By Ridia Seascar

A semi-real, serene, maljusted figure of the mind mistrusted, falling through the darkness now, slipping sliding, death inviting. Darkness coming to the mind, shattered portrait, still he finds, the quiet simple justice.

Peace becoming, consuming. Confusing the mind, blinding the eye. Unfocused, the dreams, distrusted the lies. But still he continues through his life, through the uncertain roads of Hell, paved with the blood and bones of the enemy.

Yet, only to find the beginning at the end, and the end before that. Disparaging cries, broken sobs, the lies! Days laid to waste, years lost to haste. The cycle continues. Hidden, trapped, an ancient spell of love's lost light.

Crying, dying as the waning light receeds, intrinsic demons upon his soul they feed. Obfuscated feelings, crushed beneathe the pain, killing in the darkness....

One last silenced shot in the black of night ends the tale, ends the blight.

Crimson speads upon the floor, sand-flecked strands lost in the sea of red, life draining, draining... gone. Vanished in the night, taken on the arm of the reaper and whisked away from sight.

So few rememebred his name, it echoed in their minds. Blade's flash and bitter words exterminate those minds, those few friends held by the departed soul. Lost upon the winds of time, their names, their lives, forever blind to history. Lost wastrels never again to be glanced save that one final gaze over pale, lifeless faces...

Lost is the name... Reno.
Gone is the name... Rude.
Vanished is the name... Elena.

Ridia Seascar's Fanfiction