The Origin Of Mount Woe Epilogue 3


By Nanaki


Zeal barely had the strength to teleport back to the room below the top of the Omen. She kept trying to staunch the blood flowing from her chest, but her healing powers just didn't seem to work. Across the room, the blasted remains of the Mammon Machine seemed to glare at her accusingly. She tried to pull in more of Lavos' energy, but there wasn't any there. 'Why can't I use his power?' She thought desperately as the life drained from her. Then she came to a sudden realization. The three intruders were battling Lavos, and winning! He was using all his power to fight them. There would be no more energy for her, probably ever.

Then the top of the Omen vanished as the huge explosion Lavos had started destroyed it, and Zeal's body along with that. So much for immortality. But the part of Zeal that had cared about immortality was gone forever, leaving only the soul of the human woman inside.

'Where am I?' Zeal felt herself call weakly. She couldn't really see anything, but she felt several clouds of swirling green mist around her in the darkness.

'Someplace where you can finally rest.' A reassuring voice answered.

'I'm finally dead then.'

'Finally... Huh. I wish it hadn't come down to that, but yes.'

'Then... Vigo?'

'Bingo!' His mist swirled faster, and she could picture his special grin. 'I've missed you Zeal.'

'But... Do you still care for me, after everything I've done?'

'That wasn't you!' Vigo said adamantly. 'It was all the Lavoid's fault.'

'But before that even... Karak...'

'You only liked him because he reminded you of me.'

'Ever the modest one, aren't you Vigo?' Zeal felt another familiar cloud float toward them.

'Greven? I really have to apologize to you.'

'Forget about it. It was totally Lavos' fault. I knew that even before I died. And anyway, I'm scheduled to be reborn in, oh, about three minutes here. You had the option of coming along Vigo, what's it going to be?'

'It was originally going to be me or Schala. Since Schala's already going along, in a way, I don't feel it's necessary.'

'Yeah, you just want to stay with Zeal. I can understand that.' Then his cloud seemed to swirl all around, as though he were looking for something. 'I don't know how long Rofellos is going to let you keep her here. She's not exactly a hero, you know.'

'I can handle him. I believe he'll understand.'

Greven remained silent for a moment. 'Oh! My body's heart just started beating. I better get going. Hope I get longer than 17 years this time. I was cheated the last time around!'

'You can't always get what you want.' Vigo said solemnly. 'You are facing a higher class Lavoid this time around, you know.'

'I know. But Schala's basically lived two lives for the price of one. She'll be able to handle it, even if I can't.'

'Good luck, Greven.'

'See you next time, Vigo.' With that, he was gone.

'What just happened here?' Zeal asked.

'Politics, war. Don't worry about it.' He remained silent for a moment. 'Don't worry about anything. You've gone through enough.' Then his cloud swirled around, and drifted into hers.

'Whoah? What...? Is this, like a link?'

'Sort of.' She saw his grin again. 'But links aren't nearly this intense...'


"I'll be fine. I can defeat these guys!" - Vigo



Well, that's finally it for Mount Woe, although Schala's story is far from over. There are a substantial number of people I would like to thank.

First, whichever story writer at Square came up with the ideas for Schala and Zeal, both the kingdom and the person. I don't want to thank all of Square, because some story writer over there also came up with the idea to kill Aerith! If it turns out that the same guy was responsible for both, remind me to shoot myself, because then obviously everything in the world is arbitrary anyway.

Next, Icy Brian for making all of this possible, and making a kick ass web page besides!

Third, Keith Adams, for writing the first Chrono Trigger fanfic I ever read. His story is the reason mine is fifty chapters long. As you can also tell, I incorporated his reality into my story somewhat, at the end anyway. Since it appears he's no longer writing, I assumed he wouldn't mind. Keith, if you ever see this, finish Shadow Ashes! It was looking really good!

Dark Magus and Don Eskridge, for talking to the newbie, and giving me feedback on the story in its early days.

Enrique Saul Gonzalez, Krazy Sam, and all the other Legionairres. For being good friends, especially over the winter, when all my RPGs were taken away. Without you guys, I would have gone insane.

Next, and quite surprisingly, Albert Chang, for giving us all someone we could really hate.

And last, every person who bothered to read this story! Thank you, everyone.


So, now I'm sure you're all wondering what's going to happen to Schala, Magus, and Ertai. And Greven too, as I'm sure most of you have realized. What does Vigo have to do with it? What's this business about a "higher class Lavoid?" Don't worry, you'll find out in my next monster story: Tempo Trigger!

But first, I'm going to take my turn at writing a story about Crono and the 1,000 A.D. crew. It won't be nearly as long as this, but it'll be good, don't worry. It's a little something I like to call, "The Trials of the King." And it's probably not about what you're thinking as you read this. Stay tuned people, I'll be seeing you again real soon.



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