Long Time No See Chapter 3

A Strange Encounter

By Radicaldreamer_kid

It has been twenty years since meteor and just fifteen years since the lifestream began acting up. It still appeared often around the towns never being as dangerous as it had been fifteen years ago at Nibelheim. Everyone was happy around the world but many were concerned with the lifestream and its rain of warnings. Inside the lifestream things were different.

Aeris Gainsbourgh could tell the warnings the lifestream and her were sending did not go unnoticed however they still didn't make anyone understand that the planet was in trouble. Aeris Gainsbourgh even tried to contact the others though their dreams but still it hadn't worked. She was in the promised land. She visited with her mother and many others. Included in the people she found her first boyfriend Zack had been there also. The lifestream had allowed Zack's spirit to go visit her. She was certainly happy but she wanted to see her old friends again.Not just watch them from the planet but be there to talk with them. She wanted to see how Tifa was doing and have a girl talk. Tifa was her best friend even though they were at competition for Cloud. She also missed Red and his lionlike features and his logical thinking. She missed Barret's and Cid's language not to mention Barret's under lying care for people and Cid's mechnical skills. She missed Cait Sith or Reeve however you wished to put it even though he was a spy she knew he was only doing it because he had too. Vincient and his quiet ways. Yuffie and her youth even though Yuffie had stolen her materia many times she had also missed them. She had especially missed Cloud. She was happy that he was married and had two kids but she still wished to be with him. Even if it was only as a friend and nothing more.

"Stop it. Tifa and him belong together. That's all there is to it,"she said to herself. She was walking though a field of flowers heading to the Cetra elders' palace.She was thinking of her memories she had with her friends. She giggled as she thought of the day they had to go to Don Corneo's mansion to rescue Tifa. She remembered how Cloud had looked in the dress which made her giggle even more.

Lost in thought she hadn't noticed someone come up beside her and sling his arm over her shoulders. He spoke, "Where are you headin?"

She turned to look at the Zack who she loved dearly and he loved her. His black hair stood in spikes similar to Cloud's hair but different color and a little less spikey. His blue-green eyes searched into her emerald ones trying to see if she had heard him. His muscular frame right beside her slender figure.She answered in her serious tone, "To the Cetra elders' palace."

"Why there?" questioned Zack. He had a very confused expression on his face. He had never liked visiting those people just because they had always talked too logical for his taste. Aeris only went there a few times. One of those times asking how they could somehow send warnings and asking if Zack could stay with her.

"I want to ask if there is anyway I can return to the surface and warn them myself because the lifestream alone can't do it," she said seeing the confused expression on his face disappear only to let a worried one appear on his young face. Both stayed relatively young all because of their return to the planet. Zack had been staying with Aeris in the promised land ever since the elders in the lifestream had let him thus his spirit was not reborn and wouldn't be as long as he was allowed to stay.

"You must be crazy! Whatever's up there would come after you first thing only because you will be disrupting their plans."said Zack holding his anger in. It was enough that he hadn't seen his parents or his best friend Cloud for that matter. He had practically lost them and even Aeris until Sephiroth murdered her.

"I must do it but how about if they allow me to then I ask if I can have you with me," she said seeing Zack was just as sad as her about leaving his family and friends behind. It would do them both some good to see their friends again. The only comfort they had when they were here was each other.

He nodded then replied, "That would be fun but I must ask that even though I want to see them badly we do not go to visit my parents unless we stay on the surface permanently, okay." The two stayed silent for a while then Aeris spoke.

"Alright,there's the palace so let's go," she said seeing that they were not far away from the palace any more.


On the surface of the planet everything seemed undisturbed except for the occasional lifestream burst which were showing up fewer by fewer each day. In a forest not far from the city of Nibelheim two teenagers were practicing their skills. One of the teens stood behind a bush trying to catch the opponent offguard.Her long blond hair laid across her back in a smooth yellow waterfall that fell to her hip. Her bangs stood up in spikes. She wore a short red skirt held to her body tightly with a black belt. She also wore a red vest over a black shirt and thick black boots on her feet. The outfit suited her well along her slender figure. Her blue eyes searching for the moment waiting for her to catch her opponent turned all the way around.

Her opponent was still looking at a place next to her. His blue eyes then searched the area carefully. His spikey brown hair covered the top of his head. He wore a red soldier-like uniform that covered his lean muscular frame and a black belt held onto his waist. His black boots planted firmly on the ground as he searched. One of his gloved hands held the hilt of a sword firmly on his back while the other lay by his side.

The young man knelt down slowly looking closely at what looked like a human footprint. The younger teen saw that now was the time to attack. She quickly jumped out of the bush with her big sword drawn from its place on her back. He pulled his sword out immediately in order to defend himself. Both swords met and met again as both the teens swung over and over. The girl's sword went flying to the side as the boy knocked it out of her hands. Before she could get it again the boy charged. She quickly knocked his sword right beside hers then grabbed him and rolled on her back using her feet to hoist him up into the air. He flew behind her and landed right next to where her hiding spot had been. She got up and brushed a piece of lock of blond hair out of her eye and began walking to where the boy had landed.

She smiled as she looked down at the boy on his back that lay at her feet. "So it looks like I can still catch you offguard,Zack Strife."

Zack got up and dusted himself off then replied, "You just got lucky dear sister Truda. Who was it that lost their sword first,hmmm?" He raised his eyebrows and grinned. She was silent then he added, "That's what I thought."

"So who was flat on their back. Anyway we had better get our swords. You know what dad said about always be prepared for the unexpected," said Truda Strife walking to her sword. She picked up hers and handed her brother his sword.

"We weren't exactly unprepared without our swords. Remember mom taught us hand to hand, Truda," said Zack.He knew that his parents had wanted them not to be defenseless without their swords so their mother taught them what Zangan had taught her when she was young. Their father trained them with sword fighting when they said they wanted to learn how. Both at very young had wanted to be like their mother and father so learning both ways of fighting not only made them very strong but also happy.

"Let's just head home before it gets too dark and the wolves start looking for dinner,"said Truda knowing that the wolves around there always came out after sunset. Zack nodded.

A little way from Nibelheim Zack stopped suddenly. Truda was about to ask him what was wrong when he put his finger to his lips to get silence. Both listened for any sign of something. Some rustling of a neaby tree caught their attention.

Suddenly a huge creature landed in between them. The scorpion like creature stood in front of them. It stood over eleven feet tall with its tail over its head. It's black eyes stared directly at Truda. Both Zack and Truda pulled out their swords ready to fight the large monster. Zack attacked it from behind slashing one of the monster's legs away from its body. It cried in pain not turning to face him. One leg gone it took another step over to Truda. Truda was ready to strike when it knocked the sword out of her hand and knocked her down then pinned her with its two front legs. She cried out as the pressure went into her shoulder on the side which had one leg missing. Poising the tail high above its head it was getting prepared to strike. Zack seeing this quickly jumped onto the monsters back. He turned quickly and sliced through the monsters tail making it fall to the ground.

The monster let go of Truda and tried to buck Zack off. Suddenly Truda saw the monster fall lifeless. She could also see that it was now headless. Zack put the Raganark sword back in its place firmly on his back then walked over to his younger sister. She got up with his help then picked up the Mystile sword. She looked over at the headless not to mention tail-less monster.

Zack looked at her then at the creature. His sister had been almost killed by the monster but the big question is what was it doing there in the first place. Monsters have become very rare since the mako reactors were shutdown. One that big would have stayed in its cave not out in the open where mercenaries would kill them if found.

"Truda,are you okay?" After Zack finished she nodded then she looked at him and replied, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Don't you know you could have been killed," asked Zack.

"I wouldn't have been killed, Zack. I'm not exactly helpless," she replied angerily. She hated being underestimated especially when her family thought she was. Zack shocked but still a little upset on the fact that she obviously didn't think she had come that close to being stroke down by the huge scorpion.

"I didn't say that. All I want to do is make my sister understand that she is being far too careless,"said Zack using his calm voice trying to calm her down.

"I'm not being careless. Just leave me alone!"she yelled then turned and sprinted quickly to Nibelheim. Zack ran quickly to follow her. She was already far ahead of him.

"TRUDA, don't do anything stupid please," cried Zack seeing she was already too far away for him to stop her or too hear for that matter. He stopped, pulled out his PHS and dialed Cloud's number. Cloud's voice came up on the receiver.

"Cloud Strife here."

"Dad,where are you?" he asked quickly. He could't keep the worried tone out of his voice.

Cloud immediately became worried as he heard Zack's tone show that he was worried. He replied, "At Cid's to check on Doug's new jet. Your mom and I were on our way home. Did something happen,son. You're not hurt, are you?"

"No I'm not but I don't know what Truda is going to do. She just ran off after we were attacked by this huge scorpion. I just told her to be more careful then she took off. I'm worried she might get into trouble," said Zack letting his father know what's happened recently.

"Neither of you were hurt and its dead, right," asked Cloud.

"Neither of us were hurt but I'm afraid she might not stay that way. This creature was huge and I have no idea how it could have showed up this close to Nibelheim. Even in the open where all the mercenaries could kill it. That isn't normal Dad. You know that," replied Zack.

"Yeah, you're right. Where was Truda heading? You said you're near Nibelheim," Cloud turned to see Tifa and Doug looking at him.

"She was heading to Nibelheim. I'm on my way. Will you try to hurry?"after saying this Zack began walking again still holding the PHS to his ear.

"Yeah we'll get there as fast as we can okay, Zack. Try and find your sister and try not to make her mad again," Cloud began to head for their buggy motioning for Tifa to follow him.

"I will, Dad. See you there," replied Zack. He hung the PHS back on his belt then ran to Nibelheim.


Tifa got in on the passanger side of the buggy as Cloud started up the engine. Driving out of Rocket town they quickly headed to Nibelheim.

"What did Zack want? He wouldn't have called us if it wasn't important," asked Tifa as they rounded a corner of the mountain.

"It appears our daughter ran off without him after they were attacked by some monster. Zack said it appeared to be a scorpion of some sort. Luckily neither of them were hurt. He wants us to get back as fast as we can to make sure that doesn't change," replied Cloud. He pushed the gas harder trying to get to Nibelheim as quickly as he could.

"Cloud, step on it. I don't want Truda to try anything stupid or for her to run into another creature by herself," Tifa wanted to hurry after hearing some type of creature attacking her children. She was sure that if there was one monster there had to be more.

"Trust me Tifa. I'm just as worried as you are if not more. I'm going as fast as this damn buggy can go," said Cloud as he put more pressure on the gas pedal. Freeing one hand from the steering wheel he put it on her shoulder then continued, "We'll be there before anything happens to either of them."

Taking his hand from her shoulder and back to the steering wheel he only hoped both would be okay and if they weren't someone or something was going to pay for it. With that they drove as quickly as they could towards Nibelheim. Both with one thing on their mind.

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