The Disease Called Evil Epilogue

All Good Things...

By Novalon

Novalon walked through Guardia forest, smelling the clean air and taking in the sights and sounds. He never even noticed the monsters, but didn’t care anyway, as the immense magic power they probably sensed was what was scaring them away.

Marle looked around nervously, “I do hope my father doesn’t mind me bringing a new ‘friend’ to the castle, you know how he gets about me being friends with commoners...”

Novalon laughed, “Don’t think of me as a commoner, although I am sort-of, think of me as a foreign diplomat, as I am not really from around here...”

Marle jumped into the air, “Oh good! My dad loves it when I introduce him to diplomats from other places! He says it’s good for diplomatic relations.”

They walked up to the entrance to the castle, the guards stared at the four who came out of the forest.

One guard whispered to the other, “Look who the princess dragged back, goofy glasses and punk hair, and look, she even brought some freaky guy who needs a lesson in what he should wear.”

Novalon stared at them and raised his voice; “I’ll have you know that this is strictly MUA ceremonial dress. It is strictly prohibited that I take it off unless it’s a good reason!”

The guards took off inside and Novalon could hear their conversation with the king.

“Sir! A really freaky guy is outside, and he looks and sounds like the Dark Novalon himself!”

“Damn! All hell has broken loose now! Round up the best knights we have and have them meet me outside in 5 minutes!”

Novalon got on his guard and the others wondered what he had heard.

“The king is definitely overreacting...”

Marle shook her head, and Crono was at a loss for words, she said with great embarrassment, “They always overreact, you will never see them treat a situation normally...”

The king and about 10 knights came out and surrounded Novalon, the king yelled aloud.

“Be on your guard men! Remember how Jonathan would do this!”

“For Jonathan, our greatest captain, and for the throne of Guardia!”

“For Queen Schala! I swear the Dark one will not live through this!"

Novalon said aloud, “I bet Dark Novalon would not live through this... especially if you all fought like Jonathan, but quit thinking like Jonathan and think like Glenn for once...”

The king stared at him, with recognition in his eyes, “What exactly are you saying?”

Novalon sighed, “I am not Dark Novalon...” his voice grew louder, “I am Novalon! Protector of good, and annihilator of evil! I was retainer to the throne of Enhasa until the king died and Lavos took control of the Queen! Dark Novalon is my nemesis, but I found new information about him...”

The king ordered the knights to lower their swords, and he asked the Divine Wizard what this information was.

“Dark Novalon has been under the control of Satan... and it wasn't his fault either, he was taken control of when his guard was down...”

The king nodded, but drew his own sword, pointing it towards Novalon.

“If you give me proof that you are not evil, then I won’t kill you where you stand.”

Novalon knelt down, praying to god for a sign to stop this fighting, but as he was knelt down, he felt a temporal distortion and rolled out of the way.

“Everyone near me! That place in the middle is about to become a gate! Make sure the king doesn’t get sucked in!”

Novalon put himself in between the opening gate and the king, with the king suddenly feeling a bit stupid that he said Novalon was evil.

But amidst the entire fighting going on, Crono was found on one knee in front of the princess. Marle began to look embarrassed and tried to get Crono to stand up.

“Crono... get up... come on... you don’t have to be so formal around me, what about the gate?”

“Let Novalon take care of it... this is about you and me.”

He looked back to the knights; they all gave him the thumbs up sign. He looked to the king and he gave Crono the AOK sign. He finally turned to Novalon and Novalon nodded while saying, “Make history Crono!”

Marle didn’t know what to think she saw Crono take her hand, and suddenly, she realized what was going on.

“Crono... are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“You’re proposing to me, aren’t you?”

“I will do whatever your heart desires.”

She began to laugh happily, not really believing this was happening until a large ring with the crest of a hawk was put on her finger.

“Oh my god... Crono...”

“Princess Nadia Elaine Guardia, I am asking you a very important question here, and I want you to give this a lot of thought...”

Images flooded her mind, she saw a young boy, with flowing red hair and emerald eyes piloting the EPOCH. She saw Crono holding his Swallow, and fighting off some assassin while she saw herself behind the fighting in complete shock.

In another scene, she saw a girl about the age of 16 holding one of Crono’s swords, pointing it at a large creature that looked much like Lavos. She saw Novalon holding his great broadsword, and it looked like he was sparing with the young red haired boy in another scene.

She snapped out of her trance and looked towards Novalon, who said, “Those are the images of the future... remember them well...”

“Yes Crono, I, Princess Nadia Elaine Guardia, accept your proposal.”

Crono got up and gave her the longest kiss that she ever got in her entire life. She looked towards the gate and saw an older, red haired man come out of it.

Novalon yelled aloud, “Jonathan! You’re alive!”

Jonathan looked around and yelled aloud in surprise, “Novalon... Alexander! I’m back in Guardia again!”

The king looked confused, “How did you know Novalon?”

Jonathan looked to the king, “Alex, don’t you remember? He was the one who went with me when I went to the east and met Melchior, he is the one who introduced me to him!”

The king turned towards Novalon, “Dear lord! You are the same man! But from the sound of your voice, you haven’t aged a day!”

Novalon smiled, “And I will tell you that later, but I think Jonathan would like to see his wife again.”

Jonathan yelled aloud in surprise, “Elaina! Is she is still alive?”

Novalon answered, “Yes, and she never gave up hope and always believed that you would come back some day.”

The king yelled towards the two that were still kissing, “Hey! I think that’s enough, you two!”

Crono and Marle separated with embarrassed smiles on both of their faces.

“Crono! I want you to escort this man to his home in Truce! I’m sure he can remember where it is, but he may need a warrior to go with him as I’m sure his skills have deteriorated with age.”

“Hey, who’s the young pretty girl that he is with?”

“That’s my daughter.”

“That’s not possible, she’s too beautiful, I could’ve sworn that you’d have a frog for a child for sure...”

“Jon, you realize I let you make jokes like that... but I HATE being called ugly...”

“Ha, just kidding Al- um, my king.”

“That’s better, I’m not a commoner anymore, you know...”

“I sort of guessed that Alex.”

“Go now! Go home to your wife Jonathan!”

Jonathan and Crono walked off, while Marle could not help but notice the large resemblance between the two.

“Is that Crono’s father?”

“Yes Nadia... although I don’t think Crono noticed that... he is going to get a big surprise.”


Thirty minutes later...

Crono and Jonathan came to Truce Square, and Jonathan began to look around.

“Darn, It’s been so long since I’ve been here in Truce, I’ve gotten everything mixed up.”

“Where have you been?”

“Far into the future...”

“1999 AD?”

“You’ve been there?”

“I have a time machine...”

Jonathan remembered seeing a machine flying through the sky a few times before it disappeared into nothingness.

“I worked for the Guardia institute of Quantum Theory, I was looking for a way home, and we finally found an old device called a ‘gate key’ which amazingly was owned by Lucca, daughter of an old friend of mine.”


“How do you know him?”

“Lucca is one of my good friends, my name’s Crono, I live with my mother not far from here.”

“I’ve heard of you, you were the hero that defeated Lavos with your friends.”

“Yes, I did, what a long battle... not hard, just long."

“Well... um... since I can’t remember where my house is, could you take me to yours? I’m sure your mother might know me.”

“Here, right this way.”

They walked up to the house, and Jonathan stared at it, with recognition in his eyes.

Crono walked in and saw his mother, “Hello mom, I found someone who can’t seem to find his way home as he has been gone for so long, perhaps you might know him.”

He motioned to Jonathan, “Come on in, sir.”

As Jonathan walked in, Crono’s mother saw his face and cried aloud, “Jonathan!”

Jonathan looked towards the sound of his name and saw the woman’s face, “Elaina... Elaina!”

They ran towards each other and embraced for a long time. Crono looked around, feeling very awkward.

“Um... from what I see here, I should be saying... um... welcome home... dad.”

Jonathan turned to Crono, then to Elaina.

“Is this our son?”

“Yes Jonathan, he is 17 years old, you’ve been gone for a long time.”

“I was in a strange place, and I did not know how to leave, until I finally found a way, and I appeared in front of Guardia castle, and I saw something quite surprising."

“What’s that?”

“I saw our son kissing the princess.”

Crono’s mother turned to him in shock.

“I thought you were in love with Marle!”

Crono looked at her sheepishly, “I thought you already knew... Marle is the princess.”

“Oh, and I see you don’t have that engagement ring I told you to give to Marle, which means... you are engaged to... the Princess of Guardia...”

Jonathan realized what this meant; “Alex is going to be my brother-in-law!”

Jonathan then told Crono the story of long ago, when Alexander Barim and he were the best of friends, almost inseparable. Alex was after Princess Elaine Guardia, while Jonathan had his eye on Elaina Jaines.

Well both of them got what they wanted, and they ended up getting married one day apart from the other.

But one day, a few days after Jon and Elaina’s wedding, Jon had to do some business for the king, as he was the knight captain of Guardia.

He was with his knights, and they had found a large shipment of stolen goods come in to Porre. They found the men responsible for the shipment and chased after them into Fiona’s forest.

They were caught there, but something strange happened, and an unstable gate opened up, sucking Jonathan in, and transporting him to 1982AD.

Jonathan finished his story and noticed his sword on Crono’s back. Crono was about to take it off and hand it to him, but Jonathan stopped him and said that sword should belong to a real hero.

Crono left the house then, and went back to Guardia castle to speak to the king. He stayed the night there, as he wanted to get a good night’s rest. Which he was sure he wouldn’t get with his father being back at the house after 17 years (yeah, it is what you’re thinking you pervert.)


600 AD
Guardia Castle

Glenn, Cyrus, and their blue haired acquaintance walked through the forest of Guardia, at the exact same time that Novalon was doing the same.

Janus breathed in the air, and sighed, thinking of his sister and the grand life she had. He had no one to be with, no one who could understand him. But he walked on anyway, thinking of what the future lay in store for him.

Cyrus turned to Janus, “I wonder how the knights would react to you, you still resemble who you used to be.”

“I know, but it can’t be helped, I just hope that at least some of my sins have been amended. At least you aren’t really dead, and at least Glenn isn’t a frog anymore.”

They walked up to the entrance to the castle, the guards stared at the three who came out of the forest.

One guard whispered to the other, “Do your eyes befall on what mine befall on?”

The other answered, “What, do you see our old knight captain, a green/brown haired man holding the Masamune, and a very suspicious dark-blue haired person?”

“Yes, but the one man sort-of resembles Magus, however, his hair is much shorter, and he isn’t pale skinned. He looks much more human than Magus did, although there is a point-ness to his ears.”

“He resembles the first Queen of Guardia. Well, with the hair, and the pointed ears, and he has that smile that was depicted in her statue.”

“Possibly a descendant of hers? A relative to the royal family?”

“I’m thinking he looks like the description given of her brother, Janus.”

“Shut up, here they come now.”

Cyrus took the initiative and yelled out, “Tally-ho fellow knights! Perhaps your fair castle could house such a tired warrior such as myself!”

“And what of your friends, oh familiar one?”

“Ah yes, the master of the Masamune, and the greatest Wizard in Guardia?”

“Wizard, you say?”

“Ah yes, on par with the great Novalon himself!”

“What name doth he herald to?”

Janus spoke up; “My name is Janus, good knights, Janus Alan Enhasa.”

They looked to each other, the one nodded, “I told you so, he even said Enhasa, the maiden name of the first Queen.”

Janus heard this and turned to Glenn; “They haven’t said anything about you, yet.”

As if on cue, the knights turned to Glenn, “And what is your name, holder of the Masamune?”

“ My name is Glenn Triggara, retainer to the kingdom of Guardia.”

Cyrus jumped at this, “Do you mean to tell me that the warrior Crono is your descendant?”

Glenn smiled proudly, barely believing that Crono was so good because of inherited talent, “T’ That is true.”

The guards opened the doors to the throne room, motioning for the three to enter. They came up to the King and Queen, and both of them looked at the three in amazement.

“Cyrus? Is that you? I thought you were dead for sure.” Said the King with great surprise.

“My liege, I have returned, with my friend Glenn, and Janus.”

The mention of the names gave great excitement to the both of them.

The Queen came up to Glenn, “Why are you holding the Masamune? I thought it was Frog’s sword.”

Glenn spoke to her, in a voice absent of a croak, “I am Frog, and my true form has been returned to me.”

“But... I thought the sword was meant for Cyrus...”

Cyrus answered, “I think that I can no longer serve the kingdom. I actually fought a swordsman today whose skill was much greater than my own. He bested me without using much energy up at all...”

“You mean Sir Crono? He’s the one who saved my life when Yakra captured me. But he also had the help of Glenn there.”

“Yes, and the most amazing thing is... he lives in the future...”

“My husband told me that...”

“The other thing is... he’s a descendant of Glenn’s.”

She stared in shock.

“I’m not fit to be Knight Captain, give that job to a better swordsman, for Glenn has finally found his true talent.”

He left there, waving goodbye, and looking for a better life for somewhere else.

Glenn saw that the King was still talking to Janus.

“You are JANUS ALAN ENHASA? Brother to Queen Guardia I?”

“That is correct.”

“But... you also look like... Magus...”

“Magus would be what was called... my dark side... that dark side is a manifestation of what happens when Ozzie takes control of someone’s thoughts and turns them to his side.”

The king shook his head, “What a terrible life you have lived, but where will you go?”

“I’m going to 1000 AD, I asked Crono to drop me off in his time, he should be here in an hour.”

As if on cue, the EPOCH arrived and Janus walked towards it, saying to the King and Queen, “I’m sorry to have caused the kingdom so much trouble, if only I had been strong enough to resist Ozzie’s mind control.”

After he left, the two looked towards Glenn, saying, “Well, our current Knight Captain told us his job was giving him a lot of stress... so... kneel down Glenn...”

He knelt down just as the other knight captain entered the room.

“And rise, Sir Glenn of Guardia! I hope the Captain won’t mind...”

The captain gave a sigh of relief, “I’m so glad that you found a better captain, I was having doubts because there are many out there with better skills than myself.”

The sun shone on bright as Guardia had received the greatest knight captain that it would know, aside from someone 400 years in the future who would receive the title and then later become king.


Truce Tavern
1000 AD

Janus sat down at a table and listened to the piano player play, he watched her and became captivated by her beauty. The peaceful music that she played only added to her great looks. He walked over to her and sat down nearer to her.

She turned to him, and noticed he had been hearing her play a good part of the time. She found him incredibly handsome; she began to start a conversation with the man.

“Hi... I’m Janice... what’s your name?”

“Call me Janus...”

She had a look of surprise on her face, “My, you have a good name, what’s the rest of it?”

“Janus Alan Enhasa.”

“Well Janus, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Janice Renee Larin.”

“Isn’t that the last name of the famous knight, Cyrus?”

“Well... I don’t tell many people... but he’s my ancestor, everyone believed he was dead for about 10 years, but one day, he just came back, with the new knight captain in tow, and a wizard who...”

She stopped, looking at his face, and seeing the description of the wizard. She continued, “Do you live around here?”

“No, I’m a traveler.”

“Well... I live alone not far from here, I see that you’re tired, perhaps you’d like to keep me company?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Lucca walked in the tavern, and watched Janus walk out with the piano player, she sighed at what might have been, and she sat alone at the bar.

The bartender gave her a cider, only saying a few words, “Cider is good for a broken heart, don’t worry, it’s on me.”

She looked up at the bartender, not really noticing him before. He was a young, handsome man, and he had broad shoulders. She noticed a sword mounted to the wall with some faint archaic lettering on it.

“Would that be a sword made by Melchior?”

“Why yes, I journeyed to Medina not far back, and paid him some money to see if he could forge me a sword, and well... that is one of his finest works, besides the prismatic blade and the Masamune.”

Lucca smiled, “Say, are you going out with anyone?”

“No, like you, I know what a broken heart feels like, and I know what is good for it.”

“I hear talk is good for it too, what do you say that we go do something sometime? Perhaps you could tell me more about swords, as you seem to be amazingly fond of them...”



Authors words

Wow, a story can sure change quickly. First it’s an action story, and slowly it evolved into a love story at the end. I do admit that the Epilogue was very long, much longer than the other chapters, and possibly as long as about half of the story or more. I just wanted to sum up as much as I possibly could.

If you think about it, I could have made that Epilogue into a short story, but I feel that it had much to do with this one so I left it with the story.

Well... I suppose I have to dedicate this story to someone... how about I dedicate this story to Icy Brian? As his fine page got me into writing stories...

So long, and to all those writers who think they can never write a masterpiece, just remember, NEVER GIVE UP!

Now I leave with a quote:

“The song is your death and my instrument is my dark blade. Feel my wrath and give in to the darkness, or your death will be far worse than it could be...”

-Dark Novalon


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