Unrequited Love

By Pip

She'd always been beautiful. He'd never thought she'd ever been anything less than stunning. It wasn't just her body, but her soul that seemed to shine through like the sun through rain clouds.

She'd always been beautiful, if not to everyone, than just to him.

He couldn't remember when he fell in love with her. He just knew one day, that if she left him, he would die. After all, no one could live without their heart, and he was no exception. He couldn't tell her, couldn't find the words to tell her what he knew in his heart, no, what he knew in his soul.

He loved her.

He'd survived staying with her, and not being able to have her, to posess her in every way, mind, body, soul, and heart. In all the ways she posessed him. In all the ways she chained him to her. He stayed by her with no reason other than he had the chance to be near her. He suffered through her love for another man, through her grief for the loss of this man, and all the time, wishing it was him that she ached for.

God, how he loved her.

She'd left, years ago. He'd known, deep in his soul, that it was coming, but he'd tried to deny it, ignore it and pray his soul was wrong. She'd left, and with her, his heart had gone.

He'd left not soon after, not bearing to stay at the job, and the HQ, where there were so many reminders of her. He could still see her, smell her scent, hear her laugh. But the fact remained that she was gone, and he wasn't with her.

He missed her, even now.

He'd wandered, a lost soul, looking for it's other half, and knowing the other half didn't want him. Every night, he wanted to cry, to yell, to tell someone, anyone how damn unfair it was. Even as her eyes had searched him, as she'd waited for him to say the words they both wanted to hear, he knew he couldn't say them.

So she'd left him.

It had hurt. Even more than when his best friend had left. It was like having his soul ripped from his body when it yearned to stay. The nights were the worst, long, cold, lonely nights, with nothing to look forward to but another day without her smile to warm his heart.

He'd gotten the letter a few days before, and the invitation, surpised at how much the simple sentence had hurt him. The sentence the mocked him, laughed at him, and worse, reminded him of his failure.

You are invited to the wedding of Elena to Tseng.

God he missed her. He'd told himself he wouldn't go. He couldn't see her again, the pain would kill him. This time, it would kill his body, not just his soul. But even death was better than living without her. But even as he told himself this, he knew he would go.

And here he was, outside the bride's chambers, waiting for an answer to his knock.

The door opened slowly, and there she stood. His eyes drank her in like a man on the verge of death drinks in the sight of an angel. She was an angel. She was his angel, but she'd never really be his.

Her hair was still the colour of spun sunlight, her eyes the shade of the summer skies. She was still nearly a head shorter than him, petite and lovely. Perfect in every way, shape, and form.

God, he'd missed her.

Had she missed him as much as he had. Did she know that his heart was condemned to follow her for eternity? Did she know the nights he'd sat and prayed to a meriless god for death, knowing his wish would never be furfilled?

"Rude. You came!" She launched herself into his arms, in a hug he knew meant nothing to her, yet meant everything to him. He barly restrained himself from crushing her against him, from claiming her lips, and then her body, the ways he'd dreamed. Instead he did as he always did, and stepped back.

The wedding was beautiful. Reno was there with his wife, as was the president and first lady. Had everyone found their soul mate but him? Was God truly that cruel, that cold hearted?

Tseng looked nervous, and happy. Rude's mind cried out in dispair, his soul screamed that it was wrong, that no, she belonged with him! To him! But even as they did so, reality slapped him sharply.

She came down the aisle, stunning. Every man ached, every woman yearned, and he fought to control his tears. Couldn't she see how much he needed her?

The ceramony passed in a blur, until he heard the words that snapped him awake. If nothing else, he had to know, he had to find out. All his life, he'd been silent, letting others do the talking. Maybe it was time to say something, instead of just waiting. He had everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

"If any here have any objections to this marrige, speak now or forever hold your peace."

He took a deep breath, and stood up slowly.


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