The Trials Of The King Epilogue

By Nanaki

March 21, 1,019 A.D.

"How is she doc?" Kaneta asked with geniune concern as the doctor wearily descended the stairs. Luckily, this remote country doctor had not recognized them or the few men with them.

"Mother and daughter are both resting peacefully." The doctor reassured him. "Um, are you...?"

"The father?" Kaneta finished his sentence for him. "No, although I probably will be a primary caregiver." Then, a different look crossed his face. "Daughter?" The doctor merely nodded. "You should probably go clean up." Kaneta observed. "Is it all right if I visit her?"

"Yes, although you should wait a few more minutes." The doctor walked through the door, and into the scrubbing room.

'A girl. Hmmm... This may complicate things a little.' Kaneta thought as he slowly ascended the stairs. 'Ah well, besides being a Matuyama, she's the granddaughter of the hero of time. She'll kick much butt, when the time comes.' He slowly opened the door. "Sira, you awake?"

"I'm really tired, but yeah." She said weakly from the darkened room.

"How are you feeling?"

"Not so hot. I told Zeik I wished there was something I could do for him, I didn't know how much work it would be."

"I'm sorry he wasn't here to help you. I know I'm not exactly the easiest person to get along with."

"You did all right. I wish I could be with him though."

"I knew you'd start to think like us eventually." Kaneta slowly unsheathed his sword, and handed it to her. "You have the right to be with him, after all you've done."

She looked up at him in surprise. "No! I didn't mean that! I want to go on living. I want to go home, eventually." She passed the sword back to him.

He took it by the hilt, and stared at his reflection in the blade for a minute. "I'm afraid that's not a viable option."

"What?!" She gasped, trying to draw away from him now.

"You're still far too loyal to Guardia without Zeik. Maybe you do hate the king, but I know you'd feel sorry for everyone else if we started to massacre them. I'm sorry you won't get to see your daughter grow up, but this is the way it has to be." Kaneta raised the blade above his head.

"Kaneta, no!!" Sira screamed as he struck downward. There was a blue flash as the blade connected, and then it plunged deep into her heart. Kaneta didn't stay around for the aftermath. That hadn't been easy for him to do, even if it needed doing if the Matuyama people were ever to have their freedom. He quickly walked over to where the baby girl was now crying, and bundled her up.

"I hope someday you can forgive me for that." Then he quickly grabbed the Murasama from where it was laying on the floor, attached a grappling hook to the window sill, slid out of the building, and into the night. "I've got big plans for you kid, big plans."


Sira slowly opened her eyes as the blue glow faded. There was no sword poised over her heart, just some damp, foggy air, a cobblestone landing, and several people standing around her. "What's wrong with her?" A worried voice asked. She turned and recognized her father, although he was much younger than when she had last seen him.

"She just gave birth!" A woman who seemed to be in the lead responded somewhat scornfully. "It's not exactly the most fun thing in the world."

"I'm a grandfather?" Crono asked, his face turning white.

"In quite a few years, yeah."

"Oh man!" He sank to the ground. "I can't believe it! I don't want to be a crusty old geezer!"

"Anyway, Sira." The woman stretched her hand out. "I know you're not feeling so good right now, but hear me out. The war was caused by a Queen Lavoid, who manipulated a few people on your planet, you included. Now, I'm a Lavoid Hunter by trade. I'm wondering if you'd like to help us."

"Did she make dad kill Zeik?" She asked, almost afraid of the answer.

"Wait, I'm not supposed to know this!" Crono shouted.

"Relax. I was going to have to erase your memory after this anyway." The woman responded. "Anyway Sira, that's debatable. But she did make Vincent kill Omi, and probably incited the other special agents too."

"All right, I'll help you." She tried to stand up.

"Save your strength!" The woman gently forced her back down. "You need to recover for a few days. We can wait a few days to kick some Lavoid ass, don't worry." She saw Sira still seemed a little shaken by what had happened to her. "Hey, don't worry. Your life is going to go on for a long, long time."


"Death is not a debt I am yet willing to pay." - Purraj of Urborg



Okay, right now, I'm sure some of you are thinking, 'That was quite a bit different than his previous story, but good in its own right.' I'm sure most of the rest of you are thinking, 'What the hell was that?! What was the point of that story?' Well first off, take a look around the fanfic page. There are a ton of authors, and even more stories. But are there all that many ideas? Not really, from my point of view. A few of you are writing about Magus, a few of you are explaining the mysteries of Zeal, like I did in Mount Woe, a few of you are dealing with the descendents of the original characters, but the majority by far are simply gathering everyone together for another adventure. Few are even bothering to introduce their own characters in that type of story. Or if they do, the characters aren't very unique. It was time for something original! I have never seen a plot like this in any fanfic I have read based on any game. Some people may compare this to "Forgotten Messiah," but I think the two are substantially different.

Second, despite all the fanfic that I write, I do have plenty of my own original stories. I was planning to use this plot on one of them, but it looks like I just won't have the time. Once I changed the characters from the "Greyjaw Dragon Clan" to a group of oppressed humans, it worked just fine. For those of you who care, yes, my own original stories revolve around dragons rather than humans.

Third, I did provide a little more information concerning "Tempo Trigger," and also some more information about the main characters from the game. But mainly, I just wanted to write it!

Again, there are some people I would like to thank.

James Clavell, the masterful author of "Shogun" and "Tai-Pan." Without him, the Matuyama clan would not exist. His books also taught me what few words of Japanese I know. I'd advise all of you to check them out.

One of my best friends in real life, Lawrence Railey. The rest of you can read on now, but Lawrence, on the off chance that you ever see this, give me a call. I wrote a partial sequel to "Valkyrie" called "The Battle for LA" and I think you'd find it interesting. If your parents will let you send me your address I'll mail a copy off to you.

Another of my friends in real life, the man known to some as "Zacks." Good luck in North Dakota my man, but at least mail me back my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics, dammit!

Icy Brian and the current members of the Legion of Fantasy, as always. A quick note to Double A: A "halfways decent writer" doesn't abandon their story after just a few chapters. (Just so some of you don't nail me on that one, I plan to have "Zango and the Jenova War" done by the end of July.) Besides, I've got some original stories that'll blow you out of the water. E-mail me if you'd like a small sample.

And again, everyone who bothered to read this.

Now, I'm sure some people have a few questions, so I'll try to be one step ahead by answering a few below that I will probably receive some e-mails about.

Q: Did Kaneta frag Vincent's ass, or did he get shot twice and live to tell about it?
A: Well, the story seems to support the fact that both of them are still alive afterward. Right now, it's going to remain a mystery. Whether the truth will be revealed or not remains to be seen.

Q: Why did the story refer to Marle as Nadia when the game made it quite clear that she hates that?
A: First off, I think Nadia would have matured a little in 18 years. But also, whether Square realizes it or not, the name "Marle" is ripped off from a series of English fantasy books. Anyone who's ever seen a map of Krystonia (besides the weird thing in the first book) should know this.

Q: Isn't "Sira" pretty damn close to "Sari?"
A: Hell no! I've been using that name since December 1996! If it was possible to send files from my ancient 286 over the internet, I'd prove it to all of you. Also, I always named Marle Sira when I was playing Chrono Trigger, because of the fact I just pointed out in the above question.

Q: Was Atenak Kaneta's ancestor?
A: Duh! "Atenak" is simply Kaneta spelled backwards.

Q: Isn't Kasigi Omi from "Shogun" and Kaneta from "Akira?"
A: Duh again! Actually, if you all had the same interests and knew everything I do, you'd see the only original name I ever used in Mount Woe was Vigo. I improved a little on this story with Pillage, Plunder, Sira, and the rest of Nadia's children besides Maro, but still...

Q: Isn't this section of text longer than the story in this epilogue?
A: Yes, it is. So I'll shut up now.

Actually, one more quick note. In Icy's poll asking if people would buy Chrono Trigger 2, were Square to make one, I have just seen that out of 604 respondents, 15% have voted "No." No?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!! These must be the same people responsible for Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2. Those agents from Enix are everywhere! A warning to you "No" voters. If I ever run into you, don't expect to get out alive.

*Note from Icy*: Odds are that there's one idiot out there loading the ballot, and he's screwed if I find him!

Well people, I'm now going to try to force myself to finish "Zango and the Jenova War." It shouldn't be much longer than this story. In fact, it may be shorter. All of you look for "Tempo Trigger" in early August. I'm pumped up about that story, and I write the stuff! See you all real soon-



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