Long Time No See Chapter 1

The End is Only the Beginning

By Radicaldreamer_kid

"It's gone. It's really gone," yelled Yuffie. "The Ninja Materia master is successful again."

"You didn't do a damn thing, brat," said Cid.

"And you did old man," replied Yuffie. Cid began to cuss out Yuffie until she ran back to her "spot".

Red couldn't help but give a toothy feline grin. "All of us did something."

"That we did," said Tifa turning to the others then turning back to the large front window. She sighed.

Cloud sat still and quietly with his eyes shut. He kept seeing Aeris' face but then it would always fade away. He wanted her there. As a friend and comrade. Someone who already saved them. Aeris Gainsborough would never be forgotten. Not by Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, or............

"Avalance conquered Sephiroth. You he'r me foo. We won," cried Barret to the air.

Vincient stood in his spot and although unseen he held a grin of delight towards the success of the team.

Cid came up to Cloud and gave the young warrior a punch in the arm. "We won, kid. Stand up and celebrate. Will ya?"

Cloud opened his eyes and looked towards Cid then turned away. "Cid, I can't......." came Cloud's reply.

"Why not? We just saved this damn planet," interupted Cid dropping the cigarette from his mouth.

"There's too many gone Cid. Too many people were killed," said Cloud.

"You think a little bit of lives are anything compared to what would have be........."

Tifa interupted," He's right Cid. Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Aeris are all....." She couldn't continue. She missied each and every friend that died at Shinra's and/or Sephiroth's hands. Even her romance competition.

Cloud put a gloved hand over Tifa's own. She looked towards her hand then moved her eyes to Cloud's glowing blue. "You're not the only one who misses them Tifa. Neither am I."

Barret put a hand on Tifa's shoulder. "I do too."

Tifa smiled. This satisfied Cloud. After all he hated to see her hurt. To see her in pain. It was almost too hard for him to bare. He took his hand off Tifa's then walked away.

"Where are you going, Cloud?" asked Tifa.

Cloud grinned then replied," To see what our success has brought."

With that Cloud left the control room. Tifa was eager to follow then decided to stay behind. If only to leave him alone so he can think about Aeris.

"Why don't you follow Cloud?" asked Yuffie walking into the control room. She saw Cloud walk by without Tifa. She figured after their little night by the highwind Cloud and Tifa would be inseperable. And they were throughout the time since. Cloud and Tifa were side by side in the battle against Sephiroth. Since that they walked together, sat together, and would leave together.

"That's none of your business, brat," said Barret.

Yuffie stuck her tounge out at Barret. "I have as much right as you do to know." Seconds later she turned green. Then ran off back to the shipping dock.

"That was mean Cid," cried Tifa pulling the glass of water from his hands that he was swissing around so Yuffie could see.

"But it was pretty damn successful. It got the brat out of our hair," said Cid breaking into laughter.

Tifa shook her head. Cid, Barret, and Yuffie arguements would always get interesting. Sometimes one side could be so cruel though. Being sick wasn't fun. Watching the sick wasn't much better. Cid kept laughing and went towards the corridor leading to the operation rooms.

'I almost lost Cloud to the Mako poisoning. It was like a sickness to me too,' thought Tifa. It was true. She was scared during that time. Scared for Cloud mainly. She admitted he was the only thing she cared for anymore. When he was back to his real self she found he was different but still loved him just the same.

Cloud himself was at the Chocobo area where the black was kept. He stroked its beak. The chocobo warking gratefully towards Cloud. The black chocobo was raised under Cloud and never once seemed to let him down. Not in the races. Not in the time of need. Dusk, the black chocobo, was a favorite among the group.

"Hey, Dusk. Looks like you'll have a longer time to live," said Cloud.

The chocobo warked. Cloud grinned then leaned back against the chocobo feeder. He looked towards the ceiling.

"We'll miss you Aeris," whispered Cloud.

"Ain't that the damn truth."

Cloud looked towards the entrance to see Cid coming in.

"Hey Cid," greeted Cloud.

"You left a few minutes ago and it's already hi again. That works. By the way, Let's have a talk kid. Up at the damn deck or at least what's left of the piece of shit," said Cid.

Cloud nodded and smirked at Cid's language. He followed Cid up the path to what was left of the deck. Cid stood by the rails and looked over the landscape. Cloud stood beside him and he too scanned their surroundings.

"You were one hell of a leader kid. Or when you're not going wacky. But you sure are stupid!" said Cid.

Cloud gave the older pilot a confused look. "What?" asked Cloud.

"Listen Cloud. Do you know anything about what Tifa did while you were a vegetable?" questioned Cid.

"A little. Is this about Tifa, Aeris and me...........," asked Cloud leaning on the rails with his arms folded across them.

Cid shrugged. "Maybe. Maybe not. This is about Tifa and you as far as I'm concerned," said Cid.

"Cid. I......You'll never understand. And if you plan on giving me advice I suggest you follow your own," replied Cloud.

"Hey watch it kid. I am your elder. But I hate to say this.....," started Cid pausing in mid-sentence," you're right."

"That's what I thought," said Cloud with sarcasism.

"So which one is it?" asked Cid.

"Huh?" questioned Cloud in response.

"Tifa or Aeris," said Cid rolling his eyes.

"Friends, Both of them. Alive, both of them. For love, only one," replied Cloud pausing. What could he tell Cid next if he wasn't sure himself.

"Don't let Cait Sith choose for you. Let your heart tell you who's right for you. And I don't want you picking Tifa because she's in damn second place," said Cid.

"She's not. Cid, Tifa's always been in first. Aeris was only a friend who gave her life to us and understood me. Even if she was still here I'd say the same exact thing," responded Cloud.

Cid gave a quick hardy sigh. Then said," Get your ass to her then."

"Can't I relax for a bit Cid? Besides why don't you hurry your ass to Shera," said Cloud raising an eyebrow and gave his comrade a lopsided grin.

Cid growled,"Fine I will. But you better tell her how you feel before I tell Shera that she's not that bad of a woman."

Cloud looked over the landscape. "I will."

Cloud and Cid examined meteor's damage. They stayed in silence. Both thinking what choices they make and what the choices will do to their future. Neither was sure how but they knew this may be even harder than the battle they had with Sephiroth.

Chapter 2

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