Redemption Chapter 21

By Janet Monstwillo

Though Jenn O' Vah destroyed
With massive pain employed
The blessed mother still remained
Through grievous bearings--pained
Slipping through the mountains high
Escaping where the evil lied
Deep ran the Cetra naïveté;
She could not deceive the Calamity
But she was not last, rather the first
A line long meant to feel the hurt
Of pride resounding in the air
Heavy is the weight they bear
Yet, at long end comes Sacrifice
Brought to pain by some Strife
This quest, then through tatters worn
Brings the Son of the Sun--born

He stopped reciting the translated text. "It seems to make sense, doesn't it?"

"Not particularly, Red." Tifa groaned.

"Well I just meant in terms of telling a story. I'm sure that there is hidden meaning and metaphor within it."

"Of course. Then again, I haven't known the details of Patrick to make any connection... How long have you known?"

"Before Reeve left, he told me Patrick wasn't his son. I asked Vincent what he knew." The red creature stood and stretched. "He knew much. Though I doubt even he has any inside secrets to this scripture."

"All I know for sure is that khazed is in this passage, so that means Raieyana."

"At long end comes Sacrifice..." he murmured. "Wouldn't that be implying that the Sacrifice is near the end of this historical account?"

"Maybe...but what is with the two synonyms in the next line? Brought to pain by some strife...?"

"Tifa, I think you need to go to bed."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm sorry that the implied hidden meanings aren't jumping out into my brain."

"What is Cloud's last name?"

Her eyes widened.

"And of course, 'Son of the Sun' is Pa'at Rich in the runes."

"So our Cetra text predicted the very things occurring now?!"

"Well in double meanings, I suppose." His brow furrowed. "I got some more of it translated besides that piece."

"Well go right ahead." Tifa grimaced. "You seemed to get the interesting part, anyway."

On the Planet, this child has no face
Nor in the land of Promise, or other place
In the final age of alien hope
The binding breaks; cut the rope
A chance to deliver shall be freed
Without others, cannot succeed
One who sees, one who burns;
One who grieves, and one who learns...
The age where Meteors eclipse the stars
After the last--land escapes without scars
Hidden poison placed by false gods
Who resurrect our race, against the odds
A guild twice rises from the ashes
And with the Cetra ever clashes
Another one is wrought anew
But falls to greed and avarice, too

Give this prayer to those who believe
Stand strong against those easily deceived
A path is forged for all--
Allow none to fall
One more liquid orb within the deep
Will be summoned forth from eons' sleep
Another time for all to fight
Remains within the endless night
And He, although the grains of sand
Slip through time, still will demand
Redemption for a deed long planned--
Thinks penance little reprimand--
Must take the time to understand
That never shalt a soul be damned
Though flames of hatred may be fanned--
It's to the Skies he'll raise his hand...

Then never more the sickness falls
Safe forever are the halls

More things are still left unsaid
For true salvation--cannot be read.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

When Igmar-Boleyn burned, they had wept.

Somehow though, there remained an inner sanctum inside them. Telling them, that they must flee, run away from an evil pursuing them. Nothing good had befallen them since the arrival of the woman named Jenova.

They had driven her out because of the sickness, but Reiven still had answered to her, and in the end, met his own end. The dreams had told them that. The dreams had also pleaded, begged, implored them to stay alive.

The dreams begged but would not tell them why. How can two lone survivors of a holocaust know their importance?

Riana, seven months' pregnant, struggled up the precipice. "We shouldn't go this way. It's too hard."

Erhiz reached a hand down and struggled, pulling her up. "It's our only hope. And She could cut us off here, too."

Finally, Riana reached the ledge. "How can we find a place to hide? The land is small, and we have no way to cross the waters. The Calamity will catch baby..." She placed a hand on her swollen abdomen. "I want to see it born."

"One more climb. The Planet is telling me that there is a cave right above here. We can go deep into it and be safe. Build a fire and be warm."

She sat down, with labored breathing. "I can't. I'm too weak. Can't we rest?"

"The Planet says to hurry..."

"Well the Planet isn't with child." Riana sat down on the ledge, shivering slightly.

Erhiz looked at her companion. "Nay, Riana, we must go on. Your lips are purplish."

"It's a trick of light. I feel perfectly warm."

"No. You are being tricked by the cold. We must go to that cave; we must!"

A voice resounded from what seemed to be the sky. "I cannot believe you two stayed out here without cover for so long. I had feared I would not find you." A slender form descended from on high. Jenova, levitating in the air, reached out her arms. "Why not let me carry you off? Surely you will reach a better place once I am done with you."

Erhiz stepped forward. "Do not try to lie to us."

"Lie? I thought your 'Promised Land' was a good place to be," she said with scorn.

The two women became frozen in terror.

"Tell me how Riana escaped from Reiven, for that is all I wish to learn from you. The village was Reiven's doing." Jenova made the pretense of sorrow coat her features. "I tried to help him, but he went crazy in the end despite that. His jealousy for this woman burned, and he vowed to kill her child. He told me he had."

Riana's voice was barely above a whisper. "My father had taken a new wife, and she was carrying my half-brother or sister. Reiven slew her, not me. He foolishly went to the wife's chambers in the chief's residence. My husband and I lived in other quarters."

"Interesting." The alien had used the distraction of Riana's story to come closer to the pair.

Suddenly, Erhiz knew what was in the mind of the enemy. Shoving Riana towards the rock wall, she yelled "Flee up to the cave, Riana...flee! Your son must live or the Planet will have pain eternal." Then she dove onto the floating form of Jenova, hoping her attack would cause them both to hurtle to the ground.

Catching her breath, Riana struggled up the craggy face of Gaia's Cliff, making progress despite the hindrance of her swollen belly.

Jenova winced as the girl's body collided with hers. Plucking it up before it could fall, she stared coldly into Erhiz's eyes. "I shall have my wish. The simple devices of your Planet do not affect me. You can remember that as you slowly die." She gently tossed her to the ground, making sure the impact would not be hard enough to kill the girl--at least not instantly.

Meanwhile, Riana had managed to get her arms up on the next ledge. She felt like they would break off as she struggled to pull her enlarged body over the edge. At long last, she finally made it on top and saw it. The cave mouth was lying right in front of her.

"The Planet makes a sanctuary for the Son of the Sun's birth. Enter the cave, and it will be a haven."

Riana did not know where the voice had come from, but she nearly wept for joy as she bolted to the cave's entrance. Then she fell and heard a cackle of glee.

Jenova had the pregnant woman by the ankle. She slowly dragged her away from the cave. (This time, I shall do my own dirty deed.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

("Precious mother. That was all you were born to do. Die and give birth, that was your destiny. Far below mine. You shall awaken as I reawaken, for when I kill him, you must be aware. It is better that way."

Awaken? What is the purpose of being awake? When the events of my life play out as they will...I have no control. I need not be awake.

"The way of life on your precious planet will not allow that. You shall be aware, as the whole sphere shall be aware, when I rip your precious son's throat from him. He will not succeed against me, though you and your Planet have. This once. I will not be so thoughtless next time. I thought your pain had made you weak."

Pain does not weaken me. It tires me. All my life I have been grieving for people. I cannot believe that anyone would play on that grief.

"Of course I would. All I needed was someone willing to be my next 'Crazy Scientist' slave. He has plans. He's captured Alcor. The world spins while you sleep. Awake. Awake."

Why should I follow the sound of your voice to the light?


Why? Tell me...once and for all, who are you?)

Raieyana sat up suddenly. "Why must I wake up?"

Red XIII looked at her in amazement. ("Please come back to us. Wake up, we need you," I had said to her. What sort of development is this?) "I asked."

"My world has been many dreams and visions." She blinked. "How do I know that you are real?"

Suddenly, a ninja star spun by her, landing mere centimeters above her head, quivering after its landing in the wall behind her.

"Why did I ever let you watch her?" snarled the lion.

Yuffie smirked. "Is the star real...Ray?"

Ninja stars required a special type of handling, which Raieyana had learned and, thankfully, learned well. She taught this handling in Undor-Hai. Turning around, she cautiously removed the star. Glancing at the other two in the room, she raised an eyebrow. "Little proof. I know how to use these."

Red XIII and Yuffie sighed.

Raieyana shrugged and deliberately brought a tip to her arm, slicing a small line. "Ouch," she said softly. "I guess I am awake."

Blood spilled from her cut and onto the blanket covering her. "I'll go get my Cure materia," said Red XIII quickly.

"Don't bother. It doesn't work on me. No materia ever worked on me, except for after the time I died."

"Why is that?" Yuffie looked amazed.

"I'm not sure. The same went for Aysta...I always thought it was something strange Hojo had done to us." Raieyana glanced at them. "Someone could go get something I could use for a bandage though."

"Oh right!" Red XIII ran off.

Yuffie and Raieyana smiled at each other.

"Welcome back," said the ninja.


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