Message to the Readers


As some of you already know, there are several citations from the Dragonlance series in my fanfic, “Dangerous Times”. Mostly, they can be found in chapter six. I have decided, after several notices from people, to make this thing, which informs the reader that I “borrowed” from the Dragonlance series, and am now giving credit to the various authors: Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and many others who contributed to a popular and wonderful fantasy saga. Dragonlance, of course, is a series owned by TSR, a division of Wizards of the Coast. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote the Chronicles and Legends Trilogy, which I have drawn some of the information from. I want them to recieve their credit.

I did not mean to plagiarize intentionally; as I have explained to several people, in doing so having to reveal the entire plot and ruin the story for them, why there are things from Dragonlance in chapter six. I will not reveal the reason now, for I do not want to give away the rest of the story that follows up to Dangerous Times. Just know that there is a reason for the Dragonlance citations (the Conclave of Wizards, Test of the Magi, Magus using “Shirak” and “Dumak”), and it will be revealed as the story progresses and the plot unfolds. I did not take these things simply because I wished to use them for my story, there is a reason behind it.

Think of me what you will, your thoughts are your own. I am sorry that I did not do this earlier, and hope that none of you feel any bitterness toward me or think of me as a blatant plagiarist. But I cannot decide what you think. just remember that I have a reason for doing that, and that it will be revealed in due time. I ask for your patience while I write the follow-up to Dangerous Times, in which my reasons will gradually be shown. I thank you for putting up with me, and hope that you enjoy my writings to come.


Zelgadis Greywers