Venus Gospel Author's Notes

By Princess Artemis

Just a couple of simple things. For all continuity freaks and nitpickers (like me), I shall clear up a thing or two. For one, I rearranged Cid’s house because I felt it was important for the inhabitants to have somewhere to rest their heads. If you look carefully, Cid and Shera are pretty much the only people on the face of the Planet who don’t have nice, big beds to sleep in. The only thing that comes close is that dinky little red couch in that dinky little room that’s stuffed to the gills with junk. But I kept the couch. Also, I figure the Venus Gospel is about eight to ten feet long, a full half of which is wicked lookin’ blade. Stood on end, Cid could see his reflection, and I doubt it would get stuck in the ceiling.

About the dragon stuff: don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought at first that Cid was a Dragoon in pilot’s clothing. Watch him fight. He never ever runs except to escape (in fear that the monsters would laugh at him?) He always jumps, sort of like Aeris but not so high or funny looking.

Moria, the Dwarven home, which had an extensive mithril (True silver) mine, was under and through the Misty Mountains, so I decided to call the mountains over the Mythril Mine after them. Who says it wasn’t once in Middle Earth?

On a more serious note, I wanted any potential readers who made it this far to know that I didn’t make up the emotional stuff. I know the hurricane and the jackal, the power and sharpness of the Venus Gospel, and I’ve felt the Promised Land. I’ve been on both sides. So this is a lot autobiographical, with a good measure me bein’ weird. Hope you enjoyed it.

--Princess Artemis

P.S. And yeah, I did have two Chocobos named Setzer and Cid. Not my fault they turned out ta be girls!


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