Revelations Epilogue

By Ness

Sleet pelted Link as he climbed up into the Crow's nest. A storm had struck during the night, and what a storm it was. The winds threatened to rip the mast from the ship, and Link's thoughts alone were not sufficient to raise the sails. He had to do it himself. Ropes coiled in one hand, the other wrapped around the mast, he inched his way to where the sails where stuck. As he reached his goal, lightning struck the mast, catapulting Link into darkness.


Link awoke on a piece of driftwood, from his ship. What happened? Who were all those people, the animals the… Link's thoughts were muddled, and a name came unbidden to his lips: Marin. Marin? Tari- I remember! Animal village, the frogs, the raft, the rooster, an ocarina- like mine. What about the shy old man? The phone? Phone? What's that? The seashells? By Din! The Mayor was right! The Nightmares. Where they real? Where they just a dream?

A voice came from above him. All of life itself is a dream- until you wake up to another reality. What the? Both of us have been awakened. You have banished the Nightmares. What of Kolihint? Is it gone? We each create worlds in our own dreams. They are simply dreams unless we accept them into reality. Time itself is a dream, your Ocarina simply wakes you up and puts you back to sleep again, or does it? No matter. Worry not of your friends on Kolihint. They are alright. But you must return. Link looked above him, and he saw what his quest to gain the instruments had accomplished. He had woken up the Wind Fish, and watched as the Isle of Kolihint faded away. Now the Wind Fish was above him flying through the sky as other fish do through water. This was what I saw jump from the water on my way to Twin's Island! Link marveled at the sight of it. Then the Wind Fish was gone. Its words came back into Link's mind, "You must return." Seeing that there was no ship left, Link went through his pack, thankful it had stayed on him, and that it had stayed dry inside. He found his Ocarina, but then realized something- I lost Navi's compass! She's going to kill me! Hmmm… Maybe I should just stay here for a while.

This Concludes Revelations.


Well. I've done it. I finally finished my first full fanfic story. I'd love to hear some feedback, What did I do wrong, what did you like, what didn't you like, anything. I'd just really appreciate some responses. I didn't write this for myself, you know! It's for you! A writer (well, I'm working on it!) doesn't write just for the sake of writing! A writer writes so people can read! (Try saying that five times fast!) Oh well, I ramble on and on. I really hope you enjoyed this. Oh yeah, you do realize how this ties into the Game-Boy game, right? I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a good idea to do that, mainly because no one out there wants to read something they've already done in a game. I ramble again. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope that whatever else you read (from me, or otherwise) is enjoyable too. (Man this author's note is annoying, isn't it?)


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