Shinra Vignettes


By Pip

Angel. Seraph, celestial spirit, cherub, archangel, glorified spirit, cherubim, heavenly being, dominion, principalities.


I have only one wing, yet I soar above all of these weak ones, all of these children, these sheep. They are mindless beings, things without direction and souls, created only to destroy. The planet, our mother, our life giver, and our nurturer will reward me for purging her of them.

Once I was as they were, though I have always been better, higher, and holier than them. They say I will destroy everything, including myself.

In death, we shall learn to live, and with that knowledge, I destroy hell to replace it with heaven.

The lifestream, that which is life and death, gave birth to my mother, who gave birth to me. I am the next ruler of the planet that nurtures us, and I will rule as the god that I am. A single black orb, a marble made of ink, a sphere of antimatter, is all that I need to accomplish this.

There are the few that rise up against me. They will make me into a legend, where I am already a myth. They seek to destroy me without realizing what they seek to do. I will be destroyed, but with my mortal body, they will go as well.

I shall give the planet and her life back to those who love her.

The ShinRa thought they owned me, thought they created me. The fool, Hojo, thought he could control me, the boy, Rufus, thought he could use me. They made interesting pawns for my game, though that is all it is. A game.

I am the avenging angel, and I will become the wrath of the Ancients, those who were wronged. My mother wishes is, the planet cries for it, and the lifestream demands it. I will gladly be their champion. Human emotions pass; those of the gods do not exist. For my reward, I will live in paradise.

They will be punished.

I am called fallen, and broken for my one wing. Yet I soar above them in the form of a hurtling mass of rock and flames, sent by a god to rid the planet of that which destroys her, chains her to a rock and drops poison on her forehead as they draw blood from her veins.

They say I went insane, went crazy.

My perception of life is not the same as theirs. Of course, I am then, crazy.

I will avenge the sins committed against the innocence of the life givers and I will teach the unbelievers to believe again. This is my job, and I am committed.

Hell will be replaced by paradise.

It will be so.


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