Chrono Trigger: Twins of Destiny
Author's Notes

By Mox Jet

Hey, readers, this is Mox. These notes are going to be brief, especially now, but I just want a place where I can add things should confusing issues come up, as well as a chance to address some inherent confusion to this story.

There was some hesitation on my part as far as if I was actually going to finish writing this novel. When I started on Flames of Vengeance, I had originally decided to halt work on this one. However, due to support of those reading Twins of Destiny who actually gave me some feedback, I decided that the story was going too well to simply drop. So, fear not. I have every intention of finishing this story and it will appear in the full context that I had originally intended.

The story that follows is a sequel to The Planeswalkers. It takes place two years after the formation of the LEA, and will chronicle the tale of the two newest Planeswalkers and Lathain’s quest to secure their safety and freedom from their parent Lavoid. I currently expect it to run between 25 and 30 chapters, and I will be writing it along side my newest story featuring Lathain’s son, Duncan.

If chapters don’t come out for this story for long breaks, don’t worry. This story is going to run much shorter than Flames of Vengeance, so I foresee myself working on that for longer stretches at a time. Mostly, working on two stories at once is an effective means of fighting writers block, too. Ideally, there will be some short stories that come out along the way, too.

Basically, the gist of this is that I’m going to finish Twins of Destiny if it kills me, so you don’t have to e-mail me anymore asking if it’s going to be done. Granted, I do love the e-mail and I still appreciate the responses, but fear not, faithful readers, this story will be finished.

As always, updates and my addressing confusing topics will come up here. I’ll throw you guys a bone if I think you deserve it. In the mean time, keep it real, and may your computers never crash.


Update #1: This is the last new thing you will see regarding Twins of Destiny for a few months. The reason is because I’m actually going to finish the story! That’s right. Flames of Vengeance has been put aside for the moment and I’m putting my full effort into Twins. I have, however, decided not to send in chapters until it’s complete. I’ve been writing about a chapter a week, and if I keep this up, you can expect the story to be finished somewhere in the vicinity of New Years. Yes. New Years. I kid thee not. I hope all of you people who thought I was just being idle are happy. Also, note that the dedication has been stripped as I felt it should not be added until the book is complete.

Peace Always,


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