Lavoid Trigger Prologue 2

Forgotten Fatality

By Nanaki

Schala continued to drift along peacefully. At least, as peacefully as someone who had been as pissed of as she had been could. But she was in a state of suspended animation now, effectively frozen in time. That was the way she wanted it. Hopefully, she would wake up when it was time to smash the Lavoid spawn. Hopefully, the same experimental magic she had used to create her shield would continue to track the spawn, and not leave her drifting in space. Hopefully, her spell would last that long, and she wouldn't run out of magic. Hopefully, her Nooze was in complete suspended animation too, or else she would simply never wake up. But she wasn't worrying about this at the moment. She was in a state of dreamless sleep, her heart not even beating. But then, her heart hadn't beat in over two years. At least, what seemed like two years to her.

Then, she hit something. Her eyelids instantly jerked open as the fail safe she had woven into the shield spell activated. There wasn't much to see, deep in the blackness of space. Truth be told, the level of darkness was fairly frightening. No stars, planets, or moons to provide any kind of light were around. Simply millions of very distant stars. So what had she hit? Then, a defeaning mental cry assaulted her mind. 'Jenora!!!!'

'What the hell?!' She thought to herself. Suddenly, she was blinded as dozens of beams of fire blazed into her shield. How fire could exist in space, she didn't know. Maybe it wasn't devoid of oxygen after all. Not having to breathe, she didn't really care. The beams almost shattered the shield, they were so powerful. As the fire dimmed, she saw a huge creature that looked exactly like Lavos, except curled into more of a ball shape, probably for travelling purposes. There was also something that looked like a copy of the Lavoid's front pod floating around. The spawn she was chasing was nowhere to be seen. 'He's going to be grown up by the time I get where he's going.' She cursed to herself, then grinned. 'Oh well, if that's true, I might as well get in a little practice!'

"Well Jenora, or whoever you are," She shouted out loud, "let's see how you like a little star magic!" The thing that looked like the Lavoid's front pod smashed into her shield again, but was merely deflected. The Lavoid itself seemed to think nothing of the magical waves bulding up in front of it. It charged toward Schala as well, picking up speed from its already impressive velocity. Then, the spell resolved. It ripped through the Lavoid's open front pod, and continued on into the shell. The Lavoid's own speed, rather than the spell, sheared it in half as the gigantic star like explosion dissipated. As the shell drifted away, Schala was immensely surprised to see a humanoid figure burning inside, then becoming dark. 'That was a little too easy.' She grinned to herself. 'Maybe it was more inexperienced than Lavos.'

Then, her shield was finally compromised as that pod like thing smashed all the way through, hissing at her angrily. "Damn it!!" She screamed as it reached down toward her. There was nowhere for her to go. Then, she remembered nothing more. The pod drifted away as the shield's auto repair spells forced it out. The shield quickly got itself back on course, then resumed its chase of the spawn, Schala once again suspended inside. All memories of the incident gone from her mind.


"In the intermediate phase, swiftly developing complexity within the system hides the risk of imminent chaos. But the risk is there." - Ian Malcolm


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