Final Fantasy Story Chapter 6

Visions of Hope

By Nathan Jones

Cyan and Gau had seen the massive blast from the bottom of the trail and increased their pace. Gau, without the burden of all that equipment, was running way ahead of Cyan. Twice Cyan had to ask the lad to slow down, but he knew that Gau was just as worried about Edgar and the others. There was nothing that would slow him down. They reached the site of the blast and gasped. A huge pile of rubble lay before them.

“You don’t think Edgar, Celes and Locke are in there do you?” Gau asked, a little frantic.

“Nay I think they hath made it up the mountain lad.” Cyan replied, “A battle definitely took place here though, although I’m not sure against whom.”

“Fosoya?” Gau asked.

“Could be.” Cyan answered, “Let’s go further up the trail though. I’m sure we’ll find Edgar and the others at the encampment.”


Edgar and Terra reached the encampment just as the sun rose on the horizon. Edgar was still carrying the unconscious Locke Cole and he immediately looked for a safe spot to place their injured comrade.

“There.” Terra pointed out, “Behind that hay wagon.”

Edgar and Terra quickly made a bed of sorts for Locke among the soft hay and then turned their attention to the pursuit of Lord Kefka.

“He couldn’t have gotten far.” Edgar said, “Look the fires are still burning.”

Terra too noticed the smoke still coming from lit fires and she could tell that the Imperial soldiers had not left but maybe a few hours prior.

“Edgar,” she said, “What if this is some sort of trap? I’ve never known Imperial soldiers to just pack up and leave at the sign of US coming.”

“I agree with you.” Edgar said, “This doesn’t look right. Maybe we should wait for Lord Cyan and Gau to arrive before we pursue Kefka. Safety in numbers I always say.”

“Yes let’s do that.” Terra agreed, “In the mean time, let’s see to Locke’s wounds. He’s got some nasty bruises that could use immediate attention.”


Kefka’s troops marched down the mountainside single file. The hike would be dangerous, but Kefka would rather walk down the mountain than perish on it at the hands of those warriors. He wasn’t yet powerful enough to face them. He knew that. And, although it frightened him, deep down he also knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he once again reigned supreme.

“Kefka?” a sentry asked.

“Yes what is it soldier?” the lord replied.

“Well sir,” the soldier began, “I was wondering. What exactly is our next goal? I thought plans were to camp on Mount Narshe until reinforcements arrived from Vector.”

“Those were the plans indeed.” Kefka explained, “Although things have changed now. It seems as though those warriors somehow found out our whereabouts and they are probably in pursuit as we speak. I have devised a plan to hold them at bay for just a bit longer. I want you and five of your best generals to lead a regiment of troops back into the encampment and kill any who made it there. Fosoya gave them a little diversion, but I doubt Atma served much of a threat. Quickly assemble your men and depart.”

“Yes sir!” the soldier proclaimed.

Kefka continued to look behind his shoulder as he and his remaining troops passed through one of the caves on the mountain. As they entered a large room in the shape of a dome, a dark figure cloaked all in black suddenly burst into the caravan and plunged a wicked katana into one of the lead soldiers. The soldier howled in pain and dropped to the cave floor clutching his chest. Before any of the other soldiers even had time to draw their weapons, the figure struck yet again, this time decapitating one of the captains in the rear. Kefka could see he was in a very bad situation and ordered his troops to make a large defensive circle in the center of the room. However, it didn’t take long before another soldier’s screams were heard as a large ninja star thrown with sinister accuracy slit his throat.

“Dammit!” Kefka screamed, “I can’t die here!”

Just then another ninja star came hurling through the air and just barely missed slicing through Kefka’s own neck. Dodging the star only made Kefka fall off of his horse and now he stood on the floor between his barrier of soldiers, as one by one they were all slaughtered before his eyes. Kefka frantically reached for his bag. As he searched around the bag for a teleportation scroll, a knife came whizzing by and cut the Lord in the throat. Kefka gagged and dropped to the floor.

“I surrender!” he yelled into the darkness, “By the Gods show mercy, I surrender!” The figure then came into the light and Kefka finally realized whom his attacker was. “Shadow!” he angrily exclaimed, “I had thought you dead!”

“On the contrary, Lord Kefka.” Shadow replied, “I am very much alive. And now I have come for your head. You will pay for your crimes at the village and Narshe!”

With that Shadow raised his katana and prepared to deliver the deathblow to Kefka. Before he could however, a large light spilled into the chamber and Shadow was thrown back against the wall by an unknown force.

“Fosoya! Help me!” he heard Kefka cry.

As Shadow watched, Fosoya emerged from a large portal and proceeded to bring the wounded Kefka back through it. Shadow wasted no time. With all the strength he could muster, he hurled his last knife in the direction of the two men and heard one of them scream in agony. The portal then vanished into the night air and Shadow was left alone in the room with the bodies of the Imperial soldiers he had slain spread out all over floor.

“I wonder if I got him.” Shadow thought to himself, “By the Gods I hope I did,”


Gau and Cyan caught up with Terra and Edgar just as Locke Cole woke up.

“It’s about damn time you two showed up!” Terra yelled as she spotted them running towards her.

“Very sorry lass.” Cyan said, “We were a bit delayed.”

“So were we.” Edgar said, “You undoubtedly saw that huge pile of boulders back there. Well let’s just say that we made quite a mess while wrestling with the enemy.”

“Hahaha.” Cyan laughed, “At least our good king of Figaro is one piece eh?”

“Yes barely.” Edgar laughed back, “But anyway, where is Shadow? I thought he was with you two.”

“Oye lad.” Cyan said a little puzzled, “I had thought the ninja was with you.”

“Well we better look for him then.” Edgar said as he rounded up his things, “It would be a shame if we just—Shadow!!!!!”

Cyan, Terra and Gau all spun around to see Shadow emerging from the trees. He was obviously injured, for he clutched his chest as he trudged over to them.

“By the Gods what happened dear friend?” Cyan asked a little frantic.

“It was.Kefka.” Shadow managed to blurt out, “I spotted his caravan on the way up the mountain and so I hid in wait. I managed to take out all of his soldiers but I’m not quite sure if Kefka is dead. I think…Fosoya took him somewhere. I don’t know. I threw my knife in their direction. One of them screamed.”

“You did good Shadow.” Terra soothed, “Come rest now. You need to regain your strength.”

“We can’t…rest.” Shadow said, “There are more soldiers on their way here as we speak. Kefka plans to take us out all at once here.”

“Wait Shadow.” Gau interrupted, “I thought you said you killed all the soldiers.”

“I only killed what soldiers were still with Kefka.” Shadow replied, “He sent out a regiment to investigate the camp just before I got to him. In any case, it’s not safe here. We should leave immediately.”

“Shadow’s right.” Edgar agreed, “We have two injured companions. There is no need to risk more injuries by staying here. Come let’s get back to the castle. Maybe we can devise another plan to get Kefka. If he’s still alive that is.”


Kefka continued to clutch his neck and thigh as he was carried off to the infirmary. “Dammit it all!” he screamed as they rushed him past the guards. “First Emperor Geshtal is assassinated and now I’m stuck here bleeding from my own encounter with the Grim Reaper. Why does it all have to happen to me?”

The nurses worked quickly to patch the nearly crying lord up, but with his recovery, came some bad news.

“Sire?” a nurse said, “This is a lot worse than we expected.”

“What do you mean?!” Kefka exclaimed, “What are you saying that I’m going to just…. die right here before I even get my revenge?!”

“Well…not entirely sir.” The nurse replied, “But there is something you must do if you hope to live for much longer. You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

“Well then tell me what the hell I have to do!” Kefka screamed, “I refuse to die until those bastards pay for what they’ve done!”

The nurse signaled for all the other doctors to leave. As the last physician left the room, the nurse bent down and quietly whispered something into Kefka’s ear. Kefka let out a most sinister laugh as all the details were given to him.

“Oh that sounds divine!” he said, “So you’re saying Fosoya will know how?” he asked. The nurse nodded her head slightly and Kefka jumped from the table his red eyes flaring with anticipation. “I must see him immediately.” He said, “Where can I find Fosoya?”

“I believe he’s looking over the plans for the next assault.” The nurse replied.

“Thank you ever so much.” Kefka said with a gleaming smile. With that Kefka marched out of the infirmary and began to make his way down to the council room. “At last!” he said to himself, “I’ve found a way!”

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