Principles of Paradox Prologue

By Ray

Marle's hands were shaky as she tugged at the lifeless, motionless form of Crono. Pulling him from this frozen moment, this chrono trigger, her heart raced, and her mind dared not utter a thought. As Crono's body moved free, Magus put a doll in its place; a doll made to have exact likeness to the red-haired boy, yet decidedly was not the red-haired boy. Hurried by the absolute stillness of the moment, Marle, Robo and Magus exited the moment in time, and headed back to the peak of Death Mountain, thinking they had perfectly accomplished their goal. The time stream would remain the same, except Crono would now be a few days in the future, and, more importantly, would still be alive.

They thought incorrectly.

Time started once again, and Lavos decimated the fake image of Crono. However, this immortal being had not lived nearly sixty-five million years only to be fooled by some petty human trickery. In the instant that remained between existence of the doll and Lavos' utter destruction of it, the creature roared in rage, and realized he had been duped. Crono was not there. Crono was gone. Crono… was alive. This, the beast knew, was not right. And if there was one thing Lavos hated with all his being, it was things that were not right, yet pretended to be.

In a little under fourteen thousand years, Lavos faced Crono again, but this time was un-able to stop the young man's amazing will for survival. Lavos was defeated. In these fourteen thousand years, however, Lavos had seen many things, had done many things, and had used the foresight of Queen Zeal to plan many things. From the Black Omen, and his nestling place under the Earth, Lavos watched Crono being born, watched Crono growing up, and watched in utter silence as Crono bumped into Princess Nadia of the Guardia Kingdom, one fateful day.

Then, he stopped watching, and did something.

He did something horrible.

Something amazing.

Something right.

Chapter 1

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