Lavoid Trigger Notes

By Paul Nathans

Initial Version: August 1998
Updated: November 27, 1999

Yes, this means the Notes are undergoing revisions, and may continue to do so. The basic structure of these Notes remain as they are, though, despite the inconsistencies from the earliest version, for continuity reasons. If a question becomes too frequent then it will most likely be added here, meaning this place may get Updated occasionally from here on in.

If you don’t want to bother with these, you don’t have to. But if I get asked a question on these Notes, and/or Nanaki does, you may just get directed here.


Welcome to LAVOID TRIGGER, a Fanfiction for the Video Game CHRONO TRIGGEr co-authored by my good friend Nanaki Setoson of the Fiora Dragon Clan, and myself, Paul Allen Nathans.

Pending whether or not Nanaki and I decide to release this shortly, or wait until my FINAL FANTASY Fanfic, FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING, is finished, still will not pertain to the rest of these notes. Or they might. As this may even be released before the start of Nanaki’s TEMPO TRIGGER, well, if I mention ‘pending etc.’ in the following parts of the Notes, its because its the best phrase for the sentences.

Update as of November 27, 1999: FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING has been completed, and TEMPO TRIGGER has begun, and more than begun. As of now, though, TEMPO TRIGGER is not done.

From here on, the Notes will be in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions Doctrine, it seems easier to do so that way. It will try to cover the more common questions, and the responses I have reason to believe its possible both Nanaki, and I may receive. As of now, I am typing this, but this line will not be removed whether, or not he does add onto the Notes, because this holds a point to it, and I’d like to keep it.

Thank you.

Please read on.

Oh, and just in case there is confusion; ‘Q’ means ‘Question’, and ‘A’ means ‘Answer’. Thank you, once again, and also once again…

Please read on.

Q: (Anything Non-Fanfic Related)
A: (Depends on question and whether or not it can be answered/Nanaki and I wish to answer it.)

Q: Hurry up and finish FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING, you dullard!
A: (That Was Not A Question): Patience is a virtue. Please learn to use it. The Fanfiction will be finished eventually, but please do not bug me about it.
Update as of November 27, 1999: FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING is completed, but this question remains for a purpose. The same applies to LAVOID TRIGGER. Please do not bug either me or Nanaki about when the Fanfiction will be completed.

Q: Your Fanfiction is dumb! How can you even stand to write!?
A: I’ve already gone over this one in my Updated commentary in terms of why I write. Please go look for the explanation there… And if you feel the need to insult me, well, just prepare to be ignored, unless I’m in a different mood. I don’t know about Nanaki, but I’d prefer it if he doesn’t get bashed too. This is as much his story, in a way, as it is mine. While he may be more courteous to insults, in some cases I may not be, unless he asks me to. In my mind one of the greatest insults you can give to a writer is to insult their story… Yes, I know that’s obvious. Why, though?
I believe that’s covered in the Updated commentary to. In case not, though…
I view stories as precious. Writing something is like, as a friend put it, ‘sharing your soul’. If you choose to insult LAVOID TRIGGER, you’re not just insulting the story, you’re insulting qualities of Nanaki, and myself… Qualities who make us what we are. I ask you to please respect those qualities, and respect this story, as well.

Q: Is this a continuation from TRIALS OF THE KING?
A: No. TRIALS OF THE KING is a story set in a mixed reality of both Nanaki’s stories and that of another author’s… KrazySam’s. While characters and situations that are Nanaki’s… Such as Ziek Tuvai, Kameto, and other such aspects have the possibility of showing up, this story, and the characters, will have no relation other than the characters themselves, to TRIALS OF THE KING. TRIALS OF THE KING is in a different reality and is thus a different canon. That’s the relationship between the two stories.

Q: Is this TEMPO TRIGGER renamed and with a Co-Author?
A: No, TEMPO TRIGGER is a different story.
Update as of November 27, 1999: By now its quite obvious TEMPO TRIGGER and LAVOID TRIGGER are two separate stories, or I should hope it is. But this question, just like any others, is not being removed simply because it was here before. As time progresses questions may be changed, but none will be removed.

Q: Will you tell me what’s going to happen in TEMPO TRIGGER?
A: Oh, yeah, sure… Are you out of your mind, you dullard!!!!!????? Even if I did know what was going to happen I wouldn’t give away Spoilers. For obvious reasons, of course. Sorry, but no.
Update as of November 27, 1999: TEMPO TRIGGER has been out for a while now, but even so, I’m still not giving away anything in the story. If you want to find out about it, read it yourself, please.

Q: How will I know which parts are yours and which parts are Nanaki’s?
A: There’s a difference between our prose styles, for starters. Language, as in swear words, is another difference, if there’s any swear words that are Earth-style you can attribute them to Nanaki. Exception… Some people view ‘bastard’ as a swear word. I don’t. Finally, for your knowledge, all of Prologue I is mine, and all of Prologue II is Nanaki’s. Beyond that… If its really important, I guess you could try to figure it out, or ask. That’s your choice, though.

Q: I’ve got an idea for what might fit in the Fanfiction? Will you take it?
A: No. Nanaki and I are writing this. No one, not even SquareSoft themselves, can influence this storyline, its ours. Granted, SquareSoft created CHRONO TRIGGER, but this isn’t their work, either.

Q: Can I Link to your Fanfiction or Post it on my Site?
A: I have already covered this in my Updated commentary. No. As to whether Nanaki has a different opinion on LAVOID TRIGGER, well I’ll discuss it with him. If I catch this story Linked to or up anywhere without permission from both of us, you will regret doing so. That is not a bluff. And if you don’t regret it, you will end up suffering consequences for your actions nonetheless.

Q: What about Keith Adams’ SHADOWS Series?
A: I had no idea Nanaki was creating links to CHRONO TRIGGER: THE SHADOWS in his story THE ORIGIN/AFTERMATH OF MOUNT WOE when he and I began to plan this. Other than getting such aspects out of the way in the story itself… No offense to Keith Adams, of course… There’s no relevance between Keith Adams’ Series and this story. Other than the connections Nanaki already established, of course.

A: How could you stand THE SHADOWS!? Are you sick!?
Q: I hope you don’t like Fanfics that resurrect Aeris for the sole purpose of giving her to Cloud, or you’re sick, too.
(My Version of saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Deal with it!)
Update as of November 27, 1999: CHRONO TRIGGER: THE SHADOWS is an excellently crafted story and a masterpiece in many aspects. True, it may have some aspects that many people might not be amused with, but does that mean that people who actually approve of the story are in the wrong? Not in my opinion. Just because the masses don’t get what they want doesn’t mean that the story that doesn’t give them what they want is lousy. Nor does it mean people who applaud the story are idiots. Whether the masses get what they want is possibly one of the least important aspects of a story. If you don’t like my opinions, too bad.

Q: What’s all this ‘dullard’ stuff from?
A: Fritz Fraundorf, one of my other Online Friends. Believe it or not, dullard is a real word. Well, as of now, anyway.

Q: How could you insult FORGOTTEN MESSIAH!? That is the undisputed best Fanfiction I’ve read for any Game!!
A: First of all, FORGOTTEN MESSIAH is most certainly *not* the best Fanfiction out there for any Game. There are uncountable Fanfictions out there thousands of times better than anything that story is, and one hundreds of thousands of times better at least. Nor did I insult it, I criticized it. Although its actually not the deux ex machina that was pulled off so much as the character portrayal, I believe. And even if not... Well, can you say ‘fairytale story’? To give FINAL FANTASY VII a happy ending defeats the purpose of the Game; thus an add-on sequel that does so betrays the Game. Also note that the opinions on FORGOTTEN MESSIAH and FINAL FANTASY VII are mine, not Nanaki’s, his may be different on this topic.

Q: You and/or Nanaki are idiots!
A: That’s not a question, you dullard! Take a hike in the firepits of Wutai! Better yet, find a basis for any such insult, or any insult to us period, and then give it if you truly think its necessary. Don’t expect a response, though, at least from me.

Update(s) as of November 27, 1999

Q: Why the change in the initial grouping of questions?
A: I was in one of my typically critical moods at the time, and when looking back over this at this time… More on that later… Took note of this. As individuals can attest, I can talk fine over Electronic Mail. When it comes to public commentaries like this… Though… I just plain don’t like the world, and humanity, in general. No, that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in humanity, I do have faith in humanity. It just means I’m not fond of the world, and humanity, in general.

Q: Why the lack of story progress?
A: Both Nanaki and I have had plenty of things to do. I have two other stories with a higher priority than this one… Or at least one… And its a very high priority at that. Nanaki has had some complications for a good period of time between very late March and somewhat late July, too, to add to this. This time around there may not be more than revisions to the Notes, and what’s already up… Thus the revisions to the Notes… Or there might be. Please don’t ask about the story progress, we’ll write at the pace we wish, not at the pace others wish. Is that selfish? Not in my mind; we have lives beyond stories, and they’re not devoted to the masses.

Well, that concludes this.

I hope you enjoy the story… More importantly, I hope you also take the time to comprehend and look at this story, and possibly learn from it.

“Now the story can be told…”-Omnescient


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