The Year of Robo Chapter 14

June 2300 (2)

By Robo

June 5, 2300

Robo was kept in a cell in the Geno Dome, where he was repaired but kept deactivated. Rachel had ragained her consciousness, but did not try to escape yet. The robots tended to her wounds, though she did not know why. Suddenly she heard a voice in her cell, the voice of the Mother Brain. "Well Rachel, we meet at last. You may wonder why we are taking such care of you. The answer is, we are healing your body only so that we may damage it again. We will make you fight opponents we choose, and after each fight you will be healed until we decide who will be your next opponent. By the time I am finished with you, you will wish we had just killed you."

"I can fight anyone you place in front of me," said Rachel. "If fact, I feel up to a fight right now. I am eager to destroy whoever you place in front of me."

"Very well," said Mother Brain. "I am glad to hear it. Prometheus will be reactivated then we will allow you to fight your opponents. Might I add, that bracelet around your left arm," Rachel looked at her arm and saw it. "We put it there so that there will be no magic. We have removed the weapon systems from Prometheus, just to give you two an unfair disadvantage."

Rachel's cell door opened, and she was escorted by two robots. She knew at this point it was best to obey, and make escape plans later. She was handed the Masamune, then the robots went to get Robo. They came in, but Robo broke free and killed his two escorts. He was ready to take on the whole Geno Dome, when Rachel spoke to him.

"Robo!" she cried. "You have to control yourself. We won't escape like that,"

"Appologies, Miss Rachel," he said. "It is just that this cursed dome has caused all of us so much trouble lately, and I am eager to destroy any of them."

"Well, you won't survive like that for long," said Rachel. She had never seen Robo like this before. "In case you haven't noticed, your weapon systems have been removed. They also prevented me from using my magic. We are now at the mercy of the Mother Brain."

"How do you propose we escape," Robo asked.

"I don't know if we can," she answered. "We will most likely continue fighting here until one day we are defeated."

Their opponents came forth, two of the brand new XR-Series. It was almost a fair fight if Rachel had magic and Robo had his weapons. They swung their fists forward and Robo had to dodge. He was not used to fighting a defensive battle and was out of place here. Rachel on the other hand, knew exactly what to do. She swung her sword and cut of the robot's fist. They used the Laser Spin and almost killed both of them had Robo not grabbed Rachel up and dodged to the left. He threw Rachel at one of them. She pulled out her sword and sent it through the first robot's head. The other tried to Uzzi Punch them, but Robo hit him before he had the chance. Robo immediately followed up and sent his fist through the robot's chest. As it fell, it tried to kill the two of them with its Area Bomb, but that was dodged easily.

The Mother Brain was disappointed to see two of her XR-Series wasted, but decided to make them face tougher odds the next time. They were taken back to their cells.

Things were not looking up for the others in the Keeper's Dome either. Lab 32 was under constant attack and all of its forces were slowly being taken out. Johnny tried to convince Doan to spare some of the troops from the Factory, Proto Dome, or Keeper's Dome but Doan figured the safety of those buildings were more important than keeping Lab 32. Even so, Johnny was determined to make life tough for the Mother Brain and fight until no more humans could stand.

Then it happened, on a day no one expected. The previous day a force was sent to wear down Johnny's forces. Everyone knew that it was part of a larger plan, but they had no idea the second unit of robots would come the next day. Making matters worse, it was the dreaded XR-Series, and at this point the humans were unaware of their existance.

"Sir, there are several forces coming this way," said a soldier.

"All right, man, do you know how many there are, man?" Johnny asked.

"Uncomfirmed," said the soldier, "but they are rapidly approaching."

They could only wait, when they saw three hundred XR-Series coming their way. "Oh no, man! I didn't know there would be this many, man!" cried Johnny. "And they have us terribly outnumbered, man! Man, we have no chance, man! And they look like that tramp, Atropos, man!"

Twenty-four of his troops came forward but they were killed as several of the XR-Series fired their Area Bombs in unison. "Aw, man!" said Johnny. "They even fight like Atropos, man!"

He ran forward, followed by what remained of his army, about seventy soldiers. He fired his blaster, but it took three shots to damage even one of these new series, and two more to completely destroy them. He was able to shoot down two of them when they fired back, taking more than half of his troops in their first round of fire. Johnny did the best he could, he threw anything he could find on the ground: broken bottles, limbs of destroyed robots, scrap metal at the units to slow them down. He decided that maybe his blaster was not the best weapon and found a large piece of lumber next to the highway. He grabbed it and came forward, swinging and destroying some of the XR-Series. By now all but a handful of his units were ready, and they were retreating towards the Factory and Proto Dome as fast as they could. Six units surrounded Johnny but he kept on swinging and smashed most of their heads in.

He saw a strange blue light, then a bright flash. Both Johnny and the XR-Series were confused, when Doan, Belesthar, Davis, and John appeared. Belesthar had teleported them there.

"Hey man! What are you doing here, man!" he cried to them.

"Doan thought that we could help you hold Lab 32," said Belesthar.

"This is beautiful, man!" said Johnny, "but it's a lost cause, man!" The robots came forward and he started swinging his pole at them. " I would appreciate it though if you helped me get out of here, man!"

"Shore thing," said John. He fired into the swarm of robots with his gun, but it had little effect. "What could be der problem?" he asked.

"It's useless trying to shoot them, man!" cried Johnny. He ducked a shot fired by a robot. "Use your gernades, man!"

John pulled out his gernades. "Hey, what about me?" asked Davis. John handed him some gernades, and they slowly walked out of the lab, throwing them at any robots who dared followed. Belesthar called forth the Flare, and Doan added to its power by sending down a thunderbolt. They ran off, calling for Johnny to follow. Johnny threw his pole at one of the robots, destroying it, then ran towards the Factory with the others.

They may have escaped, but the robots claimed the victory. They lost twenty-four units in all, and at once claimed the lab for themselves. Belesthar and the others could only watch as they burnt down the Guardia flag and placed a flag with the Mother Brain's symbol in its place.


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