Shiro Trigger Prologue

By Nightsong and Lynxfire

Gasper, Guru of Time. Annals #3490.
      I have not entered a log into these annals since I felt it necessary that the end of my homeworld be recorded. While I can see all from here, there are millions upon millions of planets to view, and I can become to preoccupied viewing various events to notice more subtle alterations in the timestream. But I digress. I feel it is now necessary that I record the life of one who no longer exists, one who has managed to alter history in such a way that he never existed. None of his friends or family have ever met him, as it now stands. Soon, the traces of his existence will even be wiped from my vantage point, and he will be lost forever. At least, that was the case before I decided that I would take action. I write these annals without the knowledge of who shall read them, for I jettison them off to random planets at various points in history. I have not looked for them. As it currently stands, they may have all been destroyed. This matters little. It is mainly important that I make an attempt to preserve these histories, for many of them have been altered to the point that they no longer exist. Some of them – such as my current annal – never even occurred on this timestream. But it is impossible for me to move to another timestream, so I have but a limited view of what might have been. But that is irrelevant. The important factor is that I can preserve the life of Zachary Shiro. It is possible, though his friends will never know how vital he was to saving their homeworld – and mine, for it is the same place – from destruction at the hands of Lavos. Although the world was later destroyed, mankind was allowed to thrive on the planet Eolis for 8000 more years. Truly, Zachary saved millions upon millions of lives. While Crono Triggara now holds his original status, Zachary Shiro is the true hero of time. If not for his genius, the world would have known no savior, and the Lavoids would not have begun the path to their ultimate fall. For it was the death of Lavos here on Eolis that triggered the beginning of the great Lavoid War, in which the true heroes of the universe banded together and ultimately destroyed the Lavoid race. But that is another tale, and one that would take far too long to tell. Also, the Lavoid War does not concern Zach Shiro, for he exists on a plane separate from that of any human, including myself. I believe I have prepared YOU, whomever you are, for what lies beyond in this text. If you have found this, do not destroy it! Do not shrug it off as legend! The story of the Entity is a true one, and it would be a grievous wrong to forget it! Read what lies beyond for what it is: cold and simple fact. If you can do that, perhaps you, too, can be significant to the timestream.

      - Gaspar, Guru of Time.


Chapter 1

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