The Year of Robo Chapter 10

April 2300 (3)

By Robo

April 11, 2300

"Oh man, we're in deep trouble, man!" yelled Johnny, as Davis disappeared in the distance. "All right troops, go get them!"

The twelve troops at Lab 32 were brave, and marched forward. Now had to face impossible odds. Johnny could care less about them for now, because one robot charged at him. Johnny moved out of the way and the robot crashed into the garbage bin Johnny was standing behind. Another one came forward and Johnny punched the robot in the face, then swung his elbow into its chest.. The robot was hardly affected and punched Johnny back, sending him to his feet. Johnny found a sharp piece of scrap metel lying next to him, and picked it up and hit the robot on top of the head with it. The robot staggered back, but came forward, where Johnny met him, swinging the piece of metel. It quickly sliced off the robot's left arm, and Johnny swung again, stabbing the robot in the chest. With all his strength, Johnny threw him into the garbage bin. Another robot approached him, so he threw the piece of metal at it, hitting it in the head. It still came forward, firing phasers out of its chest. The arm from the last robot he killed was still on the ground. Picking it up, Johnny swung it at his attacker, smashing its head in. He threw him in the garbage bin. He lit a match and threw it in, which caught fire to the oil leaking out of the robots. Flames burst out of the bin.

Johnny's troop's split into two groups of six. The first group charged forward, firing their lasers. The second group ran in from behind and fired their weapons. Robots fell left and right. They soon recovered and advanced forward, when Johnny, using the last of his strength, pushed the flaming garbage bin forward, crashing into them and finishing off their front lines.

Victory was almost theirs, when Johnny collasped. He urged them forward while he rested a minute. They fought while Johnny crept forward and hid in a small crevice, ready to join in at any minute. The battle continued but the humans were still doing well. Three humans had been shot, but troops from the Factory had arrived. With these new numbers, the humans pushed forward when they heard an unmistakable voice. They had forgotten about Johnny, who had just been discovered by the robots. He was surrounded by three robots. He pulled out his blaster and shot one, but that was soon knocked out of his hand. He punched and kicked, but they had no effect on the robots. They pummeled him, and shot him in the leg. The humans quickly destroyed the two robots, but it was too late. Johnny was severely wounded. An escort of four human soldier carried him back to the Factory, where hopefully he could be repaired.

In the meantime, the robots pushed forward, with greater numbers than ever before. The humans were not prepared for this, and were overtaken. They continued to fight, but it was in vain. At last, two dozen troops that had been sent forward from the Proto Dome arrived, and the humans continued to fight on. They were still outnumbered and were slowly being forced to retreat. All hope was lost, until the Epoch came from nowhere. Its cannons fired, destroying several robots. It landed and out stepped Doan.

He was nervous, but knew that his magic could save Lab 32 from falling into robots hands once again. He cast Lightning, then immediatley Lightning 2. The robots were falling. The human soldiers joined in and fired their weapons, taking down many opponents. Doan tried to end it with one last spell, and used all his newly developed magical energy to cast Luminaire. Literally hundreds of robots were killed as a result of that single spell, and the few who survived retreated back to the Geno Dome, where the Mother Brain had them put to death at once for their cowardly actions. But that in another story.

Doan hopped into the Epoch and flew back to the Keeper's Dome, where he met Belesthar. "What on earth were you thinking? You could have gotten yourself killed!" cried Belesthar. "You are the leader of these people, and you cannot take these risks."

"If I hadn't showed up, we would have lost the highway, and that wouldn't be any better than if I were killed, would it?" said Doan. He could hardly stand, let alone carry out an arguement with Belesthar. He fell to the ground.

When he awoke, he found himself in his bed. Fifteen minutes later, Belesthar came in. "I should have warned you. I just heard that you had cast Luminaire. Casting a spell like that so soon after you have just learned your magic can take a lot out of someone. No wonder you passed out. Now that you are healthy, you will listen to me."

Doan looked behind him and saw Davis and John standing behind Belesthar. "There is nothing to argue about, I did what had to be done. And if that means I die, then I will have to die." Doan really didn't mean that, but it sounded noble, so he gave it a chance. The real reason he left was to see if he could find Rachel. And maybe to help the humans there.

"You are a good man, Doan. Just take care of yourself," said Belesthar. He really couldn't argue. He walked out, and Davis and John smiled.

"Well, it took a while, but you have finally proven that you can be a hero," laughed Davis. "Though I'm sure the fact that Rachel happened to be using that route for her mission had nothing to do with it," he laughed.

"Hey, ya think she's allright?" asked John. "Would be a shame if her an' Robo got caught up in dat battle. I doubt dey would survive, I tell ya."

"No, she wouldn't die that easily," said Doan.

"Doan's right," said Davis. "Rachel and Robo are two of the toughest people I have ever met. If they can't get this job done, no one can. Sorry that Belesthar gave you the third degree," he said to Doan. "If you want, I'll remind him that you are the leader, and that he shouldn't be questioning your decisions."

"No, he means well, and this has got to be tough on him," said Doan. "He's led these people for so long, and to have to give it up so soon has to be hard on him."

"Yeah, I'll tell ya what. Belesthar's the greatest wizard I've ever seen, no offense Doan," said John. "Jes the next time ya take like dat, be shore ya take me along." They laughed, and left Doan alone to recover.

Doan smiled to himself. Lab 32 was safe, he was getting used to his power, Davis and John were beginning to respect him, and Beleshtar was so absent minded these days he would forget about their debate in a few hours. He smiled, hoping Robo and Rachel were having as much luck as he was.


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