Shinra Vignettes


By Pip










They called me these things; told me I was a raving madman, that I lacked a soul. I was, to them, just another excuse for their hatred, for their foolishness. They made mistakes, trusted those who were not to be trusted, and now, they seek to pass the blame. I was handy, for them, because I was not understood.

They will learn.

The soul. Scientifically, this does not exist. Therefore, I must not have one. After all, the soul pertains to religion, and religion and science cannot co-exist. There is one god, and I am its slave. That, is what matters, after all? For the one god is truth, and don't we all seek god? Hence, scientists must be the true followers of god, for we are the ones who seek the truth.

I was misunderstood, and therefore hated. I sought to find paradise, so that mankind could prosper. I would lie if I said that was my only reason. The possibility of another world, the perfect realm, fascinated me. I was condemned for my dream.

Understand that my son is not the child of that pitiful human woman. Biologically, he would have died in the womb. He should have. But I, loving father, saved him, with the help of Jenova, the true mother. She, really, would have been his mother, but no matter what anyone tries; science cannot yet reanimate the dead.

Dead physically, of course.

To say such a magnificent creature could be dead, in every way, would be to say the planet dies in the stark winters. She simply sleeps, awaiting her time to rise again. If the physical remains of the Cetra that has been named Jenova can be reanimated, then I predict she will lead us to the Promised Land. And she did rise, that is why I am most feared. For I brought her back, discovered the secret to eternal life.

I gave her a son.

And that son, with hair of spun moonlight and eyes of the planet's own lifeblood, will lead me. He is my loving child, and will do anything for me.

They ridiculed me because I supposedly was a mockery to a great scientist. I was not. The degrading insolent mockery of a scientist who called himself Gast was no more that a tool of the people, a worthless, unimaginative, mindless creature that gave the ignorant masses what they wished. I went against the people to save the very ones that tried to condemn me. I was turned into a child's nightmare while Gast was hailed a martyr.

I was cursed, because I destroyed a few lives. Destroying a few lives is nothing, if I can figure out how to save countless others. If I can learn how to stop the child's cry by learning why it cries, then why stop me?

But, I am the one laughing.

For they work and fight. But myths die.

I shall be remembered.


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