Muerante Chapter 3

By Ness

Link was in the process of saddling Epona when a sound interrupted him from behind.

"Ahem," coughed someone from behind. "Just where do you think you're going?" asked the voice.

Link turned around, ready for anything, well almost anything. It was Malon. She looked rather pretty in the early morning sunlight, her hair was--

"Hello?" Link was brought out of his reverie when he again realized he was asked a question.

"Sorry, but I can't stay any longer Malon." answered Link.

"And that would be because...?" replied Malon.

She's as insistent as ever, thought Link. He told Malon of his dream, and of Navi's recommendation he visit the Great Faerie at Death Mountain.

"Well why didn't you say so in the first place!" retorted Malon. She calmed down and added- "Well I guess I let you be on your way." as she left.

Link sighed and finished saddling Epona.


Link rode to the outskirts of Kakariko Village, tied down Epona in a grassy spot next to a small stream and entered.

The additions to Kakariko Village were very good for the town. They made the village look better, and provided much more income for all who dwelled there. The archery range made for good sports, and contests, and the shops provided tools and money for everyone.

Link only stayed long enough to pick up a few bombs and for a quiver of arrows. He didn't know what lay ahead of him and wanted to be prepared for anything. He was off to Death Mountain.

Link got on the road and checked the position of the sun. He would make it to the Great Faerie well before nightfall, and if she kept him for a long time he could easily make it to Goron City and stay there. Darunia would surely welcome him, he was his sworn brother after all, whatever that meant. Darunia had never explained.

Link started off again and found himself amidst a company of tektites. Link was a little suspicious, tektites were thought to be solitary creatures. Nevermind, thought Link, drawing the legendary Master Sword and readying his Hylian Shield. At least I'll have a chance to practice, with luck I won't need it.

The tektites suddenly realized that they had an intruder and rushed towards Link.

They were on Link faster than he would have thought possible. He barely had time to block a swift swipe of the first one to reach him's sharp claws, when another practically flew at him from the other side. He turned and severed it's outstretched front legs, and sliced it nastily down the middle as it flew over him, as did it's insides, splattering everywhere. He didn't have time to think about it as the remaining five tektites bore down on him.

All five of them charged at him from the front the one closest to him swiped with more force than Link had felt from a tektite before, he blocked it with his shield and hacked off the offending tektite's upper half before it could swipe again.

Pain washed through link from his back. While he was concentrating on the tektites in front of him, one had jumped behind and struck him. Silently cursing he whirled around using the technique given to him by the same faerie he had gone to find. Two tektites fell, as the others jumped out of his range including the one that had struck him in the back.

The last two tektites were wary, only darting in with quick jabs and then using their strong legs to jump back before Link could answer with a blow of his own. That's it, thought a tiring Link. Enough subtlety. He quickly put away the Master sword and his shield. The tektites, thinking Link to be giving up advanced slowly, still wary. They were right to be wary.

Link quickly drew the Biggoron's Sword, and the tektites stopped advancing and started retreating. Link didn't give them a chance. He brought up the Biggoron's Sword and did a mean side swipe slicing both tektites in half. The entire confrontation had not taken long, but with the adrenaline rush fading Link felt exhausted.

He muttered to himself about having two swords to clean this time and took a small strip of cloth from his backpack. He wiped down the Master Sword and the Biggoron's Sword and then took out a longer strip of cloth and a small vial. He measured out about half of the vial's contents and poured it onto the cloth. He used it to clean out his assorted scratches and the large cut across his back. He got another strip, poured out the rest of the vial onto it and wrapped it around his wound. He knew that the Great Faerie could heal his wounds, but he did not want to risk his wounds to get infected.

He got up and proceeded on the Death Mountain Trail. He climbed up and found himself almost at the summit. He remembered the constant flaming rock shower, and put on his goron tunic, just in case. He readied himself and ran.

The flaming rocks crashed all around him, and not even his shield could repel them. Their heat did not bother him thanks to the goron tunic, but the prospect of being hit by a falling rock did not appeal to him. He ran and finally made it past the onslaught of boulders and rocks. He looked up and found himself staring at the entrance to the Great Faerie's Fountain.


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