The Origin Of Mount Woe Chapter 12

The New Source

By Nanaki

12,010 B.C.

Vigo woke suddenly. He could swear he had just felt an earthquake. But that was impossible. He was floating six thousand feet above the true ground. Looking out the window, he saw an odd flickering light coming from the Sun keep. "What the..." He got out of bed, put on a robe, and quickly walked through the silent corridors of Enhasa. When he got to the Sun keep, a terrible sight met his eyes.

The flickering was coming from the Sun stone. The mighty magical artifact looked like it was about to give out. Vigo gulped. He quickly gathered all the magical energy he could from the vicinity and pumped it into the Sun stone. He knew this was just a drop in the magical bucket for this thing, and quickly shouted until he was sure everyone was awake, "Emergency! Emergency! The Sun stone is going out! Everyone get up!"

Golden lights began to pour from every window in Enhasa. Melchior was the first one on the scene. "What's going on? Did I hear you right? The Sun stone is going out?"

"It certainly appears that way. Why is this happening? This was supposed to last one hundred years without the Earthbound ones!"

"You don't suppose those odd blue creatures the guards sometimes report have anything to do with this?"

"What, the Nus? As the guards call them? No, I've never seen proof that even one Nu actually exists, and even if they do, I don't think they would have anything to do with this." Vigo thought for a moment, before finally speaking as Gaspar and Belthasar ran up. "Schala."

"What? What about Schala?" Gaspar asked, out of breath.

"She's the one who used up all the energy! Remember the day she was born? And there have been instances since!" Now Schala and Zeal, and a multitude of other people, came running up to the Sun keep. "Schala, how many times have you used the Sun stone?" Vigo asked quickly.

"Five, that I remember. Six, since everyone is always telling me about the day I was born."

"Six?!" Vigo was astounded.

"What's wrong?" Schala asked, a worried expression on her face.

"You used up the energy." Vigo couldn't say anything else.

"Yeah. I didn't think that rock would last much longer. But I can keep it going until you get other systems set up." Everyone was speechless. "What?"

"How are you going to keep it going?" Melchior finally asked.

"Simple. Watch this." Schala spread her arms. A purple beam of light shot up from the ground and into the Sun stone. Everyone gaped.

"Schala, where did you learn that?" Vigo's mouth was agape.

"What do mean "learn it?" I've always known this stuff."

"What were the other systems you were talking about?"

"You need to set up some sort of device to harness the planet's energy more easily. Something like the Sun stone, but for the planet instead. Since that thing is almost out, you should save it for emergencies."

Vigo just stood there for a minute, then a huge grin spread across his face. "I don't believe it!Melchior, Gaspar, Belthasar, if you please."

"Another sleepless night, I see." Melchior sighed. "Schala, if you'll help us."

"I guess so." She said timidly. She followed the three men off to Melchior's workshop. The crowd began to disperse.

Zeal walked up to Vigo and put her arm around his waist. "That is some amazing daughter we have."

"Most defintely. I'm sure there's not another child like her in the world. But at times like these, I'm kind of glad for that. Can you imagine what it would be like if every child in Enhasa used the Sun stone for their own covert purposes?"

"We'd be on the ground already." She sighed. "Do you really think they'll come up with some alternate energy source overnight?"

"With those four talents combined, yes. Even if its only temporary, that'll give the Sun stone time to recharge." They stayed there for a while, looking at the stars. Suddenly, there was a loud hammering sound, a small explosion, and a cloud of smoke drifting up from Melchior's workshop. This was followed by Schala's voice.

"What did I tell you? NOW do you believe me?! Put the Dreamstone pipeline over here!" Vigo chuckled.

"I guess dealing with those three all night will be punishment enough for her. Shall we retire?"

"Let's shall." Zeal said, jokingly. "Really, I wish you wouldn't speak formally around me."

"Why? Does it remind you of when you were so distant from me?"

"I never want to be away from you again Vigo. As long as I live." She stared into his eyes, seeing the fire inside them once again. She gladly accepted his kiss.

"Its good to know you still feel that way. Since Schala's away, shall we retire together?"

"Sounds good to me." She smiled.

* * *

Deep inside the planet, Lavos stirred. Something else was also stirring down here, he realized.Was it time to act yet? No, not quite, but it wouldn't hurt much to be a few years early. Suddenly, he felt an overwhelming urge to return to his meditation. Oh well, he could wait a little longer.

Violen: That was close. He almost woke up. Are you sure he won't stir now?

Serges: Very sure. He'll be down for a while. The question is, why are we up?

Jade: It almost felt as though the planet's energy was being drained.

Serges: No! These creatures should not be able to take our power!

Jade: No? Well I have a feeling that this thing under here has something to do with it.

Violen: Are you all sure he's not one of us?

Shivan: No, and I'm not sure what we are either. We weren't always like this.

Serges: What do you mean?

Shivan: I mean, we weren't always able to speak like this, or to think so clearly.

Jade: Exactly. I think this monster has given us more power somehow.

Violen: We can worry about him later. What about our energy?

Serges: We'll give whoever used it a short time to knock it off. Otherwise, we go into action.

Shivan: Action. Heh, heh. Its what we're made for.

Jade: I don't think they're gonna stop.

Serges: Me neither. Its about time something happened on this boring world.

Violen: You all talk like you're going to enjoy this.

Shivan: Oh, we are.

Serges: Pain...

Jade: Yes indeed!

Violen: .....

* * *

"If it's energy were used up, it would change into a Moon stone." - Anonymous


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