Tempo Trigger Chapter 47


By Nanaki

3500 A.D.

"Where is my son?!" Lion demanded, the calm he had shown seconds ago disappearing in an instant.

"Right here." Habeeb hefted up a baby carrier from where it had been outside of Lion's field of vision on the platform. "And he's all yours, if you accept the deal I have for you."

"Stay here." Lion whispered to the rest, then strode confidently forward. "What 'deal' might that be, 'Synth Drive?"

Habeeb laughed out loud. "You're as smart as I'd hoped! My proposal is quite simple. You help me kill the Lavoid, and your son will stay with you, safe and sound. Any sign of treachery on your part, and I'll immediately take him away again."

Lion gritted his teeth. "I fail to understand why you felt it necessary to kidnap my son," he nodded at the baby, "put my future wife in considerable stress," he nodded back at Tess, "and seriously piss me off for something that I'm planning to do anyway."

Habeeb's mask turned down, giving the impression of frowning. "If that's true, then you obviously haven't thought this through very carefully."

"What are you talking about?" Lion demanded.

"If you realized what was really going on, you'd be at the Lavoid's side in a second, begging to help him out."

Despite his anger, Lion laughed. "You've been smoking a little something, haven't you?"

Habeeb sighed, shaking his head. "At any rate, I consider you an employee, and I want you to succeed. To that end, I offer this." From his robes, he drew a small glass vial containing a glowing green liquid. "Catalyst X-63." He quickly put it away again. "I'm sure you've realized the significance of what you heard from the 'Synth drive by now." He walked to the front of the platform, and jumped down. Above, Moogoo glared silently at the others.

"From the beginning, the 'synths were engineered with a fail safe. If they used up more than ninety percent of the total solar power in their bodies, it would trigger, and prevent them from using their powers any further. First, because it was a possibility that if that didn't happen, the 'synth would use up enough energy to kill himself. Second, it was assumed that if the 'synths ever unleashed that much power, it would be against the armies of humanity, not the Lavoid." Now, Habeeb drew the vial out again, and shook it. "Just a few ounces of X-63 will remove the fail safe." Habeeb stepped forward, until he was just a few feet away from Lion. "Just think, you get your son and all your old powers back, and all you have to do is help me kill the Lavoid. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?"

Lion closed his eyes for a second, smiling serenely, then opened them again, glaring at Habeeb. "You are a fool." He declared simply.

Habeeb sighed. "I didn't think you'd be this stubborn..."

"Oh, I'm not stubborn." Lion growled. Instantly, the yellow glow around him began to build in intensity. While Habeeb's eyes were not visible, Moogoo's were, and they began to widen a bit. "I'm just strong. Strong enough to crush you into a bloody pulp, and take my son back, without agreeing to any little 'deal' of yours."

Habeeb's visor fixed on him in such a way that Lion was sure the man was glaring at him. "And you said I was the fool." He laughed derisively. "You have less than ten percent of your former power. You didn't have enough to take down my troops, much less me."

Lion began to growl. "I'm going to enjoy wiping that smirk off your face... Don't you get it? Ocello was right, you know." Instantly, his yellow glow tripled in size, and became a roaring blaze. Habeeb jumped back. Moogoo's eyes were very wide now. "'Synth powers are infinite! And ten percent of infinity is still infinite!!! AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As Lion let his anger come to the fore, the floor around him instantly disintegrated. In a few seconds, he was floating above a large crater over fifty feet deep. Habeeb was thrown back into the platform he had come from by the force of the solar energy being released. "This is insane!!" Moogoo shouted.

"This isn't possible!!" Habeeb shouted back, equally panicked. "He let himself be apprehended by the police multiple times! He let himself be beaten to a pulp! He let Tess fall into the coma!!" Habeeb gulped. 'This is by far the most dangerous enemy I've ever faced. I underestimated him horribly...' The energy surrounding Lion rocketed up into the ceiling, smashing most of the lights. Now his glow was the main source of light in the chamber. Finally, he stopped shouting, and brought his gaze back to Habeeb. "Well, if you're going to do it, then do it!" The masked man growled.

"As you command." Lion bowed, then rocketed past him. Before Habeeb or Moogoo realized what was going on, Lion had the baby carrier in his hands, and was already hurtling back toward Tess. He landed in front of her and handed the squirming bundle to her. "Take him and go!" He shouted. Her jaw was hanging open as she stared at him. "Don't worry about me! I'm going to win!"

Tess finally shook herself out of her momentary trance, and grabbed hold of her son. "Yeah, I believe you will." She smiled up at Lion, then ran back through the door.

Lion turned to Tempo. "I'm counting on you guys to take care of Moogoo."

"Glad to." Tempo dropped his rubber bullet cartridge, and replaced it with the real thing. Then he drew out a blaster rifle. Lion nodded, then rushed back toward Habeeb in a blaze of fire.

Habeeb crossed his arms in time to block, but Lion's blow sent him smashing through the supports of his stage. Lion glanced up in time to see Moogoo charging at him, fists glowing. And also in time to see Tempo smash him back into the stage with a body check. Tempo kept his laser rifle trained on Moogoo as he slowly got back up. Lion smiled and went back to pounding Habeeb.

"I think you and I have some unfinished business, Moogoo Guy Pan." Tempo smiled dangerously. Moogoo growled at the bastardization of his name.

"Yes, we certainly do." He responded calmly, then ducked down and aimed a sweeping kick at Tempo's legs. Tempo saw it coming, and tried to jump over it, but was only partially successful. As his feet went flying to the side, Moogoo was already spinning back up, and he yanked Tempo's handgun out of its holster. As Tempo was flying toward the ground, Moogoo planted the gun above his heart and fired three rounds faster than Tempo would have believed possible. He went flying off the platform, arms flailing, then crash onto the ground.

Moogoo heard a telltale whining, and summoned up a Shield spell just in time to see bullets go flying off in all directions as Schala's gatling gun trained on him. A second later, Silva added her machine gun to the fray, and Moogoo could barely see out of the Shield. Finally, he heard an empty whirring that signaled the ladies were out of bullets. He lowered the shield, hands glowing... and felt a burst of laser energy tear through his heart. Gasping, he turned to find Tempo behind him, the barrel of his blaster rifle glowing. Smiling, Tempo patted three bullet holes in his torso armor. "Kevlar padded armor. Gotta love it." He then kicked Moogoo off of the platform.

Even as a healing light fell on him, Schala pulled out a handgun of her own, and took several clumsy shots in Moogoo's direction. At least one hit him, judging by the way he twitched.

"Moogoo! No!!" Habeeb looked across the room through the eye that wasn't swollen shut, seeing the fate that had befallen his little brother. He growled at Lion's smug face, then resigned himself. "Grr... Diamond Body!!" His whole body instantly turned into a flexible diamond, and he planted a punch in Lion's face that sent him flying across the room. Not wasting a moment, he charged toward the other warriors.

Tempo noticed Habeeb's transformation immediately, and snapped the long metal tube on his back off of its carrying hooks. Looking through the laser guided scope, he aimed at where he guessed Habeeb would be by the time it fired, and pressed the button.

Habeeb was closing in on Silva when a rocket smashed into his left side. While the rocket did little more than scorch his crystal body, it sent him flying toward the other side of the room, where Lion planted a kick in his right side that sent him high into the air. As Tempo was sliding another rocket into his launcher, he noticed Moogoo getting back up, and quickly launched a rocket at him, as well.

Moogoo was hurled into the wall on the right, and Habeeb landed on him a second later. The four warriors came forward in a semi-circle, surveying their downed opponents. "Pathetic." Lion declared. "Even with my power, I expected better out of these two."

"Oh, you'll get better." The crystallized Habeeb growled. He and Moogoo sprang up, and Tempo noticed belatedly that their hands were glowing brightly. He hurried to load another rocket, but before he could, their spell activated. "Double Meteo!!" The brothers roared at their opposition, and dozens of blazing rocks seemed to materialize out of the ceiling.

Tempo found himself watching the scene in slow motion. Above him, brightly glowing death rained down. To the side, he saw Lion struggling to put up a yellow wall of energy in front of the other three, but he could tell the 'Synth wouldn't be fast enough. He growled, but he didn't have any options. His powers hadn't killed him before, and he would just have to hope they wouldn't kill him now. A brilliant green light began to radiate from his body. "Huuuuuh... MegaShield!!"

A transparent green, polygonal structure burst into being around all four of them. It shook and rippled as the dozens of meteors slammed into it, but it held. As the smoke cleared, Moogoo's eyes were wide, and the one eye of Habeeb's that could be seen through his broken visor looked surprised as well. "Damn, he just started to manifest, didn't he?" Moogoo whispered.

"I can't think of what else it would have been." Habeeb nodded. "We have to take him down, right away."

Lion was looking at Tempo with surprise as well. "Man, your speed is excellent! Even I couldn't get a barrier up fast enough."

"I know." Tempo nodded, never taking his eyes off the two brothers. "I saw it. That's why I added my own."

Lion's eyebrows raised even further. "You saw it? It only takes about half a second, tops."

Tempo shrugged. "We'll figure that out later. Right now, let's concentrate on these guys."

Habeeb's diamond structure had reverted back to normal, but he now adopted an aggressive stance. "So Tempo, you think you're the only one who can derive Soultech from pure magic?" He growled.

"What?!" All four of them gasped.

Habeeb curved his arms down, until his hands were just inches apart. A howling wind began emanating from his direction, and his eyes rolled back into his head. Finally, all the color drained from the room. Tempo rubbed his eyes, but all he could see was shades of gray. Habeeb began chanting. Even Moogoo backed away from him, looking a little worried. "Neuga zenzokuken tarkana blazaterata!!" Now, his eyes returned to their normal positions, the color returned to the room, and an ethereal purple blaze to rival Lion's blasted up around him. Habeeb fixed his eyes on Tempo. "Force Breaker!!"

He flew at Tempo's MegaShield with blinding speed, smashing through it as if it were made of paper. Hundreds of magical shards went flying in all directions, and Habeeb's fist turned back to diamond as he pulled it back to strike at Tempo.

It had all happened in an instant, and Tempo struggled to get out of the way in time. He whirled to the side to run, even as he saw out of the corner of his eye that Habeeb was just a few feet away from him. But then, his vision blurred for a moment, and when he could see again, he was on the opposite side of the chamber. "What the hell?!" He demanded of himself, and everyone else.

Habeeb's eyes were frozen open in anger and surprise, as he hovered in place, his fist thrust forward where Tempo had just been, not moving. "No!!" He declared, then turned to look at Tempo. "I will not allow you to complete your transformation!!" Then, he was blazing at Tempo again.

Tempo now had time to power up in response though. As brilliant dark green flames of his own leapt up around him, he had time to demand, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Habeeb was just a few yards away from Tempo, when he was slammed into the ground, his face smashing through the bricks of the floor. Before he knew what was happening, he was yanked back up by his right arm, then a kick was planted into his ribs just below, and he couldn't help yelling out as his arm dislocated.

"It seems you've forgotten that your fight is with me." Lion growled at him.

"Hey, I have a stake in this now too." Tempo smiled.

"Then let's smash him together." Lion nodded. He turned back to the ladies. "Hold Moogoo off somehow! This won't take very long!!"

Habeeb smiled dangerously as he forced his arm back into place with a popping sound. "I guess now it's your turn to underestimate your adversary!"

"However powerful you might be, I'm quite sure that you don't stand a chance against the two of us." Lion smiled confidently, then blazed forward, his right arm smashing into Habeeb's block with all the power he could muster. The wizard was pushed back several yards, but he remained unharmed... until Tempo landed a knee to the back that sent him flying. Habeeb flipped over in midair, and landed facing his opponents. He raised his hands above his head, then brought them forward, unleashing a beam of chi straight at Lion. Lion laughed derisively and overpowered it with a solar beam of his own, sending a progressively larger explosion right into Habeeb's face. "Enough playing around!" Lion declared. The veins in his neck and forehead instantly began throbbing. "Tempo, keep him busy for a minute!" He shouted as waves of heat began to obscure his form.

Habeeb was just getting to his feet, and Tempo grinned. "As you command. Thousand Point Blast!!" Hundreds of small green fireballs seemed to launch out of his back, then curled around and slammed into Habeeb. Tempo continued to launch dozens out of his hands each second, keeping Habeeb pinned down in a defensive stance. Tempo finally let up his barrage, breathing heavily. Habeeb stood back up.

"Did you really think I could be beaten so easily? You'll have to do a lot better than that to... to..." He trailed off as he turned to look at Lion.

"Believe me, I will." The prototype growled. He held his right arm straight out from his body, tensed to an unbelievable degree. He couldn't be clearly seen through the waves of heat surrounding him. "World Destroyer!!!"

"You... can't!!" Habeeb yelled, but the mega-condensed beam of solar energy was rushing right at him. Habeeb threw up a Shield, but it quickly receded when the beam touched it. He was engulfed in an explosion that blew through the wall behind him before quickly blasting upward through hundreds of feet of rock, then on into the sky.

"You did better all right!" Tempo shouted over the noise of Lion's attack. He was surprised when Lion turned to glare at him, looking angry.

"It's not over yet! Help me!!"

Tempo scrutinized the explosion, and sure enough, it was still meeting resistance. Occassionally, when the energy would flow to one side, he could see Habeeb, his Shield just inches away from his face, and still losing ground. "How?!" Tempo demanded. But he quickly charged up his Soultech and fired a brilliant green blast of his own at Habeeb. The sound of the wizard's agonized yell reached him even above the sound of the explosions, and it was obvious that there was nothing Habeeb could do. Tempo let a smile creep back onto his face. Then, he heard a scream.


A Minute Prior...

Moogoo's eyes, alight with self-righteousness, borred into Schala. "At last." He hissed. "At last I can kill you, bride of Laria."

Schala matched his cocky gaze, surprising herself. "I don't think so." She growled back. She tensed and crouched down, purple light radiating out from underneath her armor. "If Lion can make his powers return just by willing it, then so can I!!" She tensed further, and a purple flame began hugging her skin. Then, she smiled again. "And even if you do kill me, I won't care. You can't win."

Moogoo let out a barking growl, his voice becoming even deeper. "Would you like to make a wager on that? I guarantee that if you're still alive in thirty seconds, you'll be wishing that wasn't the case."

"You're on." Schala adopted a traditional Alleganian fighting stance. "What's the prize?"

"If you're still alive in thirty seconds from the time I finish talking, I'll put you out of your misery." Moogoo adopted a stance of his own. Schala frowned. She'd seen that fighting style somwhere before, only...

'Just deja vu.' She scolded herself. "Thirty seconds?" She began gathering magic waves for her opening salvo. She heard Silva putting a fresh clip in her machine gun. "You're being too generous. It'll only take me twenty seconds to finish you and Habeeb." Moogoo cracked up laughing, and Schala launched into action. "Golem Breaker!!" The special mixture of lightning and holy magic smashed into and through Moogoo, tunneling through the rock behind him. Not wasting a moment, the mage healed even as he charged toward her. However, he was overconfident. Schala ducked down, grabbed hold of his arms, and planted her feet in his chest, sending him flying through the air.

He used chi to stop and hover in midair, but that turned out to be a mistake as rounds from Silva's machine gun got a bead on him, riddling his body with bloody holes. He dropped back to the ground and charged while healing again. Schala belatedly realized he was heading for Silva, and there wasn't time for her to do anything about it. However, there was time to put his lapse in judgement of who was the more dangerous enemy to good use. Fortunately, Moogoo settled for just knocking Silva out with a quick kick to the head, and whirled back to face Schala. But she wasn't there.

"Behind you, fool!" She shouted as she jammed her worn dagger into the base of his spine. He whirled around again, but poorly, because of the pain of his injury, and she planted a brutal kick in his chest, flinging him back against the wall. The dagger wedged between Moogoo and the wall, driving further into him. Blood began to spatter on the floor. Schala was struggling with her next spell, when suddenly, the words and waves popped into her head. 'I remember!' She laughed aloud before shouting, "Holy!!" The rippling white, blue, and green blast of power erupted out of her torso and slammed into Moogoo's, obscuring his form in a brilliant explosion.

When she could see him again, his robes were badly singed, and his head was hanging limply from his neck. He raggedly pulled his head up, bleary eyed, only to narrow those eyes dangerously a moment later. "It's been thirty seconds." He said calmly, but something about his tone made Schala believe it wasn't just boast anymore. His eyes became even more bleary as he stood back up, oblivious to his injuries. Suddenly, an expression of pure joy was discernable beneath his mask. "Your Heroic shielding is gone!" He exclaimed as if he'd just reported the best news in the world. His voice growled again as he continued. "I can finally put an end to your cursed blood!! This is it!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"

His right arm jerked out, and the same wavy blue beam of energy that he had used in his fortress in the middle ages surrounded her. This time though, the pain was blinding. It felt as if thousands of hungry jaws were devouring her from the inside out. She gritted her teeth, but it was no good. She began to scream involuntarily, and Moogoo laughed. "I'm willing to bet you care a little now."


Tempo turned to find the source of the scream, his blast of power diminishing in intensity. When he realized what was happening, he whirled to charge at Moogoo. "Tempo, no!!" Lion cried desperately. "We can beat him now!! Just a couple more seconds!!"

"I can't let her suffer like that!!" Tempo snarled back, suddenly not caring about Lion's pride very much.

"Tempo, I'm maxed out!!" Lion screamed, his veins throbbing. Even as the pain began to build in his tensed muscles, he kept the World Destroyer flowing. "If we don't finish him now, I don't know if we'll be able to!!"

Tempo paused for a minute, but then Schala's scream reached a new intensity and pitch, and his choice was clear. "Sorry!!" He launched one final blast at Habeeb, then turned and flew toward Moogoo. Lion groaned, then yelled again, and poured yet more of himself into the devastating attack.


Schala's vision was growing dark, and the pain was beginning to numb to constant coldness, when there was a shout of anger. Her eyes focused in time to see Tempo smash into Moogoo as hard as he could, plowing both of them into the brick wall. Even as Moogoo lay dazed, Tempo wailed away on his prone form. Schala tried to gather up some power to help him, but she felt as if she'd just woken up from a long sleep. She was groggy, and had a headache. "Why don't you pick on someone who actually stands a chance?" Tempo demanded, continuing to beat the living daylights out of Moogoo. "Your brother would be dead by now if I hadn't rushed off to stop you from torturing someone who was no match for you!!"

"You expect me to show mercy to a Lavoid wench?!" Moogoo demanded, albeit with not very much air. "I'll be happy to crush you into a pulp, but first, there's something I have to do." With that, he blurred into a blaze of speed so fast that Tempo couldn't hold him down. Somehow, Schala sensed him coming, and clumsily lurched to the side.

She wasn't fast enough though. Moogoo slashed at her as she desperately dove for cover. He was traveling at such speed that the worn dagger he had pulled out of his back sliced her right arm clean off. As Moogoo landed and began to turn, Tempo blazed forward to stand between the two of them. Schala calmly stood her ground, waiting for the nooze to put her arm back into place.

The nooze didn't come.

Her eyes widened in horror as she realized what was going on. All the nooze inside her was sitting like a dead weight, not moving at all. She suddenly felt as if she was falling from a great height, and tears of panic began to well up in her eyes. As she gasped in fright, she picked up her arm, and viewed where it had been severed. Some nooze on the surface of the wound was reaching small tendrils a few inches into the air, and she quickly slammed the arm back against her shoulder. The nooze took a tentative hold, and she cast a healing spell to be sure the bones were aligned right. Even after that, she could feel that it was a flimsy hold. It would likely take several hours to be secure. She wasn't invincible anymore. Since she apparently didn't have the power to take Moogoo down, that didn't leave her with much to go on. She became aware that some dirty black tears were streaming down her face, and she was sobbing quietly. She was mad at herself for showing such signs of weakness, but that just made it worse.

Tempo glowered angrily at Moogoo. "It appears that the immense power I'm using really isn't Soultech." He began. "For some reason I'm just immensely gifted, magic-wise. Which means, I have the power to take you down without breaking a sweat."

"Careful." Moogoo wagged a finger at him. "Even magic has its limits."

"Let's find out." Tempo bared his teeth in what was anything but a smile. The green flames around him seemed to blossom in complexity and size even as he charged forward. He whipped out his mace and charged past Moogoo with what seemed to be just a glancing blow, until something clattered to the ground noisily. Both warriors stood in silence as they stared at the Soultech battery stone, where it had slipped through tears in Moogoo's robes. Moogoo dove for it, but Tempo made a jumping charge that brought his foot down on Moogoo's hand. Moogoo howled, giving Tempo the time he needed to change position and kick the wizard back toward Lion and Habeeb.


Lion was giving it everything he had, sweat running in small streams down his forehead, into his eyes, but Habeeb's shield was inexorably growing larger again. He was tapped out. Even as he continued to pour out an ever shrinking stream of energy, Habeeb began to walk forward. Lion considered his options, but there was nothing he could do. He didn't have the power left to fight Habeeb in a physical battle. A small surge pushed Habeeb back as Lion squeezed every last drop of power out of his chloroplasts, but it didn't last long. Lion's World Destroyer trickled down to a couple motes of energy in a line, and then, nothing. "Well, that wasn't very smart of you." Habeeb observed. "Now you can't fight anymore." With that, he charged forward and delivered a kick to the chest that sent Lion sprawling. The prototype coughed and turned back over, just in time to see Moogoo crash into Habeeb at high speed, sending them both flying.

Tempo stood there, looking even more pumped up than before, small green crackles of electricity coursing throughout his brilliant green fire. Moogoo and Habeeb both jumped back to their feet, a stream of fireballs flying from their hands. Tempo growled as they simply disappeared into his energy. Nevertheless, the attack seemed to make him even angrier than he already was. "I... have had... ENOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

At Tempo's exclamation of rage, a brilliant white explosion with green veins burst out from him. Lion braced himself, but as the explosion washed over him, he suddenly found the energy to stand back up. His muscles felt much less strained, and most of the sweat had mysteriously disappeared. As he turned to look at Moogoo and Habeeb, he could see that the spell obviously was not having the same effect on them. Dozens of tiny explosions were bursting all over their bodies, gradually growing in size until chunks of flesh went flying with every blast. As the spell finally dissipated, Lion realized he felt more refreshed now than when the battle had started. He could resume the fight right away, but it looked like there was no need to. Moogoo and Habeeb were gushing blood onto the floor, their masks and most of their clothes riddled with large, oozing holes. A tortured gesture from Habeeb caused a healing light to fall on them, closing the wounds up, but it looked like the fight had finally been taken out of them.

Tempo allowed his fire to die down, not looking tired in the least. The wizard brothers looked at each other.

"Well, we blew it." Moogoo observed.

"Big time." Habeeb nodded, breathing heavily. "Maybe Leng can knock some sense into them."

"Hold on a second." Tempo glared at them. "You guys have some explaining to do, like why-"

"There's no time for that!" Habeeb snapped at him. "The Lavoid will know where we are now. He'll be here in a few seconds, you have to go!"

"What the-" Tempo was cut off as a huge Gate instantly burst into being in the center of the chamber, catching the four Travelers up in it as it swirled around. In a last act of defiance, Tempo stretched his arm to the max, and managed to grab the Soultech battery as he was whipped past it. As he watched Schala disappear into the center of the Gate, he turned back to glare at the wizards. "I'll be back, you bastards!" Then, they were gone.

"Oh, I've no doubt that you will." Habeeb groaned as he surveyed what remained of the now quiet room. Groaning, his bones made several popping sounds as he stood up.

"Damn, we don't have a chance without the stone." Moogoo coughed.

"What kind of talk is that?!" Habeeb whirled on him. "We will destroy the Lavoid and restore our father's honor!!"

"Sure. You mind telling me how we're supposed to do that?" Moogoo laughed, slightly hysterically.

"I don't have the faintest idea." Habeeb's narrowed eyes did not change as cracks suddenly raced all around the chamber from a central point, and compound spikes thrust up through the ground not fifty feet away from them. The five pronged eye pod rotated up into view, the shell not even bothering to surface properly. It whooshed open, and the Lavoid stepped out, unarmed.

"Not even gonna wear your armor, huh?" Moogoo laughed derisively. "Even for you, that's cocky."

"You're pathetic little babies who've just pooped their pants, if you'll excuse the crude analogy." The Lavoid bowed slightly in mock apology. "The only thing I need is some gloves."

"What do you think?" Moogoo finally got to his feet, looking hopefully at Habeeb.

"We've exhausted our wavelengths, we lost the stone, our chi is pathetic because we've had the crap beaten out of us..." Habeeb smiled confidently. "Let's just get him any way we can!! Huaaaaaaaah!!!"

"Huaaaaaaaah!!!" Moogoo echoed his brother's shout as they flew forward. The Lavoid didn't even bother to assume a fighting stance. He just stood with his arms folded, a smirk on his face. "I don't care how powerful you think you are!!" Moogoo ranted as they closed the distance. "No matter what you try to do, your life ends here and now!!! You hear me, Levasos?!! You are dead!!!"

The brothers were greeted with a wave of heat hotter than a nuclear explosion.


"Your life ends HERE!" - Magus, to Lavos, Chrono Trigger


Chapter 48

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