Muerante Epilogue

By Ness

In a land unknown to the people of Hyrule save one wicked sorcerer, a man stirred in his sleep. He entered into a nightmare, where the denizens of this Island had always had sweet dreams of life, and love, and the love of life. He stirred, and at the center of his troubled sleep lay the only way to banish the nightmares from his sub-conscious. A book, which seemed so beautiful in his nightmares, which was so horrible in real life. If only I could read that book, the man thought, My nightmares would be gone forever! In his nightmare he again saw the book, and his sub-conscious resolved to find and read that book, or his nightmares would plague him forever.

To be continued...


This was my first try at a Fanfic story, and I hope that my next try will be better. I hope you enjoyed my story, and please e-mail me comments and any critiques you have. Even if you completely hated the entire thing, please tell me what was bad. Thank you.




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