The Year Of Robo Chapter 1

January 2300 (1)

By Robo

January 1, 2300

The gate opened up, and the sight Robo saw would have made him sick to his stomach, if he had one. There sat three humans, a man, a women, and their daughter. Their hair was filthy and tangled, the little clothing they had was torn to shreds, none of them looked like they had a bath for months. The two adults were actually young, but looked like they were lying at their deathbed, their daughter looked like she could pass out any moment.

"Look mommy! Another one appeared here!" she gasped. "I don't think he's like the others, he looks different. Will he save us, daddy?"

"Another one?" Robo asked aloud. "Oh yes, that must have been Doan. Is he still here?"

"If you mean the strange man, yes," said the father. "We helped him out, but how could you appear like that? Did the Mother Brain create a new form of transportation? And how did a human get access to it?"

"No. It is a long story, but I assume that the robots of the humans have taken over the world, just as I feared. What have they done to you? It was the robots that did this to you, was it not?" Robo concluded.

"You are different than the other robots. You will not harm us will you? You can get us out of here!" his wife gasped. "You will save our daughter."

A sudden blast came from nowhere, hitting her in the back and burning a hole in her chest. Her daughter screamed as Robo ducked behind a group of crates. An R unit came up, his laser canon smoking. Her wife charged at the R unit, but he brought his fist down and knocked him unconscious. "R-18Y to Mother Brain, human number 95 engaged with illegal conversation with husband, daughter, and unknown individual, now terminated Her husband, human 94 is ready for transport to Trann Dome for ."

"Excellent work" came the wicked voice of the Mother Brain, a voice Robo remember all too well. "Continue procedure. I'm very proud of you. And human 96, their daughter should be with them."

"Yes, Mother, what to do wither her?" asked R-18Y.

"Kill her! She will grow up to be rebellious like her mother. No, wait. Send her to Geno Dome, I will personally execute her. Bring in R-72Y for guard duty of Bangor Dome." The transmission ended and R-18Y signaled as R-19Y entered followed by two smaller robots. R-18Y picked up the man, grabbed his sobbing daughter by the hair and left.

This is worse than I imagined Robo thought. Mother Brain has complete control, and I don't know if any humans exist outside of their labor camps. I need to find an easy way to arrive at one of the major domes and recieve more information.

He remember the day Lucca and the others first found him, and got an idea. "Greeting master" he said blankly, standing up. How may I serve you?"

"Who are you? You are an unknown R unit. Explain yourself," came the metallic voice of R-19Y.

"My serial number is R-66Y. How may I serve you?" Robo explained, imitating the instance Lucca had repaired him.

"R-66Y has been missing for 17 years. And why would an R unit be painted gold? What has happened to you?" He sounded doubtful, but this was the oppertunity Robo needed. The R-66Y in this future was gone and Robo could easilly take his place.

"I...was...repaired, by the man in here. He activated me and then you appeared," Robo casually lied. "No memery exists before that incident. How may I serve you?"

"That doesn't explain why you are painted gold, and how you suddenly appeared in the Bangor Dome. I will blast you open with my laser canon and see what you really are if you don't give me answers." Robo was a little nervous, but thought of another lie.

"The woman...vandalized me. I should be a shade of blue. I do not know why I am here, my memory is erased," he said. Maybe this would work after all.

R-19Y activated his commicator. "R-19 to Mother Brain. Missing R unit found, unit R-66Y !"

"He is still alive? Is he still functioning? I need answers," the voice of Mother Brain was sounded shocked though surprised.   "He was repaired, but vandalized by human 95. Complete memory failure. Should he be terminated?"

"No! No, bring him to the Geno Dome at once. I personally will restore his memory. He is a great friend to the robots, especially to myself, as welll as a key to winning the war. This is a mission of great importance and you will be terminated if you fail. I need unit R-66Y alive and functioning. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mother, instructions understood," siad R-19Y.

"Excellent, R-20Y will be sent to take over the guard duty of the Bangor Dome." The transmission ended and R-19Y looked at Robo.

"I envy you, whom the Mother Brain calls friend. We shall go to the Geno Dome at once, but first let us stop at the Trann Dome for transportation."

The two of them stepped out of the dome, and Robo noticed that at least they succeded in saving the world from Lavos. It was cold and snowy, usual weather for January, but there were no black clouds in the sky, he could hear birds far away, and no Blck Omen hovering about. They approuched the Trann Dome, stepping in Robo discovered that it was a beautiful building, but as they walked on around he saw where they used the human slaves to preform hard labor. He could see the man in the who greeted him in the Bangor Dome, he had partially regained consciousness and was already forced to be put to work.

On the south end of the enormous dome was a pod, similar to Lucca's Telepod. "Step in the Teleporter, and soon you will be back home in the Geno Dome," R-19 told Robo. They stepped in and disapeared.


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