Dark Angel Credits


by Nightsong

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There are so, so many people to thank here.  Dark Angel never would have been completed without the help and support of my friends, and I just want to take the time to recognize some of them.  If you’re not listed here, that doesn’t mean you had nothing to do with this; it’s just that I’m a very lazy fellow, you see, and I’m tired of writing Dark Angel already.  :D   You’re all still very much appreciated, down to the occasional reader who’s never even spoken to me.


Now, then, in no particular order:

James “Cain” Huggins.  You have been one of my very best friends for years now, ever since we met way back on the old CTIS forums.  Your fanfic Chrono Continuum was one of the major fics that got me into the genre, and you have no idea what an honor I consider it to be able to work with you as part of the World of Imagination.  We’ve bounced ideas off of each other for ages now, and I figure I’ve probably taken too much credit for some of the concepts displayed in the preceding fic – like Order, which wouldn’t even exist without your ideas.  You’re a visionary, man, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Mike “Mox Jet” Garvey.  Another one of those very few names on my list of “best friends,” and the man who got the ball rolling on this WoI thing by giving me the okay to use concepts like finori and the TAGs (though, I’ll grant, those didn’t see a lot of use).  I respect your always-sincere comments on my work, and the frequent pushing you did to try to make me to get to work.  If you hadn’t been so productive over the last year or two, I may have never felt shamed enough to get to work on this as I needed to.  Here’s to several more years of joint works, at the very least. 

Allie “Asyria” Wetzel.  If I were putting a dedication on this book, it would go to you.  You are absolutely the most significant person in my life to date, and my closest friend.  You’ve helped me with this writing things more times than I can name just by being around to talk to.  So uh… much obliged, princess!  Heh.

Mike “Chaos” Collins.  Yeah, so you hated some of my chapters.  But that’s cool, because it gives me the motivation to go back and do a full edit, as well as make me know for sure when I’ve got something right.  Your comments have been extremely useful over the past years, and I’m glad to have ya as a friend and critic. 

Daniel "The Cow" Zaks.  For the kickass picture of Darrell in Id form, as shown above.  You're a great artist, man.

Nanaki.  Okay, so I’m not a fan of how you never managed to read my work, and likely will never read this.  I’m also not a fan of the direction some of your later chapters of Tempo Trigger took.  However, it would be stupid of me to totally discount you as a major influence in the World of Imagination fanverse, as you laid down the groundwork for a lot of what Mox, Cain, and I have built.  So uh, thanks, wherever you are, man.

Paul Nathans.  Yeah, so, I may get the shock vote here.  Paul, you are nothing if not meticulous in your readings.  Sometimes overly so.  However, you’ve really made me think about a lot of stuff in this work that’s kept me closer to Perfect Works than I would otherwise have been, as well as the World of Imagination universe in general.  Your commentary, while not always desired at the time, is something I definitely have appreciated over the years.

Dogu.  For being amused at my brief reference to you in chapter 33.  You truly are the ladies’ man, sir.

Margaret Rennie.  Because you are cool and level-headed, and give excellent reviews.  I’m hoping to get one on this too, now that it’s done (and don’t worry if it seems far and away from Xenogears:  all will make sense once the sequel’s done).  :D  Yes.

Icy Brian.  You’re an extremely cool guy, and I’ve enjoyed chatting with you over the years.  Thanks so much for having made all of this possible, and good luck to you with your film career (I still want copies of any shorts you’ve produced.  I will pay.  Yes.).

Jerm, Taran, Captain Gaul, Glarryg, CuteLucca, and many others.  Your fanfiction kept me enthralled over the years as I developed from where I was when I started DA, to where I am now.  Thanks for the stories, guys.

Homer.  I don’t know who you are, but you sent me a fanmail calling my story dark as the bloody abyss.  It is the only fanmail I can still remember word for word, and probably the most British piece of mail I will ever receive.  You have my heart.

And You!

Every game company ever.  For lending me the “And You!” cliché.

Annnnnd, that’s about it, ladies and gents.  Now stay tuned for the sequel to Dark Angel,  Xenogears: Symphony of Destruction:  Dominion, in which things will heat up and you’ll finally all see just how this is a Xenogears fanfiction.  This has all been a rather long prelude; now comes the main event.

I think you’ll all enjoy it.

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