Children of the War Chapter 1


By Nanaki

Southern Germinas Mountains, near Limberry, 14 years after the Lion War

Gilgus Sadalfas snorted awake from a fitful sleep in his large chair by the fireplace. Then he sat still for a moment. He could swear he heard chocobos galloping outside. The grizzled old warrior grabbed his sword and threw open the front door of his house. He didn't see anything. The night was still, and there was a half moon. His son Donalbain came riding up to the house, pulling up by the door. "You heard them too dad?" He asked, surprised.

"I haven't lost all my warrior's instincts yet, boy!" Gilgus grimaced. "How many are there?"

"I couldn't tell. Looks to be only about five or six intruders, but they were dressed in black, and riding in the woods to disguise their numbers." Donalbain narrowed his eyes toward the trees in the distance.

"If there were more than five or six of us here, that would reassure me." Gilgus looked warily toward the woods."

"Yeah, don't remind me." Donalbain whipped out his Gastrafitis, and rested his other hand on the hilt of his Rune Blade. "I'm going to ride out to confront them. You and mother should get inside and bolt the doors."

"You think you can handle six intruders by yourself?" Gilgus was skeptical.

"Hey, Algus did once, way back in the day. That's the first thing I can actually remember. Besides, I doubt any of these guys have run up against a Black Knight before!"

"You be careful now!" Gilgus smiled at him, then slammed the door shut. Donalbain spurred his mount forward, charging into the trees. He slowed his pace, and noticed with appreciation that his chocobo was being as quite as possible. He stopped at the edge of a sudden drop off in the trees. He could faintly see the intruders in the dark below him.

Suddenly, a bright light flared. Donalbain saw his house go up in flames. Below him, he now clearly saw five dummies sitting on logs, with a sixth soldier looking right up at him. "Donalbain Sadalfas, I presume?" He asked with mock politeness. "I am Prince Clemence Hyral. This is nothing against you personally, you know. Just more of a family vendetta."

"What the hell are you talking about kid?" Donalbain spat angrily. He wasn't in the mood to take crap from someone who had to be fourteen at most.

"Your much older brother Algus killed my Aunt Teta, way back at the end of the Fifty Year War."

"Yes, and I've also heard that Delita killed Algus right afterward. Retribution was done." Donalbain narrowed his eyes.

"Not enough." Clemence shook his head. "I've only recently found out that your family still exists. I thought I'd do my dad a favor and come wipe you all out. Bye for now!" Clemence spurred his chocobo, which almost seemed to be white in the odd light of the fire, and it raced away from Donalbain at an amazing pace.

"Come back here you little punk!" Donalbain spurred his chocobo as well, but Clemence's bird was obviously the result of generations of selective breeding, and it was lengthening the gap between them. As Donalbain was approaching the burning house, a fiery figure fell out of the second floor window. It landed with a thud, and lay still. His father burst out of the front door, fighting three of Clemence's men. Clemence galloped up behind him and buried his sword in his back. Gilgus collapsed without a sound.

Donalbain could tell when he galloped up that it was too late. "You bastard!" He roared at Clemence. "Are you afraid to take on someone who isn't past their prime?!"

"Not at all." Clemence grinned, then stepped down off his mount. "Get out of here men. I can handle this fool." Donalbain stepped down from his chocobo as well.

"You are the fool, for daring to challenge me!" Donalbain shouted, quickly drawing his Rune Blade. "The destruction of your soul awaits! Shadow Sword!!" A dark mist gathered underneath Clemence, then solidified into a black bolt of energy that sent him flying into the air. He landed on his feet. He smiled, then slowly drew his sword.

"Such a foolish, minor noble. You're hardly better than a peasant. Do you know what this is?" He pointed to his sword. Donalbain slowly shook his head. "This is a Chaos Blade. Do you know who's trained me how to use it?" Donalbain shook his head again, backing up. "Thunder God Cid. And guess what I'm going to do now?" A big grin lit up Clemence's face. "Heaven's wish to destroy all minds... Holy Explosion!!!" The force of the blast threw Donalbain high into the air, and his armor broke apart upon landing. He found himself unable to move, while blood trickled out of his mouth. Clemence tilted his head back and laughed. "Heh, heh. That felt good! Just wish you'd been more of a challenge." Clemence jumped back up on his chocobo, and galloped away.

Though it was scared from the crackling of the burning house, Donalbain's chocobo slowly walked up and nudged him, until he began to stir. He groaned, and sat up. "Someone's given that little brat toys he doesn't deserve." He spat blood out of his mouth. "I'll show you what true power is, and see if I can pay your father back while I'm at it!!"


"I will break you into pieces, hold you up for the all the world to see. What makes you think you are better than me?"
- Everclear


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