Final Fantasy Story Chapter 2

Old Friends

By Nathan Jones

Edgar breathed in the fresh air of the open sea. How good it felt to be sailing again. When he was but a lad, Edgar took many trips over seas to various towns around the world. He even learned about ancient cultures long since forgotten. His mother had even allowed Edgar to participate in some of the rituals of the tribe of the Veldt. That was of course, before the monsters made it their home. To Edgar, life at sea was just a fleeting dream. Being the king meant he had no time to enjoy life’s pleasures and the freedom to do whatever he chose. It was then, that Edgar finally realized why Sabin had given it all up. And for the first time, Edgar envied his brother’s freedom. Locke was also wandering around the ship enjoying life at sea. Although, he hadn’t gotten seasick yet, he was sure some misfortune would visit him. To Locke, bad luck was just a burden he had always carried. As a treasure hunter he was used to danger and excitement. However, in his mind, it was getting old.

“Locke?” a familiar voice said.

The sound of Celes’s voice brought Locke back to reality and he turned around to see Celes standing beside him. “Ah it’s you Celes. And to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?” he asked with a smile.

“Only the fact that I’m incredibly bored, and no one else is around to talk to.” Celes replied with a sneer.

“Very funny.” Locke retorted.

“Anyway,” Celes began. “I was just wondering what you thought of this whole thing. I mean, we’re hunting a monster we know nothing about. What if this turns out to be more than what we expected?”

“Well life pretty much tells you to expect the unexpected Celes.” Locke said. “Besides we’ll be alright. After all whom else do we know that can save the world?”

Setzer looked at his hand of cards and smiled. This was the third time he had the chance to beat Sabin. The previous two times, he had been blessed with wonderful hands. But, Sabin always seemed to have a better one. It was the first time Setzer had even lost a game of poker with anyone.

“Hehehehehe.” The gambler laughed. “There is no way you can beat this, Strait Flush!”

Sabin looked at the cards on the table and snickered. “Setzer, Setzer, Setzer.” He mocked. “When are you gonna learn that you can’t beat me?”

Slowly Sabin laid his cards on the table. As he turned them around, Setzer let out a gasp. Sabin had beaten him again!

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Sabin roared. “Royal Flush!”

Setzer could hardly believe his eyes. First Sabin beats him two consecutive times, and now he gets a Royal Flush! Setzer had never gotten such a glorious hand in his life! And he had been gambling since the age of fifteen!

“That’s it! I’ve had it,” he yelled, rising from his seat.

“Oh come on!” Sabin begged. “Just one more game. I’ll go easy on you I swear!”

Setzer stormed out of the room swearing the whole way. If that bastard Sabin wanted to play another round, he would have to find someone else to play with.

Inside the cabin, Gau and Cyan were discussing the adventure that awaited them. It had been a long time since the two had fought alongside each other, and the pair couldn’t wait to freshen up their skills.

“I hope this monster is as tough as you say he is Sir Gau.” Cyan said. “I wouldn’t want to be sailing halfway around the world for nothing.”

“Have no fear Cyan.” Gau soothed. “He’s a giant, so it’ll definitely take more than the two of us to take him down.”

“Excellent!” Cyan exclaimed. “Then I guess I’ll go practice in the training room below.”

“I’ll go with you.” Gau said, following the warrior down the stairs, “I’ve been meaning to test out some of my new rage attacks anyway.

Across the ship at the bow, Shadow was peering into the ocean. His mind was racing with thoughts of the danger ahead. Shadow looked over his shoulder to see Relm standing just a few feet behind him.

“Shadow?” she asked, “Are you…afraid of what might happen when we find this monster?”

“Of course not child.” Shadow replied. “As a ninja, I am willing to take on any challenge placed before me.”

“That’s good to know.” Relm quietly said. “I wish I had the courage you had.”

“Courage,” Shadow said, “lies within all of us. You just have to know where to look.”

“Well,” Relm managed, “It’s just that no matter what happens, you always seem to be fearless. It almost seems as though you aren’t even afraid to die.”

“Tis true lass.” Shadow agreed. “But death is not something to be feared. It is neither friend nor foe; it is simply a part of life. Have no fear child. I will make sure no harm comes to you.”

“Thank you Shadow.” Relm said with a smile. “I’m getting tired. I think I’ll rest for awhile.”

As Relm walked away towards her cabin, Shadow couldn’t help but wonder what dangers lay ahead. He knew that the time for battle was at hand. What he didn’t know was that he and the others were facing a force of evil they couldn’t even begin to comprehend.


Kefka began making the preparations. Everything, he had decided would have to be perfect. If it wasn’t, Kefka might lose his head sooner that he had hoped. Slowly, he walked down the great hall leading to the docks.

“Ahoy matey!” a sailor shouted from across the way.

“Good morning.” Kefka said politely. “Are the preparations complete?”

“Yes Lord Kefka.” The sailor replied. “In fact we even had room to assemble a lab down in the lower deck.”

“Very good.” Kefka said with excitement.

“However,” the sailor began.

“Oh don’t even bother.” Kefka interrupted, “I know I can’t do the necessary incantations on board. But I want that lab set up immediately after we land. Is that clear?”

“Perfectly m’leige.” The sailor said.

Kefka’s mind raced. Everything was going according to plan. As soon as he reached the Veldt, Kefka had a little surprise in store for everyone.


The current on the ocean was getting faster now, Edgar could feel it. As he peered across the horizon, Edgar could see a glint of the shimmering island.

“The island of the Moogles.” He said to himself, “What a glorious place.”

It had been quite a long time since Edgar had last set foot on the tropical paradise. “Edgar,” he heard from behind.

“Oh yes what is it Celes?” Edgar asked politely?

“Well I was just wondering where we were.” Celes said, “I though we were going strait to the Veldt.”

“We were.” Edgar explained, “However I thought it best to pick up another of our crew before we sail there.”

“Mog.” Celes remembered.

“Yes.” Edgar said. “It’s been awhile since we visited him, so I figured he might want to tag along.”

“Well I’ll go tell everyone else.” Celes said, “I’m sure they’re also wondering where the hell we are.”

As Edgar took another look at the island, he wondered if Mog would be up to the task. The moogle had always been a kind-hearted soul. In fact, he rarely even engaged in battle unless it was absolutely necessary.

“It will be good for him.” Edgar thought to himself. “I only hope he hasn’t forgotten how to fight.”

The group landed on the island with no trouble. The current, although strong, had carried them safely to their destination. Now the only thing left to do was to find the Moogle Village. For you see, the village of the moogles was a

ystical place. Invisible to the human eye, it was necessary to have a moogle guide in order to enter the village. Across the forest, Locke spotted movement in the trees.

“There.” He pointed out.

Slowly the group crept up to the bush that was moving. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a giant net encircled and trapped the group hoisting them up into the sir.

“It’s a trap!” Gau screamed.

Helplessly they tried to free themselves, but to no avail. No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t seem to find a way out of their present situation.

“Locke!” Edgar screamed from underneath Umaro, “See if you can reach the knife on my belt.”

Locke stretched out his hand as far as he could. But he just couldn’t reach it. Finally, after trying again and again, he managed to place his fingers around the hilt and slowly began to remove the blade from its scabbard. Suddenly, a rustling in the bushes startled him, causing him to drop the knife.

“Damn!” he yelled angrily.

Just then a tiny head poked out from behind one of the bushes. A moogle, probably a baby, strolled out and began to examine the helpless warriors in their rope cage.

“Kupo kupo kupo!” he screamed. “Kupoooooooooo. Kupo kupo kupoooooo!”

“What’s he saying?” Gau asked, slightly confused.

“I believe he is calling for help.” Edgar explained. “At any rate, maybe he’ll call someone that’ll get us out of this damned thing.”

Just then, the ground below the warriors began to shake. Animals and small critters everywhere began to scatter about looking for a place to hide. As the group watched in total fear and confusion, a moogle appeared from across the forest riding on the back of a giant shoopuff.

“Hello old friends!” the moogle cried out, “What brings you here?”

“Mog!” the warriors cried out in unison.

“Yes, tis I the great Mog.” The moogle proudly stated, “Oh I see you people were the first to fall into my little trap. Sorry about that, it was intended to catch food. Although I had no idea I would catch you guys in it.”

“Please Mog,” Locke Cole begged, “could you please get us out of this thing? My legs are beginning to go numb.”

“Hahahaha. Certainly old friend.” Mog chuckled.

Mog then picked up Edgar’s knife from off the ground and began to cut the line that fastened the group to the tree that suspended them. The rope snapped with a loud cracking sound and the warriors collapsed in a big heap onto the forest floor.

“Thank you Mog.” Celes said, brushing off her pants.

“As I said before,” Mog began, “What brings you here after all these years?”

“Well we were wondering if you would like to join us on our little quest.” Edgar explained, “The fact is, we are short a few men, and we could really use a strong moogle such as yourself on our side.”

“Hmmmm.” The moogle thought it over. “I guess I really have no choice. I’ll help you. After all, you did save my life back at Vector all those years ago.”

“That’s great!” Gau exclaimed, “Then there’s no time to lose! We must set sail immediately.”

“Very well.” Mog agreed, “Let’s go! To the…where is it we’re going?”

“The Veldt.” Celes replied.

“Very well.” Mog exclaimed, “To the Veldt!”

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