What Makes A Hero Prologue

By Nanaki

Igros University

Professor Alazlam Durai looked up from his studies as he heard footsteps down the hall. He was expecting another angry right wing church goer, ready to yell at him for "destroying" the myth of Delita. Instead, he recognized the dark skin and light hair of one of his best students. "Ah Culum, come inside!" He said genially. "It's so good to see someone who won't try to have me committed."

"You know as well as I do that could never happen now." The young man said as he took off his hat, brushing off the dust. His hair was combed down nicely, except for one rogue lock that had grown increasingly popular since the Durai report had been released last month. Culum Ruglia had been in various classes of Alazlam's as long as he had been at the university, and he had a voracious appetite for the truth. "You've had far too much public exposure for the church to be able to do anything to you."

"That's probably true enough. So, what brings you here? I thought you were excavating the remains of Fort Zeakden."

"Well, no offense to your auspicious ancestor, but I found the Durai Report to be rather inconclusive." Alazlam raised an eyebrow. "Unless, of course, you didn't release the full report." Now the other eyebrow was raised. "Something the general public would have found too unnacceptable?"

Alazlam chuckled softly. "As usual Culum, you've guessed my motives before I could speak of them for myself. Yes, there are more sections to the Durai Report. I was waiting to release them until the truth of the Lion War is generally accepted."

"A wise decision. But what makes it so hard to believe?"

"Have you ever heard of the "Wolf Disturbance?"

"Of course. Not long after Delita was crowned, a faction opposed to him rose up and tried to overthrow him. Not everyone supported him, after all."

"Very good. Now, what if I told you that the disturbance was led by Ramza Beoulve?"

"What?! But, even the most liberal histories say that he and Alma left Ivalice, and were never seen again." Alazlam eyed him sharply. "Ah yes, but they're all church histories. I'd forgotten."

"That's the power of the church. I suppose you're wondering why Ramza came back."

"The thought had crossed my mind. Perhaps to attend Ovelia's funeral?" He said with some bitterness. No one liked the truth about the legendary King Delita.

"In a way. But the girl they buried wasn't Ovelia."

"What?! But history says... Church history again." He corrected himself. "She wasn't dead?"

"She was quite an accomplished cleric, if you recall. They way Delita wounded her, she should have died slowly from shock and blood loss. But she managed to cast MBarrier on herself, apparently."

"And that includes Reraise. Smart, very smart. It wouldn't have taken effect until she actually did die, by which time Delita would have left... So she sought Ramza's help?"

"Lock the door." Alazlam said. As Culum did so, he reached back and pulled on one of the dusty books in his bookcase. It slid back to reveal a safe, which he unlocked. Inside lay the musty manuscript that was the original Durai Report. He opened the book to about 2/3 of the way back, then handed it to Culum. "The information from here forward hasn't been released to the public. You will of course, keep this to yourself?"

"Of course." Culum grinned.

"Well then, discover the truth. I think you'll be even more surprised..."


"Won't you join me on a journey for the truth?" - Alazlam Durai


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