The Origin Of Mount Woe Chapter 1

The Spark Of An Idea

By Nanaki


12,020 B.C.

King Vigo of Allegan awoke with the dawn. At least, what he guessed was dawn. The blizzard was raging again, but he seemed to know when the sun was rising. He saw that his Chief Blacksmith, Melchior, was also braving the storm. "Good morning Melchior!"

The man, in his mid thirties, turned. "Morning, yes, your majesty, but it won't be good until the weekly clearing, and Gaspar says that's two days away." He was about to say something else, but a flurry of snow blew into him and he staggered back. "I wish we could find some way of controlling this blasted weather!" He finally sputtered.

"Maybe we can." Vigo muttered, looking at the clouds.

"Dreaming again sire?" Melchior asked. He was used to this sort of thing.

"Not exactly. Yesterday, one of our exploration teams discovered evidence that people weren't always like they are now."

"How so?" Now he was curious.

"Apparently, they couldn't make fire. Many of them froze to death if they were caught out in weather like this."

"But that's crazy! Just a few simple words and you can have a great blaze going!"

"They couldn't. They couldn't control anything in their world."

"To die... For want of a few simple words..."

"Anyway, one record, nearly a thousand years old, says that everything started to change suddenly. People started having partial control of the rocks, fire, and such. Not nearly like today, but it helped. It looks as if we've steadily been gaining power for almost a millenia."

"Control of rocks, you say..." But Vigo was no longer paying attention. Standing at the entrance to one of the largest caves in the kingdom was the object of Vigo's affection, Zeal. Melchior smiled. Until Vigo had met Zeal one of the rare nights he came to the public fire, Melchior had been afraid that their new young king had no people skills.

Now Vigo was at the fire every night, trying to woo her. He did not know that Zeal was one of the most sought after maidens in the kingdom. Or that she had turned down every potential suitor so for. Or that she was not the least bit impressed by the fact that he was the king. He did know that she was very intelligent as well as beautiful, and that was why he preffered her to all the airheads pining for him.

"Your majesty!"

"Uh, yes?" Vigo turned around sheepishly. Melchior had brought him back to the present. He found himself resenting it. "Excuse me a minute, Melchior. I'll be right back."

Zeal turned and walked back into the cave the moment she saw Vigo heading her way. "More control over the elements huh?" Melchior wondered. "Perhaps someday we can rise above the limitations of our climate."


"How did we come by our powers? And why do others lack them? Who cares?!" - Anonymous


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