Tempo Trigger Chapter 34

Stars Above

By Nanaki

3500 A.D.

"Right after that, I... huagh..." Lion paused to yawn.

"I second that." Tempo yawned as well. "This is amazing, but I've been up for about twenty straight hours, if not more."

"Yeah, I think it would be best if I finished in the morning." Lion rubbed his eyes. I don't think we should leave this room, so try to get comfortable around here somewhere.

"I think I'll sit outside for a little while." Schala said, standing up.

"Outside?" Tempo asked.

"Me too." Silva nodded. Tempo observed where they were heading, and saw a small balcony protruding from the building.

"Lionel?" Tess tugged on his sleeve.

"What is it hon?" He kissed the top of her head. She sighed and leaned into him.

"Nothing that can't wait until the morning, I guess."

"Good." He smiled down at her. "It's getting kind of cold up here. So, do you want to sleep back to back or...?"

"Front to front?" She suggested.

"My pleasure." Then he glanced at the guards, and over at the balcony. "But tonight, looks like we'll have to keep the clothes on."

"Yes, but just tonight." She said, wrapping her arms around him.

"Aw, I don't mind." Lion smiled as he lay down, taking her with him. "We've got many nights ahead. Thank God, we've got many nights ahead..." He closed his eyes, and sighed happily as he began to feel the warmth of her body through his clothes.

Tempo got up, and walked over to the balcony. It expanded to the sides a bit past its entrance, and the ladies were seated on opposite sides of it, their backs against the glass. Tempo paused at the opening, unsure of who to talk to, if anyone. He finally turned to the left, and sat down next to Silva. "So what're you thinking about right now?"

She sighed. "I'm wondering what my place in all of this is. Why Garin sent me through time with the rest of you."

"How so?" Tempo scratched his head, and fought to stay alert, despite how tired he was.

"Well, you and Lion both have incredible powers. And Schala... Besides the fact that she seems to know more about what's going on than any of us, she's got some nice magic too. But what do I have? I have your "G-35A grenade launcher..." She laughed a little, "and that's it. I mean, I'm still trying to get used to the idea of actually being in a different time, much less fighting otherworldly bad guys..."

"Well, I really don't know." Tempo looked thoughtful. "But I do know, that Garin had a reason for sending you here. Sometime, that reason is going to become apparent, and I think we'll all be glad you're here when it does."

"I hope so." She remained silent, taking in the view of the city at night, which was quite spectacular. Tempo smiled as he saw the glowing lights reflected in her eyes. "I can only try to imagine how Lion must have felt... The responsibility for guarding this huge city all placed on his shoulders." She slowly stood up. "Well, I'm going to try to find a place to sleep. See you in the morning."

"Yeah." Tempo waved good night, and stared at the city for a bit, himself. In the darkness, it was impossible to tell just how high up they were, and he was glad for that. But he noticed that he seemed to be having more trouble breathing than when he was on the ground, so it must have been a mile, at least. After a few minutes of blank staring, he turned to Schala. He was surprised to see that she wasn't staring at the city, but rather, turned around and looking at her reflection in the glass. "Something the matter?" He asked quietly.

"I'm just so tired." She said, not looking away. "Tired of not feeling anything. Tired of waiting for a time when I'll be alive again. When I can have my power back, and can feel it surging through my body, like Lion was describing. When I won't be so cold..."

"You can actually feel the cold?"

Now, she finally turned to look at him. "Not exactly. My body registers everything as the same generic sensation. I just know it's there, and that's all. But since I know what causes the sensation, I can remember what it used to feel like..."

Tempo turned away, and stared out at the city some more. "Too bad it doesn't work that way for emotions."

Schala smiled a little at that. "Yeah, that would be nice. I'd remember what it felt like to care, but wouldn't actually care. Then, maybe I wouldn't be missing so many people."

"There's more than just your... your "significant other?"

Schala sighed. "My mother, my father, my brothers... And I think Lavos destroyed my whole kingdom. I don't know if anyone survived..." 'Ertai's probably dead too...'

''Your' whole kingdom?' Tempo wondered, but didn't say anything. "Wow." His eyes widened. "And here I am all down in the dumps about just two people."

"Two's enough." Schala sighed. "Two is more than enough. Two is two too many. At least I know one of my brothers is still alive, somewhere..." 'I know I was mad at you when I left, Janus, but I'm very, very glad that you're alive...' Then, she looked up past the city lights, at the stars. 'I wish you were here right now...'

"Well, that's good, at least." Tempo continued. "You know, this is pretty much the first real chance I've had to just sit and talk to you, but... I can't really think of anything to say."

He was startled as Schala turned back to him, the expression on her face more dire than any he had seen before. "Tempo, I have to ask... Does the name "Greven Vecar" mean anything to you?"

Tempo leaned back, considering. "Well... I can't place the face, but it does sound familiar." Schala smiled at that. "Was he one of the Soul Knights in 975?" Her smile vanished as she shook her head. "Ah well, why do you ask?"

"For a second, I thought I saw him when we were fighting Moogoo..."

"What? There was no one else up there!"

"I know." She said softly, smiling to herself.

Tempo yawned, and rubbed his eyes. "Argh... I'm too tired for this right now. We'll talk more after Lion's finished with his yakkin'. See you in the morning." With that, he got up and went inside.

'Greven...' Schala thought at she looked out at the city. Ever since he had died, she had tried not to think about him too much. She could have saved him if she had just gotten there a few minutes sooner. Of course, she couldn't even save herself, but if they had fought together... 'What if, what if, what if...' She criticized herself. 'What ifs aren't going to bring him back. Nothing is going to bring him back.' She slowly lowered herself to a lying position on the balcony. As she felt the cold, hard pavement beneath her, she imagined the soft warmth of Greven's body against hers, the love in his gaze... 'Greven, Greven, Greven...' For perhaps the first time since he had died, Schala freely admitted to herself how much she missed him, and slowly cried herself to sleep.


1855 A.D.

Magus sat up in bed, frowning. He'd been having a very restless sleep, and he didn't think he'd be getting much more rest in the near future. He got up, and not bothering to put on a shirt, went to find Leng. As usual, the other magus was in the room full of monitors. Right now, they were turned off, and he was intently examining some papers. "Something wrong?" He asked without looking up.

"I feel like I'm wasting my time, just sitting around here." Magus made a fist with his right hand, and slammed it into the palm of his left. "I should be out there doing something!" Leng remained silent. Magus wandered over to the machine in the wall which was still busily scanning away. "And why are we bothering to search every single year with this thing? The only times Schala would have a reason to be in are ones with humans in them!"

"On the contrary, she could be stuck several billion years in the past. If she is, since there don't seem to be any gates before sentient beings evolved, she'd be completely trapped there."

Magus glared at the machine anyway. "When ARE we going to do something?" He demanded.

"Well, either when Seraphina returns from her mission, or when the Lavoid tracks us down and destroys us." Leng answered calmly. "I much prefer the first scenario, myself."

"How is whatever she's doing going to help in the fight?"

"If she is successful, she will have located the most powerful human on this planet. The one who has the power to destroy the Lavoid single handedly, if need be."

"If he's so powerful, wouldn't the Lavoid seek him out when he's a baby, and destroy him then?"

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" Leng smiled. "Just trust me on this one."

"Secretive old fool." Magus scowled as he walked out the front gates of the fortress. He stopped, and looked up at the stars. 'I just want to be out there helping Schala. I don't give a damn about all this intrigue.' He sighed, and then looked even farther up. 'I don't know whether I should stick around here or not. I hate to admit it, but a little divine intervention telling me what to do could come in real handy...' There was no response. 'Vigo, how about you? I know I'm not actually related to you in any way, but we've got common interests. Namely, protecting Schala. I'm so frustrated here, not knowing what to do, or how long anything will take. Well... Just keep watch over her until I can find her...' Magus turned around, and walked back inside. 'I'm thinking at a dead man. All this waiting around is getting to me more than I thought...'

* * *

Vigo: Keep watch over her? When do I not? Have a little faith, Janus.


"I'm never gonna have another dream again. They hurt too much when they die." - Rick Hunter


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