A Journey Chapter 3

By Ness

Link woke up slightly before sunrise. He got his things packed up, and left his room. He went back to the marketplace, but this time he could actually make purchases. He bought some flasks of water, bread, cheese, and some rations so he wouldn’t get hungry on the way. He didn’t buy any for Taft, he figured he’d be able to take care of himself.

Link went to some more shops, not knowing if he was being cheated out of his money. He then came upon the fletcher’s post. He bought two full quivers of arrows, a lot more than he’d probably need, but recalling the Bari, he wanted to make sure. His next stop was the bomb shop. He wasn’t sure how different these bombs would be than the Goron variety, so he went up to the shopkeeper.

"How long do the fuses last on these things?" inquired Link, examining an odd eggplant-shaped one.

"The one you’ve got there lasts about 1 and a half seconds," replied the shopkeeper flatly.

Link carefully put down the eggplant bomb. "How about these ones over here?" He pointed to some plain spherical shaped ones on a shelf. They looked as close as you could get to a Goron one.

"Those give you five to eight seconds, depending on where you start the fuse," Link hadn’t noticed the two black lines place at an interval on the fuse. These could come in handy.

Link bought a few of the regular ones, even a couple of oversized ones used in the mines further west of the town. He also bought an especially padded bomb bag for the eggplant ones, he wanted to have an explosive for every occasion. As he was leaving, the shopkeeper motioned him to wait a second.

"You seem to know your stuff about these things," stated the unemotional shopkeeper.

"I guess so, I’ve been using them since I was ten,"

"Well, I’ve got something special for you then, something very special," said the shopkeeper with a glint in his eye. "Something I’ve been wanting to test for a long time."

The shopkeeper disappeared through a little door Link had failed to notice. He came back with several odd, to say the least, bombs. They were all black, and were completely covered with little bumps, which were covered with smaller bumps and so on.

"These are my latest creation," explained the shopkeeper with glee. "Each bump, is another bomb. So the big ones go off, and then the smaller, and the next smaller ones. You’re the first person I’ve decided to sell these to. Be careful with them. Make sure that you are twenty feet away from them when they explode. I’m also going to give you these."

The shopkeeper reached into his pockets and brought out about twenty little bombs, a little bigger than an arrowhead. They weighed nearly nothing, and were completely streamlined. They all had a little bit of paper on the bottom of them.

"What’s the paper for?" asked Link, amazed at these new types of bombs.

"The bottom of each one is very sticky, it keeps them from sticking to each other," replied the shopkeeper. "The explosive is almost a glue, and a little of it stayed on the outside."

"Well, I guess I’ll take them, how much do I owe you?"

"How much you got?"


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