What Makes A Hero Epilogue

By Nanaki

Igros University

"My goodness." Culum exclaimed as he closed the Durai report. "Ramza was actually that fed up..."

"It would appear that way. There is no definite proof that he ever returned to Ivalice after that."

"So the church history wasn't as innaccurate as it originally appeared to be. Ovelia did reign with Delita until they both died of old age?"

"It certainly does seem to be that way." Alazlam nodded.

"Okay... I have a few more questions."

"Do you ever not?" Alazlam laughed.

"There are rare occasions." Culum grinned. "First off, why is there no mention of Wiegraf after he went off with Zalbag? Or Rofel, for that matter?"

"It's possible that they found each other and took themselves out." Alazlam scratched his beard. "But I think it's more likely that Alicia had ordered Rofel not to interefere. When she was killed, Rofel waited for a more opportune moment to act. I suspect that Wiegraf simply kept a low profile as well."

"Olan didn't specifically mention what happend to "the crew."

"I assume that their battle with the Black Sheep Knights ended when they heard that Delita had been defeated. Either that or the Nanten broke through to the inside and put a stop to it."

"I'll buy that. What's probably the most important question is: What became of Balbanes?"

Alazlam shrugged. "Any church conspiracy theories you have would be just as good as what I could come up with."

"So you actually don't know any of this stuff?"

"It appears that Olan didn't consider these details particularly important. His main purpose in writing was to expose the truth of the Lion War, after all."

"Guess it's up to me to find out then." Culum grinned. He stood up, and dusted off his hat again before putting it on. "I'm glad I could become a little more enlightened on this subject sir, but I really should be getting back to the Fort Zeakden site now." He set the Durai report down on Alazlam's desk, and headed for the door.

"Stay well Mr. Ruglia." Alazlam called.

"You too sir." He shut the door.

Alazlam put the Durai report back in his safe, then leaned back in his chair. He wondered what exactly had become of Ramza and his possible descendants. They could have been almost anywhere. Hopefully, Culum Ruglia would make those discoveries. Then, Alazlam sat bolt upright in his chair, contemplating a possibility that had never occured to him before. "Ruglia?" He asked himself out loud. "Isn't that the false name Ramza was using when..." He started to reach for the safe, but then sat back in his chair. "No, it couldn't be..."


"May his way of life be an example for the next generation!" - Alazlam Durai


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