Chrono Trigger Loops Chapter 4

By Reido Shougeki

Inoki burst through the white door that led to Jiade's home. The guards tried to stop him, only to be thrown aside by the enraged Fourth dimension being. He slammed a palm into the door to Jiade's bedroom, opening the portal. He entered, storming towards Jiade. He and Yinoka were discussing something.

"I think we should increase access to the time stream," Yinoka said.

"Why?" Jiade asked. "All that would do is cause more people to pop up here."

"Jiade, listen to re--"

"He's free," Inoki said, cutting off Yinoka in mid sentence.

"What?" Jiade questioned.

"Fuinaire is free," he said, getting his point across that time.

"Wha...? How?" Yinoka stammered. "That sphere was unbreakable!"

"Guess what? It broke."

"Now, let's not panic," Jiade said coolly.

"You idiot!" Inoki shouted, slamming his fists onto the table, breaking it in half. "Don't you understand? He'll come after us, you senile old fool!"

"I may be a fool," Jiade responded, standing up to his full height of seven feet nine inches. "But I'm not panicking over a Dimensioner that we imprisoned over two thousand years ago!"

He stared into Inoki's eyes, unblinking. All Dimensioners, as the inhabitants of the fourth dimension called themselves, were the same height. Inoki averted his eyes, as if the wall had suddenly become more interesting. Even at forty-five hundred years of age, Jiade was still a commanding figure.

"Listen, we need to stay calm. Yinoka, alert the public to be ready to fight."

"Right," Yinoka said, dashing out of the room.

"Inoki, you need to get ready as well."


Jiade sat down as Inoki left.

"Fuinaire is back. After all these years, he's finally returned. A storm is coming. My only concern is if we can weather the hurricane."


"How did you get here, Crono?" Gaspar asked. "All of the gates have vanished, and the Epoch is destroyed."

"The gates are still around, Gaspar. We think a force other than Lavos is creating them. The only question is what?"

"Our time has been experiencing some major earthquakes," Marle added. "We were wondering if they have anything to do with the gates?"

"I don't know," the Guru of Time responded. He then turned to Zac and Niki.

"See that door behind me?" he questioned. The two teens nodded.

"Go in there and pay Spekkio a visit."

Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Gaspar continued their conversation as Zac and Niki entered the room. Inside was a small animal, about three feet tall, with white fur. He was spinning rapidly. He stopped, seeing the two newcomers.

"Hey!" he said in a deep voice, surprising for such a tiny creature. "I'm Spekkio, Master of War!"

Zac did not say a word. If he did, he was afraid he would start laughing.

"I have a question," Spekkio continued. "Do I look strong or weak to you?"

"Weak," Zac answered.

"Strong," Niki replied at the same moment. Spekkio smiled.

"Here's the deal. If I look strong, you're strong. If I look weak, you're weak." He paused for a moment, viewing Zac and Niki in a new light.

"Ah, you have the drive!" he exclaimed suddenly. "Magic...yes, you have it. Jacket," he said, referring to Zac, "you're Water. Hair-do," to Niki, referring to her long hair, "you're Fire."

He clapped his hands loudly. "Okay, start from my door and walk clockwise, thinking 'Magic', three times."

Zac shrugged, walking to the door, followed by Niki. They walked along the wall, thinking 'Magic,' as they had been told. Zac wondered it all of the things he had been through was just a crazy dream he would wake up from. They stopped in front of the Master of War, who was smiling broadly.

"Okay!" he said, raising his hands to the two.

"Ipso, Facto, Meeny, Moe, MAGICO!" he shouted. Zac and Niki felt new power course through their veins.

"Whoa...that was weird," Zac said, shaking a bit. His body felt cold all over.

"Yeah, it was," Niki agreed. She was the opposite element. She felt hot.

"That'll wear off after a while," Spekkio laughed. "Wanna try out your magic?"

Zac shrugged again. "Okay," he said. He raised a hand to Spekkio, willing anything to happen. Suddenly, a jet of water shot from his hand, curving around the Master of War and hitting Niki in the chest.

"Hey!" she shouted, drenched from head to toe.

"Sorry!" Zac said, backing away.

Niki raised her hand, a ball of flame forming in front of her palm. She let fly the ball. Like Zac's water stream, it flew wildly, curving towards the door. It crashed through, speeding towards Marle. The princess saw the fireball coming. She raised a hand, a sphere of ice appearing. It shot forward, colliding with the flame. The two magics canceled each other out, leaving only a cloud of steam.

"Spekkio," Gaspar said quietly, "I think they should practice."


It had been a long day. The group had decided to stay the 'night' at the End of Time. Crono and Gaspar snored loudly, making sleep almost impossible. Marle, who was used to Crono, slept soundly, as did Lucca, who had a pair of earplugs. Zac stayed awake, thinking. Many things had happened since he and Niki snuck into that crater. He pointed a finger at his sword, which lay beside him. A bubble surrounded it, lifting it into the air. He sat it back down, the bubble popping. Zac was becoming quite good with magic, as was Niki, who was fast asleep beside him. Zac looked at his friend, realizing something. Without knowing it, he was falling for her.

He finally fell to sleep, his thoughts a jumble.


Fuinaire sat on his 'throne' of skulls and bones, made from the remains of those who opposed him. He had taken over the future, two thousand three hundred, to be exact. People bowed before him, offering food to him. Fuinaire smiled.

'Maybe I won't destroy this dimension after all,' he thought to himself.


Robo stood in the shadows, not daring to move. He was being pursued by Fuinaire's army. Fuinaire knew all about Robo's role in the defeat of Lavos, having watched the epic battle from his imprisonment.

The army rushed past him, not seeing him. He sighed as well as a robot could do, stepping out of the shadows. Robo had not changed a bit. He was still huge, around eight feet tall, with the same green eyes. His 'mouth' had been updated a bit, giving it the ability to form words a little better.

He rolled down the hall on his feet, trying not to make too much noise. He was safe for the moment.


Zac awoke to the smell of breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and milk. Crono came prepared.

"And people I sleep late," Crono laughed.

"You do," Marle and Lucca said in unison. Everyone laughed at that comment.

"Where...actually WHEN are we going today?" Niki asked.

"We're going to see Glenn," Lucca responded. "Just so you know, he's a four foot frog."

"What?" Zac asked.

"A curse was put on him, giving him that body. Don't worry, he's a good friend."


Zac ate quickly, ready to go in under a minute.

"People say I eat fast, too," Crono said.

"You do," came the almost automatic response.

A few minutes later the group stood in one of the pillars of light. Crono, Marle, and Lucca shot into the sky, vanishing from sight. Zac and Niki followed. The pair tore through space-time, flying towards the Middle Ages. The gate opened in front of them. Zac stepped out, getting used to time travel. Niki followed, though she fell onto her face. Zac helped her up. Crono and the others were waiting for them.

"This is the Middle Ages," Marle said. "Get used to walking, because we're gonna be here for a while."

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