Battling Foes

By Odin

As Crono, Marle, and Robo walked through Guardia Forest in 1000 A.D., they came upon a tree. "Let's rest," suggested Marle, "I'm tired." As they stopped to rest, a shriek pierced the air. Two Beetles and an Avian Chaos appeared and descended upon the trio.

Crono readied his sword while Robo assumed a fighting stance. Marle began to chant a spell.

The Avian Chaos rung its bell. Crono felt dizzy, and everything looked odd. He saw some movement off to his right, so he swung his sword.

"Ow!" Marle cried as blood ran down her arm. She immediately put herself into a healing trance.

Robo had crushed a Beetle underneath his metal boot while this occurred. Now he reached into his pouch and pulled out a healing potion. He had neared Crono when the other Beetle attacked Crono, pulling him out of his dream world as the pain brought him back to reality. "What happened?" Crono asked.

"You were confused and hit Marle's arm. She is trying to heal herself. I suggest we deal with our foes," Robo reported.

"Then we will," said Crono. He turned and leaped into the air, Spincutting the Avian Chaos. In his frenzy, he lopped off a tree branch as well. "Oops," he said.

"Cure!" Marle commanded as a swirl of light enveloped her. The wound closed up and the blood vanished.

Robo spotted the second Beetle trying to run away. His fist flew out and smashed the insect out of existence.

"Marle, I'm sorry about hurting you. I didn't mean to . . . will you forgive me?" Crono asked.

"Of course I will! You were confused by the bell's hypnotic sound. You had no control over what you were doing. Now, let's rest," Marle suggested.

Later, back at the End of Time, they recounted the battle to their friends. Gasper and Spekkio listened as well.

"Then, the Beetle bit me, pulling me out of my trance," Crono recounted.

"Ha! Lower life-forms can't coordinate their attacks!" Lucca laughed.

"Thine enemies are lacking in intelligence, save for Azala, Crono," commented Frog.

"I don't see why we must spend time recounting these petty battles to each other when we could be searching the timestreams for Schala," Magus brooded.

"My observations show that these tales of adventures often bring people closer together, Magus," Robo remarked.

"That they do," said Gasper.

"May many more tales of glorious WAR be told through the ages!" shouted Spekkio, who is the Master of War.

"Fight. Win. Live!" said Ayla.

"May we all be alive to hear the stories," Marle added.

"I wonder when we should go to next?" mused Crono. "Gasper, any suggestions?"

"In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer determination brings a forest back to life..." Gasper said.

Could he be referring to Fiona? Crono mused as he fell asleep.

Another adventure, another battle, another tale, another day.

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