Revelations Chapter 1

By Ness

Link began his walk to the Mayor's house. His pack was full, and his spirits mixed. Well, I've got my supplies, and something to do. It can't be all bad. Oh well. Time to meet up with Taft.

Link arrived at the Mayor's house, which was more of a mansion. He was about to use the knocker when he was greeted by someone behind him.

"You the Mayor's lackey?" Link turned around and found a rat-faced little man looking at him quizzically. He was at least half a head shorter than Link, with dark hair, dark eyes, and a toughened look on his face. He didn't appear to be a very civil person.

"I guess you could say that," replied Link, ignoring the annoyed tone of the other man. "Taft I presume?"

The man waited a second before replying. " Taft? Yeah, I'm him. You ready? We ain't got all day." The man was downright rude. No wonder the Mayor had him spending all his time in the woods. With hardly another word, he started down the street to the burned out section of town.


As they left what had been the edge of town, Link realized how little he really knew of the Rafes, his mission, and the woods themselves. He decided that he'd risk asking Taft. He can't be that surly of a person, can he?

"What are the Rafes, anyway?" questioned Link, in his most friendly tone. He did not want to get his only travel companion angry.

"The Rafes? They're the most annoying little buggers you'll ever see. Not much of a threat in one, but there's tons of the walking trash. They swarmed over the town like locusts, doing as much damage as they could before retreating. We could handle them before, but lately our rodent friends have gotten more organized." he did not think well of the creatures at all, then again, from the damage they did, you couldn't blame him.

"What do you mean by 'more organized?' " inquired Link. What, they've changed their behaviors recently?

"The little buggers came in the night, when they could catch more of us inside our houses, sleeping. They came in groups, and set fire to the mill quickly."

Set fire? According to him, they're rodents! How can they set fire to things? "How did they set the mill on fire? I thought they were stupid."

"You're right. They were stupid." Taft didn't like where the conversation was heading. "They just had the houses and mill catch on fire. Someone probably left a candle out and they took it. Probably got some hay."

Right… thought Link There's something wrong here, they couldn't have done that. If I want to learn anything, I'd better change the subject. "They're rodents? That shouldn't pose much of a threat."

"The vermin aren't your usual rodents, boy. They walk upright, and are about as tall as a child of 10 Summers," replied the unpleasant woodsman. "They sharpen sticks with stones, and hurl them or sneak behind someone with a few buddies. If you don't see 'em, you won't see nothin' again."

Hmm, ok, we've got angry forest-dwelling rodents with sticks, that steal candles and light buildings on fire. Not likely! Something just doesn't fit.

"How far into the forest do they live? Why have they only now gotten more aggressive?"

"They've always been aggressive boy, they were cunning little thieves, they could take from any house they pleased, they could even take the Mayor's wardrobe! They were simply too stupid to attack the town. We have guards on duty to alarm us when they're coming. We usually know when they're on the move." Taft's eyes began to gleam. "Ahh, what slaughters we'd have of them. Almost as fun as when we'd hunt them to protect the woodcutters."

"You'd hunt them? How can you be sure that that's not the reason they've become angry with you?" Aha! A reason!

Taft seemed worried by this statement, and nervously glanced around his surroundings. Link did also, and noticed that they were farther into the woods than Link would have thought. I should pay more attention to what's going on.

Taft appeared to concentrate a moment. His eyes closed, and he stopped walking. Link thought he could hear something moving in the underbrush in front of them. I really should pay more attention! Taft grinned an evil little grin, it made him look more ratlike than Link thought any man could.

"Hunting season is open!" Taft's eyes glittered. Almost as a reflex, the underbrush behind them began to rustle as well. "I hope you have a permit, boy!" He raised his arm, and turned to Link. Link could tell something was up, and reached for his shield. He was too late.

"Aha! At last!" was the last thing Link's conscious mind could recollect, and his world imploded onto itself, leaving only a searing flash of pain, and darkness afterwards.

Chapter 2

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