The Starman Perspective Chapter 2

A Calm Emergency

By Ramblin Mushroom

Ultimate stood stunned for a split second, than anger quickly set in. He gathered himself the best he could and ran out of the cell and hit the security alarm on his way out. He was on his way to the surveillance room, he wanted to know exactly what happened.

Starman and his son were just walking into their barracks when the alarm sounded. They exchanged a quick glance of confusion before Starman activated his comm system, "Starman to Ultimate, what's the problem?"

"Just get down to surveillance, now. Over." came the reply. Starman got a puzzled look on his face, Ultimate sounded strangely calm. He turned to face his son, his training setting in, "Allright, Private, you know the drill, get to your station on the double."

"Yes, sir." Jr. saluted his father and promptly ran off. Starman himself than ran off to see what Ultimate had in store for him.

Ultimate had been in surveillance for the past ten minutes before Starman came rushing in. "Ok, Ult, you got the whole base in a frenzy and you dragged me here from my duties. What is the big problem?"

"Oh you're here," Ult said looking up briefly, "Buzz Buzz is gone." He went back to fidiling with some knobs on the console.

"Wha-wha-what?" Starman sputtered, stunned, "Ar-are you sure? I mean the tapes might be screwed up or someth-"

"I saw it for myself, trust me, he's gone." Ultimate cut in coolly, now adjusting an image on the screen.

"Then what are you doing here?" Starman replied, seeming very confused, "We should be out securing the area. He couldn't have gotten far in his condition. He won't escape." Starman finished, turning to leave.

"He doesn't need to go far," Ultimate said, fine tuning a fuzzy image, "watch this, it'll answer our questions." Starman turned facing the screen, understanding now what Ultimate was working on. "When I first got here, the image was completely scrambled. He somehow screwed with the wave lengths of the tape. I did manage to save most of it, though. Here it comes now." Ultimate pointed to the main screen, which now lit up with the vision of Buzz Buzz's cell. There he was, lieing on the cell floor, as bruised and battered as Ultimate had made him.

Five minutes passed with no action at whatsoever and Starman was tempted to leave out of lack of interest but than Buzz Buzz started to stand, slowly, but still he was able to make himself seem proud and powerful looking. He stood in silence and was breathing in slow, controlled breaths and then, slowly, he started to shrink. Ultimate zoomed in on the area where Buzz Buzz last was and could find nothing but a bug. A single bug. A single glowing bug. Buzz Buzz had turned into a bug and was now sitting in wait.

The cell door opened and Ultimate recognised the guard who he had found lieing on the floor. He walked in, looked stunned for a second and then he had a look of pain on his face before collapsing. The small bug then flew out the now open door, and moments later, Ultimate saw himself come running in and thats where he stopped the tape.

Starman looked on now with a look of disbelief written all over his face, "A bug, he turned into a bug. Why? What his he trying to do?"

"I took the liberty of raiding Buzz Buzz's old hideout after his capture," Ultimate stated, the calmness ever present in his voice, "It seems he has been researching Master Giygas's technique of Phase Distorting and on top that, he was looking into the legend of the One."

"But he failed right? He had to of. Right? I mean, he would of done it by now if found out how." Starman was now getting angry.

"Yes he did fail," Ultimate said to Starman's delight, "but only at one of his goals. It seems he was able to find out where the legend of the one was supposed to start, but, as I said, he did fail at Phase Distorting."

"Then we have nothing to worry about," Starman was now starting to relax, "he is alone now. No one is around now to aid him. He is as good as dead now."

"I only said he failed, I didn't say he gave up. Well, in a sense he did, but only to complete his plan." This last sentence sent Starman reeling, "He purposely gave up to get into our base to get Zexonyte, the key to Phase Distortion."

It all finally hit Starman like a wave of energy. It seemed all too simple now. Starman was now ready to go. "We have to stop him, if he gets it, we'll be finished! Master Giygas's plans will be ruined!"

"Calm down, my friend, it is already to late," Ultimate played another tape, an image of the storage room came up. A small piece of Zexonyte was being lifted out, "This was six minutes ago. I take it he has already added it to his formula, he should be arriving in the past any moment now, but, not all is lost. Quickly, get one of your best men and send them to this location," Ultimate handed an info tablet to Starman, "this is where his log said he was heading, if we hurry, we can fix this."

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