Final Fantasy Story Epilogue

By Nathan Jones

It was a cool summer’s day, and the warriors all walked slowly to the garden behind the castle of Figaro. They stopped at a clearing surrounded by roses, and looked upon the grave of their companion and fellow warrior Cyan Garamonde. Relm’s eyes filled with tears as she looked upon the monument that had been erected in his honor.

“Such a good man.” She whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“That he was.” Edgar said, laying a flower upon the warrior’s grave.

“I suppose he’s happy now.” Celes mentioned, “He’s finally with his wife and child.”

Locke nodded his head. “True.” He said, “There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t talk about how much he longed to be with them.”

Gau strode over to the grave, and ran his fingers through the grass. “He taught me how to fight.” He whispered.

Relm walked over to the young boy, and placed a hand on his trembling shoulder. “He taught us all a lot of things.” She added.

One by one, the warriors of light reflected upon all the things Cyan had taught them in his time as their friend.

“He taught us all how to live.” Edgar said, “He will be sorely missed. “

The group of warriors all said a prayer for their fallen companion, and proceeded to head back the castle.

Edgar stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Goodbye old friend.” He said, “I will never forget you.”

Across the yard, the ghost of a man, along with his wife and child all stood watching as the warriors embraced one another and walked back to the castle.

“I have missed you so much.” The man said to his wife.

“And I you.” The woman replied.

“Daddy, Daddy!” the young boy cried, “Did you really defeat that evil man Kefka?”

Cyan looked upon the gleaming face of his son, and taking him in his arms, replied, “Yes son. Although I didn’t do it alone.” Cyan watched as the last of the warriors disappeared into the castle walls. “Goodbye my friends.” He whispered, “I will never forget thee.”

With that, the phantom of Cyan, along with his wife and child, disappeared into the air in a flash of soft light. From that day on, evil never again set foot on the planet. The citizens of the world lived in peace, and life flourished. The ruins of Vector, eroded over time, and the story of Edgar and the Warriors of Light’s battle with Kefka became legend. Many people have different opinions as to what happened. Some say that the events never took place. But for others, the story of Edgar and his friends is a testament to the times. In our hearts, the story of that great battle, and the warriors who fought that day, will live on in our hearts…forever.


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