Final Fantasy VII: Resurrection Prologue


By Quinctia

I looked down at the band of comrades, as they made their way across the grassy plains. This was the same group I had seen my mother with before, the same group that I had been following since I had seen them in Nibelheim, while I was resting. But it has been weeks since I had seen my mother with this party, and I know it in my heart that she is dead. And it is with a bittersweet note that I remember my father's search that had lasted so long, in which I had succeeded, then failed.

My name is Raieyana. I am the daughter of Tseng Amine and Aeris Gainsborough. I know this sounds illogical, considering my mother is--was twenty-two, when I am sixteen. This would make Aeris only a young child when I was conceived. But I was produced in a lab, by Hojo of Shinra, perhaps in his quest for an Ancient that could withstand his grueling tests. For whatever reason, I came into being. According to my father, Hojo combined samples of his cells with those of Aeris, creating a child. Hojo did not even tell my father about this until I was at least six months old. With this new knowledge, my father smuggled me from the lab and brought me to my aunt Aula in Upper Junon, to be taken care of while he searched for Ifalna, and later, Aeris. I never really knew my father very well, although when I did see him, he was always surrounded by an aura of depression, desperation. He was sorry for what he had done, what Shinra had done, especially what Hojo had done. But he was too afraid to leave Shinra, too afraid for himself, maybe even for me. I remember finding him dying in the Temple of the Ancients. He told me not to worry...and that he loved me. He said he was sorry for anything he might have done to hurt me. I told him he had done nothing to me that he should be sorry for. I held his hand as he died. I heard his last words. "Find her...and stop Sephiroth." And then I cried for the first time in a long while.

Sephiroth may be dead, but the Planet is not yet saved. I have a duty, a responsibility, to all those I hold dear to protect it from the danger that I know is now imminent. I cannot do it alone; I am the only one who can protect it, however. I must not fail, because there is no other person who possesses my knowledge of this crisis, or the solution. But getting allies is my first objective. This is my only thought as I walk down the hill towards the party.

Chapter 1

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