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Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction
ReviewableFinal Fantasy VIII: Vigil of the Fates
- FFVIII is a good story—a better story, perhaps, than it is a game. No element of the game illustrates this point as well as its resplendent FMV sequences. These eye-candies are so good, in fact, that the rest of the game tends to pale in comparison. One day I was watching the concluding sequence and thought it was a crying shame that the game did not maintain such sophisticated expressiveness throughout its entirety. I thought I’d try rewriting the whole thing and make the experience richer. And here we are. This is my project to novelize FFVIII from the beginning to the end. It’s nowhere near completion, and it promises to be one long journey.

Here’s the deal. The story you are about to read—or rather, start reading—is essentially the same as the game’s own; I try to be as faithful to the source material as possible. This retelling, however, ultimately belongs to me. My writing will be full of whatever it is that makes me who I am rather than you or someone else. I will not confine myself to the letter of the canon, and where I think the canon is unsatisfactory for my own fictive goals I will revise it. My point: do not feel betrayed if your own interpretation of FFVIII is not echoed in this piece. This novel is not meant to be an annotated game transcript. Such a novel would not be worth reading, much less writing. All fanfic, after all, is make-believe at heart. This novel will behave differently from the game and will often feature elements not included in the game. Characters may not be perfect mirror images of their in-game counterparts. That said, I will repeat that I try in my own way to remain faithful to the canon.

Reviews are most appreciated. Constructive criticism is welcome. It will be a long journey, indeed.
Chapter 1: Morning - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 2: The Instructor - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 3: Announcement - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 4: Transfer Student - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 5: At the Cafeteria - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 6: Fire Cavern - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 7: Ifrit - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 8: Assignment - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 9: On the Way - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 10: Dollet - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 11: Battle Begins - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 12: Change of Plan - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 13: Their True Intent - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 14: Transformation and Reverberation - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 15: Withdrawal - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 16: SeeD - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 17: Shooting Star - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 18: Midnight Training - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 19: Interviews - June 6th, 2002
Chapter 20: Mission - June 6th, 2002

Final Fantasy 8 Fanfic
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