Final Fantasy Story Chapter 15

Hope From The Ashes

By Nathan Jones

A light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel overjoyed Locke. For hours he and Celes had been traversing the tunnel, with no sign of any escape. They had faced monster after monster, the biggest of course being that huge slug. Locke could still smell the foul stench of the monster’s fluids on his clothes.

“I can’t believe it Celes! We finally made it!” He cried with joy.

“Was there any doubt?” Celes asked with a smile across her face.

“Well yes with YOU leading the way.” Locke said to her jokingly. The smile on Celes’s face quickly turned to a frown as she shot her companion a very elegant bird.

“Come on Celes,” Locke said, “Learn to have a sense of humor.”

“I have.” She said back, “When I decided to date YOU!” The words hurt Locke like a thousand spears. “Just kidding honey.” Celes said soothingly.

She and Locke stepped out of the tunnel. As they looked around, they noticed they were now fairly close to the tower. Their information had been correct, and the two thanked the gods for a safe journey through the ghastly sewers. Locke used the telescope he had brought with him, and zoomed in on the Vector’s harbor. To his amazement, he spotted the remains of Edgar’s ship, a sure sign of trouble.

“I hope Edgar’s alright.” Celes said suddenly.

“Me too Celes.” Locke agreed, “But don’t worry, Edgar’s always getting himself in and out of trouble.”

“You’re right Locke.” Celessaid, “But I have a bad feeling about all of this. Relm’s missing, there’s no one in sight, and considering the damage done to Edgar’s ship, I’d say we’re in a pretty shitty situation.”

“Aye.” Locke said, “But perhaps instead of standing here thinking about all of it, why don’t we just head for that tower and see if we can’t find out where everyone is.”

“OK.” Celes replied, “I only hope we can get there before it’s too late.”


Edgar, Sabin, and Mog ran as fast as they could. They were getting closer and closer towards the tower, and there was no way in hell that they would waste any time.

“We are almost there Lord Edgar.” Sabin shouted as he ran up alongside Edgar.

“Tis true brother.” Edgar agreed, “But let’s not spoil our chances of ever getting there by being overly confident.” He laughed.

Sabin laughed at the joke and dropped his pace to run alongside Mog. The moogle was puffing hot air, desperately trying to keep up with the group, a troubled look on his round little face.

“Fear not little friend,” Sabin reassured him, “We will make it in time.

“I hope so Sabin.” Mog said. “I would hate to lose good friends over our tardiness.”

The group sped up and ran for many miles, unaware of the danger ahead. Little did they know that up ahead lay a very hungry sea serpent, whose appetite for Mog and Edgar had grown dangerously large.


Kefka’s dragons continued to pound the helpless city with scorching flame. Men, women, and children alike were all being engulfed as they tried helplessly to flee the oncoming blaze. As a mother watched in horror, her eldest son was burned alive at the hands of the dragon. Kefka just bellowed as the helpless women cried out to her dead son. Moments later, a soldier burst into the room.

“Sir!” he said excitedly, “We have Relm in the dungeon.”

“Are the preparations ready?” Kefka asked.

“Yes sir.” The sentry replied, “The ceremony is beginning as we speak.”

“Excellent!” Kefka cried, “Summon the dragons. Order them to guard all entrances to the castle. I don’t want any interruptions.”

“As you wish m’lord.” The soldier replied.

Slowly he took a bow, and left the room. Kefka just stared out the window at the burning ashes of the once proud Imperial City of Vector. Finally, after six long years, he would have the one thing he had sacrificed so many lives for. Finally, eternal life would be his at the expense of a warrior of light.


Cyan and Setzer continued to fight off the imps and the archers. To their surprise, these foes were a very worthy match. Umaro however, was having no trouble at all. He gracefully dispatched two of the archers, and then even had time to stretch before sending three more of them to their deaths. Finally, after hours of fighting, the group killed the last of the loathsome creatures, and sat down to rest. This victory however, was short lived. Out of the sky flew a dragon. His wings stretched and his mouth wide open, he proceeded to swoop down on the unsuspecting group. As Umaro looked up, he gave out a shout to the others to get down. Adjusting his muscular body, Umaro placed his feet firmly on the ground.

“Die you son of a bitch!” he cried as he threw a burning torch directly into the dragon’s path.

The torch hit the dragon in the abdomen, and the beast cried out in pain as its wound seared with burning flame.

“I think you stunned the animal Umaro.” Setzer said worriedly. “But perhaps it is a bit wiser to just hide and not provoke the creature to attack us further.”

“I doth agree with Setzer Umaro.” Cyan said. “Come lets not fight a dragon till the whole group is here to back us up. Haha! I wouldn’t want my ass on fire when it is hath time to dispose of Lord Kefka.”

Umaro laughed at the joke and nodded his head in agreement. As the warrior lowered his hands, an arrow pierced his leg. “Umaro cried out in pain as blood rushed from his wounded limb. With the speed of a cat, Setzer let loose a handful of his razor sharp trump cards and killed Umaro’s assailant. Umaro clutched his wounded leg, and Setzer, along with Cyan, helped him to hobble over to a safe spot to wait for help.

“Don’t worry Umaro.” Setzer said, “As soon as Celes rejoins with us, we’ll have that leg of yours as good as new.”

“I hope so.” Umaro said, “That’s the second time today I’ve been hit by one of those damned arrows.”


Edgar Sabin and Mog began to feel the repercussions of running more than five miles. Edgar’s pace had slowed down to helpless jog as he continued to push his body to the limits. His armor was adding even more weight to his already worn out body, and it didn’t help that the cursed armor was clanging against his legs and arms as he ran. Mog pace was also heavily diminishing as he struggled to carry his rusty spear given to him by the Moogle Village Chief. Sabin however, was doing great. His pace was steady and he felt he could take on a Behemoth if he had to. His wish was granted. Suddenly, without warning, a huge sea serpent dove out of the sea and landed on the planks of the docks in front of the group. Edgar gave a shout for everyone to get down but Mog didn’t have time to react. The tail of the serpent hit the poor moogle directly in the chest, sending him flying into the ocean. Sabin cried out for his friend and dove into the murky waters to rescue him. When he resurfaced, he saw Edgar fighting off the beast and making his way towards a rocky ledge. Below him, Edgar spotted several sharp rocks along the shoreline. An idea suddenly popped into his head. He called out for Sabin to help him. Sabin placed the unconscious Mog behind the safety of a rock and ran over to help Edgar. On Edgar’s command, the warrior plunged a piece of broken wood from the dock into the spine of the serpent, which made the creature turn to face him. As the creature turned to face his assailant, Edgar swung around to stab it on the opposite end. The creature writhed in pain and gave the pair the chance they had been waiting for. With great speed and efficiency, they heaved the serpent onto the edge of the cliff and watched as the monster lost its balance. Mortasat plummeted hundreds of feet down before being impaled on a rock. With Mortasat dead, Edgar and Sabin walked over to their friend Mog who was still lying unconscious on the beach. Slowly, they picked up their friend and decided it would best to carry the poor moogle the rest of the way.

“Mog.” Edgar thought to himself. “Kefka will pay for your suffering.”


About the same time Edgar and Sabin had finished in defeating Mortasat, Relm was also being prepared for the Dark Ceremony. Great care was being put into the preparations, as if the dark mages only had one chance to get it right. Relm made up her mind that they wouldn’t. As thoughts of escape crossed her mind, a dark sage entered the room.

“So Fosoya, I see you have out great effort into the ceremony.” Relm said.

“Ah yes dear child.” The sage replied, “In fact we have already spoken the necessary incantations. Soon your soul will grant our master eternal life.”

“My friends will come.” Relm shot back.

“Maybe.” Fosoya replied with a sinister smile, “but they will be too late.”

“You will die for this Fosoya.” Relm screamed angrily.

“Mwahahahahahahaha!” the dark sage bellowed. “If anybody dies today dear child, it will be your friends!”


Celes and Locke reached the tower just as Setzer and Cyan were coming out from behind a rock. As they looked around, they noticed dragons guarding every entrance to the tower. Celes quickly made quick work of Umaro’s wounds and turned around to survey the area. Suddenly Celes spotted Edgar, Sabin and Mog running down the city streets towards them.

“Hello all!” Edgar called out.

“Hello Edgar!” Celes called back, “Have you found a way in yet?”

“A way in?” Edgar asked confused, “My dear we just got here. Great Goddess! It seems that there are dragons guarding every entrance!”

“Yes.” Celes replied, “There is one thing I would like to know though Edgar.” She said, “What is the situation on Relm? Did you and Mog manage to find her in time?”

Edgar bowed his head and told the group all of what he had heard from Mortheius and of his travels to the temple. As the warriors listened to his story, they each bowed their heads as well.

“There’s one other thing.” Edgar mentioned, “Mog found a note addressed to anyone who found it and the contents are more than I can bear.”

Edgar handed the note to Celes, and as she read the words, a troubled look came upon her face.

“This is impossible.” She said aloud.

“What do you mean?” Edgar asked, “It says clear as day that she came with Terra to the city.”

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Celes explained, “Terra’s in Figaro! She was feeling very weak from the other battle and was forced to stay behind. There’s no way she would have had the strength to fly that far and bring Relm all the way to Vector. Someone, or something, must have disguised itself as Terra in order to bring Relm here. The question is who.”

“Wait a minute!” Edgar shouted, “You’re saying that Relm has followed god knows what into the forsaken city and no one has laid eyes on her?!” Each of the warriors nodded their heads. “That can only mean one thing.” Edgar said as he looked up to the tower that now stood tall before them. “Relm’s in there.”

“Then we’ve got to find a way in.” Gau shot in, “Her life is at stake.”

“Easier said than done my friend.” Setzer pointed out, “If you haven’t already noticed, there are dragons guarding every entrance.”

“Wait!” Locke interrupted, “I have an idea. Setzer you, Umaro and Cyan distract the dragons. Meanwhile, Celes, Edgar, and myself will slip in from the back.” Setzer questioned the plan. As he pondered the possible outcomes, he finally spoke up.

“Locke,” he said, “How on earth are we going to successfully distract eight dragons?”

Locke looked at his companion and shot him a sly smile. “With this.” He said.

“A dragon horn!” Setzer exclaimed. “Locke how did you ever get one of these?!”

“Well,” Locke explained, “You don’t become a Master Treasure Hunter without picking up a few priceless items. Besides, I doubt the village of Kohlingen will need it.”

“Great!” Cyan exclaimed, “We will distract the dragons as you requested. You get in there and save Relm!”

“All right!” Celes shot in. “Let’s go!”

The warriors had accomplished seemingly impossible odds. At every corner, they had faced battle after battle and managed to come out alive. Now their friend Relm was trapped inside Kefka’s tower, desperately fighting for her life. Although the warriors knew the mission to save their friend was dangerous, a ray of hope had arisen from the ashes of this great battle. It was time to save their friend and destroy Kefka once and for all.

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