The Creation of Heaven and Earth Introduction

By NeoKefka

Seven years have passed since Kefka's defeat at the hands of Terra Branford and her compatriots. With the destruction of the Goddess statues, magic has disappeared from the world,allowing it to return to balance. Figaro has become the leading world power. New villages and towns have been built. It seems that peace has been achieved at last.

But the dark clouds of war gather as those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past seize power.

A former general of the Empire has discovered the key to gaining control of a power that existed long before magic and plans to use it to wipe out Figaro His goal: to return the Empire to it's original glory. What he is unaware of, though, is that those that can get this power for him have an agenda all their own.

Meanwhile, troubled by dreams of her death at the hands of a demonic warrior, Terra Branford is lead by a strange force to a injured wanderer.He has no memory of who he was, but he possesses powers long thought extinct and a connection to the figure in Terra's dreams.

As Figaro prepares for the coming battles and Terra searches for answers, old friends are reunited and they encouter those that would either help them or hinder them. Loyalties, faith, and friendships are put to the test as threat greater than anyone could imagined arises.

One ,that if it is not stopped in time, will spell doom for the Creator himself.


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