Chrono Trigger Loops Prologue

By Reido Shougeki

Man knows only four dimensions. The first, a line, the second, a square, the third, a cube, and the fourth, time.

Picture a line on a piece of paper. It can be either horizontal or vertical, but horizontal would make it easier. Now, picture a being walking along that line. That being knows only left and right. That is the first dimension.

Take that line and make it a square. The being still knows left and right, but he now knows up and down as well. That is the second dimension.

Take that square and make it a cube. The being now knows up and down, left and right, and now towards and away. That is the third dimension.

Take the cube and extend it to infinity. The being can now move back and forth through infinity, time. That is the fourth dimension.

Time is a loop. It repeats itself. It is about to again.


The white void swirled rapidly as he exited. The light blue room crackled with electricity. The other man turned to face him.

"Oh, it's just you, Inoki," he said indifferently. He turned back around, raising his hands again.

"Fuinaire!" Inoki shouted at him, his ruby eyes glaring at the black haired man standing in front of him. The one called Fuinaire did not turn. He kept chanting the spell that would destroy all dimensions below him, being the Third and below.

"Fuinaire!" the blonde-haired man shouted again. "Stop this insanity at once!" He raised his hand to the black clad man in front of him. The molecules in the air around him slowed almost to a halt, a crystal of ice forming in front of his palm.

"Stop, or die," he said coldly. Fuinaire simply laughed. He turned to face the red clad man.

"You can't stop me, fool!" he said calmly. "I have ascended far beyond you other weaklings! You cannot stop me!"

"Not by himself," a new voice said. From the whiteness stepped a middle-aged man with silver hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing blue.

"Jiade," Inoki exclaimed. "You shouldn't be here!"

"I am aware of that, Inoki," Jiade replied. "But more pressing matters take precedence over my illness."

Another man stepped out of the white void. His hair was blue, and his eyes green. He was also wearing green.

"Fuinaire!" he yelled, causing the very heavens to rumble. Jiade and Inoki turned to face him.

"Master Yinoka?" Inoki said, stunned. Yinoka smirked.

"Yes, Inoki, it is I. I'm here to stop this psycho from destroying the dimensions." He raised a hand to Fuinaire, willing a ball of flame to appear on his palm. Jiade did the same, lightning crackling around his arm. Fuinaire smirked, snickering.

"I'll tell you what I told Inoki! You can't sto--" He never finished, because the trio let their spells loose at that moment, each hitting in a clash of elements. Fuinaire was thrown back, stunned.

The trio stood over the fallen man, frowning. He was not dead; he was not even unconscious. He was simply incapacitated.

"What should we do with him?" Inoki asked. Jiade was silent for a moment. Then, he spoke.

"We shall seal him in prehistory, giving him time to think about what he tried to do here. When he has learned, we will set him free."

"Okay," Yinoka said. The three lifted their hands over the lifeless body, chanting an ancient verse. Fuinaire's body was encased in a sphere of ice. As the verse ended, there was a flash as the sphere vanished, disappearing into prehistory.

"And so it ends," Jiade said softly as the others left. "For how long, I cannot say..."

He turned and walked through the raging white vortex that led back to the Fourth dimension.

A black piece of cloth floated to the ground where Fuinaire's body had laid just seconds ago.



Introduction from "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.

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