Pathways Of Foreboding Credits

By Paul Nathans

Last come the Credits.

I probably couldn't have done this without you people!

She'an (Forget E-Mail Address) for providing most of the inspiration that I needed to start this Fanfiction, for her comments on various things, and for her Chaos-Zeromus Theory. Keep up the great work, and enjoy Squaresoft's latest Masterpieces.

Elik/Odessa/Tamerine (Current E-Mail Address: for her incredible Fanfictions, for reading the early Chapters that I sent to her upon completion, as well as for her comments on various things. Keep up the great work!

Fritz "The Dullard" Fraundorf ( for reading the early Chapters of this Fanfiction and for critiquing them and giving me his opinions, for agreeing to post this Fanfiction on his site if I want to send it there, as well as generally just being a good and understanding friend! :-) Keep up the great work, Fritz! Hope you enjoy this thing now that its finally been completed.

Roas Atrades (Current E-Mail Address: for also talking with me about the story, and trying to keep in touch and provide his opinions even if the few times he's tried I've been busy Uploading and/or Downloading and couldn't chat with him then. Keep up the great work!

Kao Megura ( for his little idea of dealing with the resident morons out there. Well, Half-Credit, you know I didn't agree with the thing at the start, and by the time I did I would've thought of it myself.

Henry LaPierre (Unknown E-Mail Address) for providing his Translations upon which I got a few things from skimming. Although you might want to watch it with your Translations, its not Ramuza and Orlan, its Ramza and Olan, respectively.

Matthew Schuele ( for discussions, ideas, imput, critiquing, and talking about various things. Also for helping me out with choosing exactly who should be Altima's newest 'Hosts' great choice out of my list of possible 'Hosts.' Your choice turned-out for the best, not only, as you said, was she more like Alma in form, and presumedly Ajora, than most of the other 'Host Choices', but it also fit right, too. And I might've slipped-up there if not for you. Oh, yeah, and for being an understanding and good friend. :-) Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work! FINAL FANTASY TACTICS is the best game out there, I agree!

Keith Adams ( for imput and help with plausibility of the story, regardless of whether or not I knew about the latter. He's great with the plausibility and could've stumbled upon something I didn't know. For his little 'Spoiler Distraction' to discourage would-be 'Spoiler-Wanters', too. Also for typing one of the two best CHRONO TRIGGER Fanfictions out there, or, for that matter, any type of stories! And for being understanding when I explained David Lundquist might not like it if forced to remove his tributes, for being the fatest E-Mail Responder I know of, I even had to keep up with him and I check nearly every hour, and for talking about other things. Keep up the great work!

Brian Work ( for posting my stories and for giving imput and compliments on them. Also for talking with me on AOL and just generally being a good and understanding friend. :-) Keep up the great work!

David Lundquist ( for providing imput on the stores, writing the other of the best CHRONO TGRIGGER Fanfictions out there, better than most Stories, too, talking with me, agreeing to Co-Author LAVOID TRIGGER with me, sending me his own Novel, he's 17, not an adult, don't even think it, please, and most of all, for being a good and understanding friend. Thanks a bunch! :-) Keep up the great work!

Marron ( for writing the best FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Fanfiction I've seen yet!

Michael Hahn (Forget E-Mail Address) for writing a wonderful and 'clean, as in, no cussing' PHANTASY STAR Fanfiction, and for being the only other Author I know of to decipher the meaning of the words 'Final Fantasy.' And heck, he hasn't even read my Fanfiction! Keep up the great work! :-)

Frank Verderosa ( for offering comments and imput, as well as for being a good friend, too! I like this new trend of talking about more than Video Games and getting to that point faster than I did with most people! :-) Keep up the great work!

Maggie Theis and Erin Theis ( for being the best darned Story Authors I've found anywhere, for imput, compliments, agreeing to do a little Vignette (how they'd have written one small section of this story) as well as giving me a resource to provide some of the MIDIs I used while typing this Fanfiction Page, and for agreeing to post this Fanfiction on their site. Keep up the great, no, *Wonderful Work!!!!!* :-)

The gang at The UnOfficial Squaresoft Homepage/Square.Net/RPGamer for posting all those FINAL FANTASY MIDIs and ITs. Seeing as how I play the Music all the time during this story, each respective theme where I felt it necessary.

Whoever (Sorry, I don't even remember the Name Here) runs that page with the neat FINAL FANTASY MP3s, I also used those as well as the ITs and MIDIs. Oh, for those wondering what MIDI/IT/MP3 I now have going, its the same one I was playing through the Author's Atferthoughts, too. Stafrole.mid(i), Duh!

The Captain ( for agreeing to illustrate this Fanfiction. Your site is neat-enough that I may send-in my Fanfiction for posting there, but if I'd like to have it HTMLized, please do! Keep up the great work!

Efren E. Epilepsa ( for comments and compliments on this story! Also, for agreeing to post my story on her site. No, I don't think PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING is even close to the Wonderful Fanfictions, although it definately kicks dumb old' FORGOTTEN MESSIAH into a gutter, sorry, Erik, but if you've read the rest you know my opinions of that little 'mess-up' of yours at the end. Still, having someone tell me my Fanfiction belongs in the Wonderful Fanfictions, is neato'! I loved those lines: "PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING puts a whole new meaning to FINAL FANTASY VII, as well as the other FINAL FANTASIES." And "PATHWAYS OF FOREBODING is one Fanfiction no one is likely to forget!" BTW, I may not belong in the Wonderful Fanfictions, but you certainly do! Keep up the great work! :-)

Anyone who's offered compliments on this Fanfiction, save for that one person who, while insulting my Fanfiction, denounced many other's Fanfiction, including Frank Verderosa's! Sorry, pal, but complimenting mine while insulting others, even if they had it coming, just doesn't cut it! Especially when you also insult Frank Verderosa's Fanfiction, who is way up there in the 'Wonderful Class!'

Austin (Forget E-Mail Address) for asking if my Fanfiction could be posted on his/her (know his gender, anyone, I got one E-Mail from him today and don't know enough about the person to guess) site, even though I had to deny that request. I may change my minds about those other sites, too, I'm thinking of making this an Icy-Page Only Fanfiction!

The 'Athena Faniverse' gang with whom I write GARGOYLES FANFICTION, for accepting me into their group and letting me write stories with them! :-)

Chase Compton (, Sett, and for reading the early Chapters of this Fanfiction, critiquing it, giving me imput, working with me on various projects, and just generally being a good and understanding friend! Keep up the great work!

Timothy (I told you I'd Forget Your Last Name If You Didn't Write It Down) for adding the nifty 'tentacle-legs' feature to Sliyonog. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

Brendon DeDonna and Steven Budco for being great friends here! If you find this Fanfiction, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

My friends back in Kansas, especially Charlie McCord, Brian Spiegel, Chad (Forget Last Name), and Zachary Cheney. If you ever get a chance to read this, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

My sister and my parents, Laura Nathans, Anne Nathans, and Gene Nathans for giving compliments, imput, and being a kind and loving family! :-)

And finally, the gang at Square for creating one of the best RPG Series(es) in existence! :-) Keep up the great work, and you mind asking Keith Adams, David Lundquist, Maggie Theis, and Erin Theis to join your staff?! :-)


Now for the List of Idiots.

About that term, as stated above, I didn't agree with it at the start, and by the time I agreed with it, would've come-up with something similar. Believe me on that one. However, I found no other possible title.

These people have either annoyed me, tried to annoy me, been a bunch of morons, and/or just been jerks during the course of and/or with actions related to this story. Sorry, dunderheads, but you had this coming!


The Idiot List:

Nicole Dinner ( for proclaiming me a 'lamer' who stalked her in one of her Updates. Hello, when I find someone who usually responds to mails almost automatically not responding anymore, I wonder why. I didn't know you were going on a trip, and afterwards, that didn't give you any good reason to ignore my request for a certain group of Interactive Fanfictions. Even afterwards, you would've been off of this list, still regarding the point that you regarded me as obsessed with CHRONO TRIGGER! Nanaki, Icy, anyone, feel free to do as you wish to her for that, that wasn't that big of an insult. No, bringing up the subject after it'd been dropped and proclaiming me a lamer got you up here, lady!

Ian Justman (Forget E-Mail Address) for banning me from the Esper.Net IRC Network. I was not harassing anyone there, because I did not know that it was against the rules to surf the Chat Rooms looking for people. I also did not know of anything called Rits-and-Runs, if you banned me for that you get this double than you've already got. I wasn't harassing people. Furthermore, you've probably delivered the most offensive line on an E-Mail, save one person who asked if I had cuss words in my Fanfic, yeah, right, people, I don't do that! That person isn't going on the Idiot List because it was a simple mistake, but this...umm, you also stated that I'm obsessed with CHRONO TRIGGER, but then delivered the offensive rhetorical question of "What's it going to lead to next? [I'm spelling the following terms since I don't like the words, and the latter is a bad word, he did not spell them, and I will not say nor write them.] M-u-r-d-e-r, r-a-p-e?" Icy, Nanaki, whoever, I don't care what you do to this guy either, especially this guy. I mean, what CHRONO TRIGGER Fan would not get infuriated at that!? for cussing at me over a simple misunderstanding and then having the audacity to say you were not. Plus, having the audacity to then try to give me suggestions for POF and including a word I don't like with them, and also telling me the things outside of the suggestion and included therein I should *NOT* (Different file, that's only once here) do.

Michael Mustachio for erasing all of my stories on the Computers at School and then claiming that some power surge did so. Again, you're lucky that I don't practice vengeance or that would've been the end of your stories, too. Take a hike in the firepits of Wutai, moron!

Erin Wager (Forget E-Mail Address) for not posting Matthew Schuele's Epic FINAL FANTASY TACTICS story because it either wasn't good enough in her opinion, and I think she said it was, or was too 'cliched!' I didn't see a single cliche there, lady, nor do I see anything wrong with an Author who can type fast! No cliches, so get that story up already!!!!! Also, for proclaiming a majority of Fanfictions cliche and doing so in very insulting prose.

Bethany (Unknown Last Name) for forging the lie that got me kicked out of 9th Grade permanently, just last Thursday, October 1st, 1998. You have yet to annoy me yet, though, lady.

Dr. Goralsky "Dr. Grouchy" for believing her and performing the act of permanently suspending me from that school. He didn't like me, I gather, from the fact that I didn't go to In-School-Suspension for two days for accidentally hitting a teacher. I don't fight anyone unless cornered or grabbed. He didn't even talk to the teacher, and admitted it. Plus, when I said it was an accident he said that was 'b-u-l-l'[Four-Letter-S-Word]. Hey, you can't believe lies like that. Sorry, but I still have the last laugh here!

Xeenlord ( for taking my Fanfiction off of Icy's Page without even informing me, I didn't even know he/she had done so until today, a day after I'd finished this thing, when I was supposed to be done with this, and thus forcing me to add this here. I want that Fanfiction removed from your page, you'd better have done so in the time given on the mail. You may have earned you place on this page more than Ian Justman! Not even your compliments are enough to save you here, oh, and folks, he didn't even get the title right and insulted it by classifying it as an FFVII Fanfiction with a bit of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS in it! Let's hear it for a possible Supreme Idiot here, folks! Growl!

Stephen Sibley (Forget E-Mail Address) for doing the same thing as Amos Hunter below, something I'd rather not list more than once because it makes me really annoyed, except he, Stephen, that is, didn't call my Fanfiction a Crossover.

Amos Hunter ( for universally insulting all cliche Fanfics in the most-insulting terms possible! And to add to that, yeah, a measly little one point, but still adding to it, even though you already, in my mind, were on the Idiot Lists of this Fanfiction, you called my Fanfiction a Crossover. You belong here, buster!


Sorry to have to end this one kinda' on a negative note, but I didn't want to give the Idiot List first. I'm not bothering with a dumb Disclaimer because we all know darn well who's who's, and we also know that we darn well wouldn't infringe on their characters! Therefore, no Disclaimers.

Story Begun: November 9th, 1997
Story Ended: October 6th, 1998

Watch for the beginning of LAVOID TRIGGER in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoyed reading this! :-)


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