powerful warriors very quickly.  Once they both gained a handiness in using the Black Wings, their potential seemed to skyrocket.  After a few months, Tyrion was actually faster than Jack in strict hand to hand combat, and Teclis a better magic user.  As a threesome, the Planeswalkers were able to fell stronger Class Bs with ease, and Teclis and Tristan actually developed weaponry capable of imitating the Black Wings in order to give some of the Adeptus the ability to kill weaker Class Bs as well.


            Within a few months from their departure from Celes, Jack and Sarah were married in an enormous ceremony with festivities that lasted for a week.  Jack halted all hunting of Lavoids for that week, making the point that not matter how intense their hunt became, Sarah was still the most important thing to him. 


            Alaria and Teclis’s relationship bloomed through their trials.  They were quickly engaged and married within two years.  To this day, Teclis still has problems dealing with his feelings.


            Lina’s fondness of Tyrion grew quickly, though she realized that until he no longer mourned for Rachel, she remained nothing more than a friend.  After several years, Tyrion finally put the passing of his former love behind him, realizing that perhaps even more than Rachel’s niceness, he enjoyed Lina for her quirks.    While the two continued to have a relationship centered around making fun of each other, Lina was the first of the Epitorum to have a child.  This was the first High Elijiahian, that is, the son of a Planeswalker and an Epitorum.  The boy, named Teclis after his uncle, grew to not only be an extremely talented martial artist, but also quite the psychic.


            The LEA went into another growth spurt after the Celes incident.  Their fleet grew more readily with the sudden tripling of the number of those who could reactivate the Chaos Drives.  The extent of their chaos technology grew and their manipulation of the space around them increased.  They became a power to be reckoned with so much to the extent that Emperor Cain of the Sol Dominion became worried as to what Jack’s intentions might be.  He feared that there might be some kind of hostile takeover, though the LEA managed to keep on peaceful, albeit shaky terms with them for years. 


            Other Planeswalkers were out there to be found, and Class As were only beginning to be slayed by the might of the “Planeswalker Council” (as they called themselves).  In truth, the might of the LEA was just beginning to grow until some people became afraid of it.  It became associated as a religious cult on some worlds, and on other worlds, it was revered as a legion of angels (or demons, depending on the planet) that was sent by God to save the galaxy.  Maybe, in fact, they were, and Fate was just bringing people salvation in a funny way.  Time sometimes plays tricks, and we must never be deceived by what we see or think is real.  Sarah always used to say that whatever destiny we have lies in our dreams.  When that dream comes, it can only be assumed that Jack and his legions will latch on to it and accept Destiny for whatever it brings them.

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