Final Fantasy Story Chapter 9

Brutal Tactics

By Nathan Jones

Relm gave a sigh of relief as she finally spotted the lone cabin up on the hill. The hike had taken more than a day, and her feet were already in pain from the long journey. She rested her worn and tired body on a large rock. As she laid her head back on the stone foundation, she looked up into the sky and stared at the clouds.

“How peaceful it must be up there.” She thought to herself, “Not like down here. If only I were a bird. I could just…fly away and leave the troubles of the world behind.”

After resting there on that peaceful rock for a few more minutes, she slowly got up, and made her way up the rest of the hill. She was surprised to see an old man sitting all alone in a fairly large rocking chair humbly smoking on a pipe. The old geezer stared at her for a few moments before finally standing up.

“Who goes there?” he called out.

It was rather strange to watch the man. He seemed to be in a distant world for he scanned the area around him like he didn’t even know Relm was directly ten feet in front of him.

“Come on now speak up stranger.” He said, “My eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

Relm finally worked up the courage and spoke. “Um sir?” she said, “My name is Relm. Your friend Niccadeamus-“

“Oh yes I remember Niccadeamus.” The man interrupted, “Quite a fellow. Why back in the days he used to be a real ladies man. There wasn’t a girl around who wouldn’t be willing take him and-“

Relm stopped him before he could finish his sentence. “Tell me kind sir.” She said, “Are you of vast knowledge in the art of magic?”

Mortheius stood there quiet for a moment before answering her question. “I gave that stuff up years ago mi lady.” he said, “I deal with the black arts no more.”

He turned around and started to head back into his cabin.

“Wait!” Relm cried, “Please I need your help!”

Mortheius stopped just a few feet from his doorway. “Please child leave me be.” He said with a low voice, “The last time I dealt with magic it cost me my whole family including my dear wife and child. Please I don’t want to do any more harm to anybody else.” He bowed his head and as if in tears said, “I’m afraid you’ve wasted your time coming here mi lady. The only thing you’ve found is a dying old man who just wishes to be alone.”

With that Mortheius shut the door to his cabin, and Relm was left still standing by the porch.

“I have to make him listen to me!” she said to herself, “No matter what it takes.”


Kefka’s troops stood in rank as each and everyone one was issued their customary weapons. All saluted as Kefka entered the room. Fosoya entered not too far behind him. Kefka drew his sword and addressed his army.

“Men.” He cried out from the large platform from which he stood, “Tomorrow we will make history. The time for war is once again upon us. You have all sacrificed much for the glory of the empire. I ask you now to give all your strength one last time to our cause. In the name of our glorious departed Emperor, we will destroy our enemies!”

Every soldier in the room let out a cheer as they too raised their swords high into the air. “For the glory of the empire!” they all shouted.

Kefka stepped down from the platform and took one of the soldiers standing next to him into a corner. There he whispered all he had learned from Private Vicks in his prison cell.

The soldier’s eyes widened after hearing Kefka’s tale. “Are you sure this is true sire?”

Kefka nodded slightly.

“When do we do it then my lord?” the soldier asked.

“Not now.” Kefka replied, “I’ll deal with Fosoya when the time is right. Our great Emperor told me two days before he perished that as soon as Fosoya outlives his usefulness I should kill him. That’s exactly what I plan to do. However I must bide my time.”

“Why are you telling me this sire?” the soldier asked.

“Because you are the captain of your squad.” Kefka told the man, “If things don’t go the way I plan, then I may need you to “take care of it” so to speak.”

“As you wish m’leige.” The captain replied.

With that the soldier was dismissed and Kefka once again took control of the platform. “Now my citizens.” He shouted, “Let us depart! To Nikeah!” “

The soldiers all cheered once again. “Long live Kefka! Long live our new emperor!”


Edgar finished strapping on his armor. He took the sword given to him by his father and sheathed it. As he strapped the blade to his side, he couldn’t help but think of his father. Marcus Figaro had been a legendary king. Adored by his people, respected by Lords, and courageous in battle, Edgar’s father had been a legend. When his father had died, Edgar had lost a part of himself. He spent months all alone in his room mourning his father, and the fact that Sabin had run away didn’t help it at all. However, when he saw how the kingdom too suffered the loss, Edgar knew he had to be strong for everyone. It was with their help too that he became the king he was today. He looked up into the sky through an open window.

“Father.” He whispered, “Be with me.”

Locke was walking down the hall when he saw Terra standing alone in a corner. “What’s up?” he called out to her.

A smile crossed her face and she turned around. “Oh just thinking about the great battle before us.” She replied, “Although I’m not afraid.”

“You’re not?” Locke asked, “And what makes YOU so brave all of a sudden? You tremble at the sight of the tiniest spider.”

“Oh you’re awful!” Terra said with a laugh, “Anyway you better see to Celes. She’s still a little worried about the whole thing.”

Locke shrugged his shoulders. “She’s ALWAYS worried about something.” He said. He walked down the hall and entered Celes’s room. He found her staring out the window. “Hey.” He said.

His voice startled her and she quickly spun around. “Oh it’s just you.” She said, “Sorry I was just thinking about the battle to come.”

“Yeah.” Locke replied, “Don’t worry we all are.” “

It’s just that-“ Celes suddenly began to cry. “All my life I was trained to fight. The Empire infused me with magic and used me as their personal assassin. I just want to finally have peace you know? I’m tired of fighting.”

ocke took her in his arms and softly kissed her forehead. “Shhhh.” He whispered to her, “Soon everything’s gonna be alright. Kefka will be dead and we’ll all be able to live out our lives peacefully.”

Celes looked up at him and smiled. “You know,” she said with a laugh, “You can be pretty sweet when you’re not drunk.”

Shadow too was also almost finished preparing for the trip. He packed up his ninja stars, sharpened his knives, and strapped his katana to his back. Now all he had to do was find that blasted bag of potions he had lost.

“Hey Cyan!” Gau called out.

“Yes what is it lad?” the warrior replied.

“I need you to help me strap this sword to my back.” Gau replied, “This damn thing is pretty heavy.”

Cyan looked at the boy and couldn’t help laughing. “HAHAHA.” He bellowed, “You don’t even know how to swing a stick properly. What makes you think you can use a sword?”

“Very funny.” Gau retorted, “Just help me will ya?”

Cyan walked over and picked up the massive blade that Gau had managed to finally get off the ground. With one quick swoop it was firmly on Gau’s back. And with one quick swoop the scrawny teenager fell flat on his face. Cyan burst out laughing. Truly this was going to be an interesting trip.


Relm continued to bang on the door to Mortheius’s cabin. She had been doing so for quite sometime, and although her mind told her to simply give up, her heart told her otherwise.

“Please!” she shouted, “Please sir I need your help.”

Mortheius finally opened up the door and with a heavy heart beckoned for the girl to enter. She thanked him and quickly went inside where he motioned for her to sit in a chair next to him by the window.

“Now girl.” He said, “I’ve tried my best to ignore you, but you persist. What is it that could be so important that you would cause an old man such agony?”

“Well you see sir,” Relm explained, “Kefka’s back.”

“That can’t be true!” the old man suddenly blurted out. “The warriors of light defeated him six years ago.”

“I know.” Relm said in a quiet voice, “I was there.”

Mortheius suddenly stopped her. “You mean to tell me you’re one of the warriors of light? By the Gods you’re Relm Arronway aren’t you.”

“Yes I am.” Relm replied, “And now that Kefka’s back, he’s destroying villages and pillaging towns everywhere.”

“I can see you are determined to stop him.” Mortheius said, “I will tell you how. Although you will not like what I tell you.”

“I’ll do whatever’s necessary.” Relm vowed, “As a Warrior of Light and a Magi it is my duty to protect this world.”

Relm listened attentively as Mortheius explained everything to her.


As Kefka and his troops neared Nikeah, the smell of fresh chimney smoke filled the air. Kefka breathed it in and chuckled slightly to himself. He knew that soon enough it would be the smell of homes burning that filled the air. He unsheathed his sword and looked at it glittering in the sun high overhead. A beam of light traveled down the length of the blade as Kefka twisted it back and forth. Soon enough, there would be no glitter of light, only the sight of blood dripping from the steel. From his position high on a hill overlooking Nikeah, Kefka could see the ports of the peaceful city bustling.

“Hmmm…” he thought to himself, “Gotta make sure to get rid of those first.” He snapped his fingers and a group of soldiers reported directly to his side. “Prepare the siege machines.” He said.

Seconds later, soldiers were running back and forth from the supply tent they had set up, carrying loads of equipment. They put their skills as craftsmen to good work and in less than an hour had assembled three very well made and very destructive siege machines.

“Now we wait.” Kefka said. He issued the order and soldiers immediately took their place in formation for the oncoming assault. “Nikeah.” He said softly into the wind, “Now it’s your turn to provide me with what I need.”


Edgar and the others had set sail early that morning. All were feeling refreshed, although much to Edgar’s dismay, his finest captain had been stricken with a rare case of malaria and Edgar was forced to commandeer the ship to the best of his abilities alone. The good news however, was that the sailors aboard the vessel obeyed his instructions without question.

“Haha.” He laughed, “It’s great to have the authority of a king when the most sailing experience you have is with a small paper boat in a creek.”

A sailor overheard him and let out a brief chuckle. “Do not worry m’lord.” He said, “We’d follow you even if you sailed us right into the depths of the nine hells themselves.”

Below deck, Strago was reading an ancient journal on magic.

“Hmm….” He said as he flipped the decaying pages, “It seems as though these spells have a lasting effect on even demons. I will have to be sure to practice these.”

Just then a knock at the door to his cabin startled Strago and he looked up to see Setzer standing in the doorway.

“Ah come in old friend.” The old man beckoned, “Keep me company.”

Setzer, surprised by Strago’s sudden affection to him, stumbled back not too sure whether what Strago was saying was just a trick. For you see, even though they had both fought side by side against Kefka six years ago, Strago had always had sort of a grudge against Setzer. It had all started when the Strago and Setzer were playing cards one day. Setzer of course was winning, but when Strago came back to beat him in the end, Setzer had accidentally lost his temper and set Strago’s head ablaze. The gambler was very good at magic, although his temper had a habit of releasing unwanted spells out into the open, and in this case, almost killing the poor old man. Strago again beckoned for the gambler to come in, and much again to Setzer’s surprise, slowly pulled out a brand new pair of cards from the drawer of his desk. A bright smile crossed Setzer’s face and he entered the room grinning cheek to cheek.

“One quick game.” Strago said, “Although if you set me on fire again, I’ll have to throw you off this boat.”

Setzer laughed and sat down directly across from the mage. He was gonna beat him this time, or his name wasn’t Setzer Gambianni.


Edgar and the others made their way on the open seas without much trouble. The weather had been kind to them, and Edgar thanked the gods for safe passage. At about dawn the next morning, he and the others safely docked on a bay located not too far from Nikeah. He would have traveled all the way to the village by boat, but he knew Kefka could be waiting for him, and there was a good chance that if he had attacked the village, the ports would already be destroyed. He looked behind him and laughed at what he saw. Poor Gau was still trying to carry that ridiculously large sword he had found back at the castle on his back.

“Need some help?” Edgar asked.

“I’m fine.” Gau replied as he shifted the massive weapon to his other shoulder. “I may not be as big as Sabin here, but I can still carry a sword.”

He gestured for the others to stop staring and took another step forwards. Suddenly his foot sank into a rather large hole. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground, the large sword landing directly on top of him.

“Gau!” the others shouted, “Are you alright?!”

The teenager stood up, brushed himself off and nodded his head. “Yeah I’m fine. It’s just that I fell into that hole. What is a hole like that doing out here anyway?”

“This is no ordinary hole.” Cyan said, “Look there. It’s tracks.”

“Tracks from what?” Setzer asked as he studied the markings on the ground.

“Looks to be Rinox.” Cyan answered, “Possibly a whole herd.”

“Wait a minute.” Gau suddenly blurted out, “Rinox are unknown to this area. If these are their tracks, then that must mean…By the Gods!”

“What?” Edgar asked his hand already on his blade.

“Kefka’s already here!” Gau shouted. He pointed up to a ridge and to the group’s horror they spotted the whole Rinox herd slaughtered before their eyes. “They must have run this way to elude him.” Gau said, “The bastard. He’s killed the whole herd for sport.”

“Be still dear friend.” Cyan said, putting a hand on the teenager’s shoulder, “We’ll get him.”

“Come on.” Edgar called. Let’s get to Nikeah before Kefka decides to kill humans instead of Rinox for sport.”


“Chaaaarge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kefka shouted from atop his horse, “Spare no one!!!!!”

The massive imperial army of 5,000 assassins swarmed down the hill overlooking Nikeah as villagers stopped whatever they were doing to look upon the horror that rushed towards them like a raging river. Women and children all screamed and headed for their huts, while the men picked up whatever weapons they could find and prepared to defend their homes. Kefka rode down not too far behind his troops slashing and hacking at anyone who stood in his way. A small child ran directly in front of Kefka’s horse and Kefka raised his blade to deliver the killing blow. The child’s mother however, quickly caught up, pushed her child aside, and took the blow from Kefka’s sword at full force. She died instantly as her head was severed from its body, and she fell lifeless to the ground.

“HAHAHAHA!!!!!” Kefka bellowed, “Die you pathetic worms! Taste my wrath!”

Across from the village square, a villager was fighting his way through imperial soldiers towards his hut. He swung the massive axe in his hands and chopped two imperial soldiers in half before finally reaching his home. He ran inside and burst into tears as his eyes focused on the dead bodies of his wife and daughter.

“Bastards!!!!!!” He screamed running out of the tent.

He was hit with more than a dozen arrows as he flew towards Kefka on his horse. He fell to the ground and looked up at Kefka to see the man laughing at him hysterically.

“Hahaha! You fool you have no chance against my armies. Say hello to your wife and daughter for me in hell!”

With that, Kefka struck him down and proceeded to lay waste to the rest of the village. All around imperial solders were torching anything and everything they laid eyes upon, including cattle as the scared animals did their best to escape the chaos. A lone soldier stopped to examine a body on the ground before him. For a brief moment he could almost see the eyes of the dead woman glare at him with hatred. He shook his head and kicked the corpse, sending it rolling down an embankment.

“Soldier quit gawking and hurry up and clear this town!” he heard his commander shout.

“Yes sir!” he replied.

He managed just a few steps before an arrow struck him in the heel. The sentry howled in pain but it did no good. Amidst all the chaos no one could hear him cry for help as dozens more arrows pierced his armor.

“One down, hundreds to go.” Edgar said aloud.

He pulled another arrow from his quiver and let it fly into the crowd of soldiers below. It struck its target and in the blink of an eye, and took off the arm of a captain. One of the soldiers noticed the incident and looked up towards the hills. He spotted Edgar and his friends but before he could call out to the rest of his troop, he was struck in the back of the neck by an arrow coming from the opposite direction. “Who the devil?” Edgar asked into the wind. There, across the hills was Chancellor Fazra and the Royal Figaro Army. “Hohoho!” Edgar called out, “Looks like my secretary has come to help us!” Terra looked towards the direction Edgar was pointing and also let out a laugh. “Praise be to the Gods!” she yelled, he’s brought all of the troops!” Now the tide of this battle had been turned. However, little did they know that this ray of hope was not to be savored. Kefka had much more in store for the warriors of light, and even more brutal tactics would follow.

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