Dark Angel Author's Notes

By Nightsong

To begin with, it needs to be said that this story is set in the same 'fanverse' as Mox Jet's Planeswalkers Series (an excellent story, I must say). He and I, being the good friends that we are (oh, I can hear him protesting now), noticed that our basic worlds for fanfic had quite a bit in common, and thus decided to merge them. As a result, several of the terms that I explain below are borrowed from him - and some of the terms he uses in his stories may be borrowed from me.


Lavoid - this is a Chrono Trigger term, taken from the main enemy of that game, Lavos. Much of what lavoids are is explained in the story, so that's unnecessary here, but what the term itself was needed an explanation.


TAG - Tritanium Arc-wave Generator. Taken from Mox's PW series, with a few small adjustments, due to the fact that millennia have passed between his stories and mine. Basically, it's a lightsaber type of device. And, as he said, if you don't like that idea, tough.


Quark Destabilization - my rather dubious explanation for long interstellar travel. By this theory, a person would be taken apart on the subatomic level (you know, quark by quark), then drawn toward a beacon specifically calibrated to pick up on such quarks. Not the most pleasant experience in the world, as you might imagine.


Finori - another Mox Jet term, that was originally a Nanaki term (PW is based in the same universe as Origin/Aftermath of Mount Woe, and thus my own story). Basically, the Finori are a race of multi-dimensional aliens, shown best in CT in the forms of Masa, Mune and Doreen. They're a vital point of this story, and a huge crossover reference between the two games.


As a note, the Nexus and the Multiverse, as later related, are my own creations, as is the explanation of the two. Chaos itself is explained by both myself and Mox, and is the same thing in his fic and this one.



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