Final Fantasy Story Prologue

By Nathan Jones

Long ago, the War of the Magi reduced the world to a scorched wasteland, and magic simply ceased to exist. 1000 years have passed....Iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns.

But there are some who would enslave the world by reviving the dread destructive force known as "magic."

Could it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?"

Sadly, this mistake was repeated. A few Monarchs and high officials including Emperor Geshtal and his next in command Lord Kefka met at the city of Vector, the main base of actions for the Empire. There they discussed various topics until a single interesting piece of information was introduced to an unsuspecting and power hungry group. An Esper, supposedly a creature of legend, had been found incased in an icy tomb in the mining city of Narshe to the east. Eager for a chance to learn more about the situation, Emperor Geshtal sent three scouts to investigate the matter further. One very special member of this party was a woman by the name of Terra Branford. Terra was special because she was the product of a human and an Esper and therefore inherited the ability to utilize the deadly and destructive force known to the world as “magic”. Upon their arrival at Narshe, the trio made their way into the mines where they found exactly what they were searching for. Like the reports had stated, the Esper was in fact within the mines and was intact as well. However, just as the group was about to begin experimentation on the Esper, a strange and powerful glow encircled them as if brought on by their very presence within the mines. The light engulfed everything in flame and all were killed except for the woman Terra. So began Terra’s journey to find out who she was and what kind of power she possessed. During the course of her journey, Terra met up with the Returners, a group of rebels who opposed the Empire’s dark and sinister rule over the world. With the help of the Returners and their leader Baron, Terra escaped quietly off into the mountains beyond the quiet village of Kolingen. There she learned of why she was being controlled by the Empire, and why her existence beyond their influence had them worried. She had been their weapon of mass destruction all her life even though not one memory of these horrific events exposed itself within her mind.

After learning what was needed, Terra set out to find out more about her identity and along the way she met many people who soon became her closest friends. Locke, a treasure hunter, and chief spy for the Returners. Edgar Figaro, King of Figaro, and also a secret member of the Returners who’s love for women and wine often made him a favorite around various pubs. Sabin Figaro, Edgar’s older brother and second heir to the throne of Figaro who after learning of his father’s death, traded the throne for freedom. Celes Chere, one of the Empire’s top generals who was infused with magic at a young age and resigned from her position within the Empire after learning about their dark plans for the world. Shadow, a mysterious ninja, who lives a life of solitude with his dog and faithful companion Interceptor. Gau, a strange boy who has lived his whole life on the Veldt with the various monsters that inhabit it. Cyan Garamonde, a brave warrior and defender of the castle of Doma who’s hate for the Empire was swelled when Kefka poisoned the city’s water and killed everyone including his wife and child. Setzer Gabbiani, owner of the world’s only airship, and gambler extraordinaire. Strago Magus, who’s blood is that of ancient Magi and who’s dreams of a peaceful world cause him to get involved in the group’s quest to defeat the Empire. And Relm Magus, Strago’s only granddaughter and who is also a painter with the ability to absorb the souls of whomever she paints into her portraits.

With the help of these brave people Terra was able to defeat the Empire after Kefka killed Geshtal and proclaimed himself the new Emperor and Lord of Destruction. However, when Kefka died, he vowed to return and thus ended Terra and the other’s struggle to save the world from destruction at the hands of Kefka. It has been six years since that day on top of Kefka’s tower. The “Warriors of Light”, as they were called from that point on, have all gone on with their lives unaware of the danger that looms in the distance. Kefka, Lord of Destruction, has arisen from the dead as promised along with Emperor Geshtal and the two have new plans for the Warriors of Light. The destiny of the world now rests on the shoulders of those brave warriors once again. The fight for mankind has begun.

Chapter 1

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