By Pip

-two years ago


She looked the same.

Maybe it was Wu-tain myths or the horror stories she'd heard from other girls. But she'd always thought that when a girl lost it, something changed. She still looked like she'd always had, violet eyes she'd inherited from her mother, deep brown hair. She stepped back from the huge mirror, examining herself fully. Her hips were still boyishly thin, her breasts depressingly small. She was a little sore though….

She shook her head. She'd lost it, and what did she have to show for it? Well….Some really hot memories. Turning, she wrapped a towel around herself, pausing to admire her surroundings. If nothing else, he knew how to live.

"Baby, where'd you go?"

She turned, walking out of the bathroom. "Don't call me-" she started with a smile, then stopped as she saw him.

His hair'd been shoved back into that ponytail, the sunglasses struggling to keep stray spikes from mako and whisky eyes. His body, all pale marble and sharp muscle, was hidden from view by a suit designed to hide bloodstains. He looked up from pulling on a blue blazer over a wrinkled shirt, cocking and firing a grin at her.

"What're you doing?" She asked.

"Leavin'. Look, Yvette-" He said.

"Yuffie, you asshole." She spat. "My name's Yuffie."

"Right. Sorry, shweets. Anyway, like I was saying, it was great fun, and you're a wonderful girl, but hey, face it. You're a good guy, and I'm not. So, I'm going to work, as I am already an hour later than normal. There's a taxi waiting for you downstairs, your friends are where you left them." He picked up his EMR and started checking it over for dents and such.

"You…" She hissed, stalking over. She wouldn't cry, she chanted over and over in her mind, focusing instead on the fury. "I thought-"

"What, Yuff? That I loved you? You can't honestly say that." Disgust suited those sharp features. "You wanted an adventure, maybe a quick way to pick up some materia. I was there, and it worked. Don't lie about emotions, because I only acknowledge two, and you know it. Hatred and lust."

She couldn't argue. She had known he didn't love her, didn't feel anything for her besides lust. And she had used him. It stung that he could see through her so easily. But she didn't want to go, not yet. A part of her screamed that she had to love him, after all, hadn't she given it up to him? Another part told her to get real, she had known what she was getting into when she walked in. And still another chided her for doing it in the first place. Really, all she wanted to do was be held, told it was all right. And in a desperate attempt to achieve this, the next words fell off her lips.

"I gave you my virginity." She whispered.

Silent, he watched her a moment, then twisted his EMR, tossing three glowing orbs at her. "Payment." His voice burned. "Now get out."

He watched her dress with obvious disinterest, shook his head as he saw the dampness on her eyelashes.

"Yuffie." So softly, he sounded like he cared, like he loved her.

She refused to meet his eyes as he took her chin, tilted it up and laid a lovers kiss on her lips, sweet to the taste and lacking the heat of the previous night. When she finally did look at him, his eyes were sun warmed.

"Grow up." He whispered, then pushed her out the door.

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